Italian Barks Kennels

Small Critter Pasture
5 Critters
Rally-O 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
Basic Kennel
8 Dogs
0 Pups
4 Locked Dogs
SHGB and Store dogs
Premium Kennel
34 Dogs
0 Pups
16 Locked Dogs
Flyball 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Field Trials 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
The Hare Hunters
Premium Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
46 Locked Dogs
Racing 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Frisbee 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina


  • M. Sabbri the Black Banded Hamster M. Sabbri the Black Banded Hamster
    exercise Complete
  • Pippa the Cinnamon Hamster Pippa the Cinnamon Hamster
  • Perry the Proud Pony Perry the Proud Pony
  • Yevaud the Purple Baby Dragon Yevaud the Purple Baby Dragon
  • Salem the Scary Black Cat Salem the Scary Black Cat
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ARO PnFT SI-StF | Alia [GGEG 5/5]Spinone Italiano2041
MFT Udûn SI-StF | Diversifier [GGGE 5/4]Spinone Italiano3156
JPnRO IPnFT SI-StF | Spinone [GGGG 3/6]Spinone Italiano1021
JAP KLSK SI-StF | [EGGE 4/4]Spinone Italiano1531
JPnFT NRO LLHJ SI-StF | [GGEE 9/3]Spinone Italiano822
NT NFT SI-StM | Romeo [GGGG 4/5]Spinone Italiano515
IPnFT IPnRO LLHJ SI-StM | [EGGG 6/4]Spinone Italiano1024
MFr BAARK SI-StM | [GEGG 4/3]Spinone Italiano3163
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Locked Dogs

LockedWCFT ChFT ARO {IB} M.E.M I Like A Snowy Road || GGGG 7/5Spinone Italiano5499
LockedWCFT ChFT ARO {IB} M.E.M Not a Small Dog || GEGG 7/4Spinone Italiano5699
LockedWCFT ARO {IB} M.E.M The Yellow Time || GGGGSpinone Italiano5599
LockedWCFT {IB} Rose || GGEGSpinone Italiano5299
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MFl BAARK IG-StF | Bark [GGEG 5/4]Italian Greyhound3171
CCR NFl {IB} IG-StF | F03 [GEGE 3/2]Italian Greyhound4684
NCR NFl {IB} IG-StF | F04 [GGEG 5/4]Italian Greyhound4584
CCR NFl {IB} IG-StF | F05 [GEEG 3/2]Italian Greyhound4584
NCR NFl {IB} IG-StF | F09 [GEGG 8/4]Italian Greyhound4386
JPnFl GCR {IB} IG-StF | F10 [GGGE 3/3]Italian Greyhound4181
NFr ChR {IB} IG-StF | F11 [GGEE 4/3]Italian Greyhound4078
WCR JPnFl *PJK* IG-StF | Fieldmouse [GGGG 4/7]Italian Greyhound4794
NCR {IB} IG-StF | Grace [GGEG 4/4]Italian Greyhound4386
JAFl IG-StF | Katie [GGGE 7/4]Italian Greyhound1835
GCRO IG-StF | Ledenican Snow [EEGG 5/2]Italian Greyhound4078
PnR IG-StF | Lexi [GEEG 6/2]Italian Greyhound1129
AR HAWKS IG-StF | Luciana [GGEG 3/4]Italian Greyhound1978
AHu HAWKS IG-StF | Marcella [GGEG 5/3]Italian Greyhound1873
ANR IPnFl IG-StF | Molly [EGEG 4/3]Italian Greyhound1021
AFr PnFl IG-StF | Mozzerella Moonpie [EFGE 9/4]Italian Greyhound2243
AFl HAWKS IG-StF | Nicoletta [EGGG 6/3]Italian Greyhound1978
AA HAWKS IG-StF | Olga [FEEE 5/3]Italian Greyhound1978
AR HAWKS IG-StF | Patrizia [EGGG 5/4]Italian Greyhound1879
NR JPnFl IG-StF | River [GEEG 5/2]Italian Greyhound921
JPnFl ANR IG-StF | [EEGG 6/2]Italian Greyhound921
NCR NFr RofS IG-StF | [GEFE 3/4]Italian Greyhound4484
PnFr RuffB IG-StF | [GGGG 4/5]Italian Greyhound1125
NCR {IB} IG-StM | Black [EEGE 2/1]Italian Greyhound4384
AR IG-StM | Cermet [GGEG 4/5]Italian Greyhound2251
IPnR IPnFl RuffB IG-StM | Jack [GGGG 3/4]Italian Greyhound1121
JPnR IPnFl RuffB IG-StM | Jake [GGGG 5/4]Italian Greyhound1121
NCR NFl {IB} IG-StM | M03 [GEGG 6/3]Italian Greyhound4284
NFr GCR {IB} IG-StM | M05 [GGGG 4/5]Italian Greyhound4082
IPnR IPnFl IG-StM | Nico [EGGG 3/4]Italian Greyhound1121
IPnFl ANR IG-StM | Oscar [GEGG 2/6]Italian Greyhound1021
JPnR IPnFl IG-StM | Teddy [EGGG 4/4]Italian Greyhound1021
PnR NFl IG-StM | Thunder [GEEE 7/2]Italian Greyhound1121
PnR CCPP IG-StM | [EGGG 4/3]Italian Greyhound1132
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Locked Dogs

