Water Work (W)

Water Work
Sport Stat Weights
x2 Agility (agi)x1 Charisma (cha)x1 Intelligence (int)x2 Speed (spd)x1 Stamina (stm)x2 Strength (str)
This sport is restricted to certain breeds.


Water work has been around for years. Ever since man first set foot in the water or on a ship, he has wanted to be sure he was safe. Water work can be done by any dog that possesses a love of water, a nice, waterproof coat, and the ability to pull at least it’s own weight through the water. A common dog breed for this sport is the Newfoundland, but Water Work is not a limited-breed sport. Dogs such as the Portuguese Water Dog, the Standard Poodle, and the Chesapeake Bay Retriever often participate in this sport, but breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Deerhounds, and even Collie breeds have been known to participate.

In this event, either an object is thrown into the water as far out as possible to be retrieved or there is a heavy object or person out in the water that the dog has to tow back to shore safely. In the first instance, the dog is judged by how far it can jump into the water. In the second, the dog is judged by how fast it can maneuver its way around obstacles and pull the heavy object or person to shore to be saved -- much like a ship-dog would save a drowning sailor, or pull a life boat to shore.

Most dogs that participate in this sport have webbed paw pads to help tread the water and increase maneuverability. Competitors in Water Work have to be very agile, fast, and strong.

Dogs trained in this sport have saved countless lives, and have received much recognition for their achievements in Water Work.

Written By: Larthan (#36671)
Edited by: Kahlem (#1)

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09:43am on Apr 20

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