Pulling (P)

Sport Stat Weights
x2 Agility (agi)x1 Charisma (cha)x1 Intelligence (int)x1 Speed (spd)x2 Stamina (stm)x2 Strength (str)
This sport is available to all breeds.


Pulling is a sport similar to sledding. The dog is attached by a harness to a sled weighed down with some sort of heavy material and the dog must pull the sled from the start to the finish line.

Pulling is scored based on how much weight the dog pulls. There are different classes for the different weights of the dogs, with larger or stronger dogs being the most popular pullers. Headstrong dogs also do well in pulling, because they generally are more determined to win. Weight is added onto the sled until all dogs in the competition cannot pull the weight of the sled, or only one dog can pull the weight. Occasionally a handler will skip one or two pulls to conserve the energy of his or her dog or for strategy, but typically no more than two. Pulling is also timed, so that if the dogs end up in a tie the faster dog is the winner.

Written By: Klee (#329467)
Edited by: Kahlem (#1)

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04:20pm on Jun 24

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