LockedChR PnFl {IB} IF Rof's Unknown [FGGE 9/6]Italian Greyhound3868
LockedChR IPnFl TM's IG | Chasing Bunnies [GEGG 4/4]Italian Greyhound3968
LockedAFr {IB} IG | Creme | GGGGItalian Greyhound2337
LockedChR IPnFl {IB} Mino [GEGG 5/4]Italian Greyhound4068
LockedNFl NFT {IB} SI | Dahlia | GGGGSpinone Italiano110
LockedNFT NRO {IB} SI | GEEG 10/2Spinone Italiano16
LockedNHT NRO {IB} SI | GEGG 8/4Spinone Italiano16
LockedNFT NRO {IB} SI | GGEG 6/4Spinone Italiano16
LockedARO WotF SI | GGFGSpinone Italiano2243
LockedNFT NRO {IB} SI | GGGE 8/5Spinone Italiano16
LockedNFT NRO {IB} SI | GGGF 4/8Spinone Italiano16
LockedNFT NRO {IB} SI | GGGG 9/6Spinone Italiano16
LockedPnFr {IB} SI | Terry Scruffman | GGGGSpinone Italiano1322
LockedMFT WotF SI | Zucchero | EGEGSpinone Italiano3154
LockedAFT NRO {IB} || EEGG 7/2Spinone Italiano2235
LockedAFT JPnRO {IB} || GEGE 8/3Spinone Italiano2135
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Locked Dogs

LockedWCR NFl {IB} Discovery dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4380
LockedWCR NFl {IB} Getting started dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4480
LockedJAR ANFl IG [EGEG 11/3]Italian Greyhound1725
LockedMR NFl {IB} IG [EGGG 4/6]Italian Greyhound2743
LockedAR ANFl IG [GEGF 7/6]Italian Greyhound2339
LockedAR ANFl {IB} IG [GEGG 6/5]Italian Greyhound2339
LockedAR ANFl IG [GFGE 8/6]Italian Greyhound2339
LockedAR ANFl {IB} IG [GGEE 3/3]Italian Greyhound2439
LockedAR ANFl {IB} IG [GGEE 5/3]Italian Greyhound2439
LockedMR NFl {IB} IG [GGEG 4/5]Italian Greyhound2643
LockedMR {IB} IG [GGEG 5/4]Italian Greyhound2338
LockedMR NFl {IB} IG [GGGG 4/6]Italian Greyhound2746
LockedAR IPnFr IG | EEEGItalian Greyhound1825
LockedAR NT IG | EEGEItalian Greyhound1625
LockedAR JPnT IG | EEGE - 9/2Italian Greyhound1825
LockedAR APnR JPnFl IG | GGEGItalian Greyhound1825
LockedAR ANFl {IB} IG | [GEGE 4/4]Italian Greyhound2439
LockedAR ANFl IG | [GEGF 6/5]Italian Greyhound2439
LockedAR ANFr {IB} IG | [GEGG 9/5]Italian Greyhound2339
LockedMR ANFl IG | [GGGE 6/5]Italian Greyhound2439
LockedUCR NFl {IB} Intenso dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4480
LockedExR CRTH MarthaItalian Greyhound3296
LockedUCR NFl {IB} New Beginnings dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4480
LockedFor StudWCR NFl {IB} New Generation dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4480
LockedUCR NFl {IB} New Looks dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4580
LockedFor StudUCR NFl {IB} New Tradition dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4480
LockedWCR NFl {IB} New world dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4480
LockedANFr ChR {IB} Nina at dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound3357
LockedUCR NFl {IB} Queen dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4580
LockedPnR CRTH Rex (for UXP)Italian Greyhound1296
LockedUCR NFr {IB} Room for improvement dell'ItaliaItalian Greyhound4480
LockedWCFT JPnRO {IB} ¤·· bacioSpinone Italiano4380
LockedAFT ANRO {IB} ¤·· bianco latteSpinone Italiano2135
LockedAFT ANRO {IB} ¤·· biancomangiareSpinone Italiano2135
LockedMFT IPnRO {IB} ¤·· cacaoSpinone Italiano2235
LockedWCFT NRO {IB} ¤·· caffè macchiatoSpinone Italiano4380
LockedUCFT NRO {IB} ¤·· cannellaSpinone Italiano4785
LockedWCFT NRO {IB} ¤·· cioccolato all’aranciaSpinone Italiano4480
LockedWCFT NRO {IB} ¤·· cioccolato biancoSpinone Italiano4380
LockedUCFT NRO {IB} ¤·· crema al caffèSpinone Italiano4480
LockedWCFT NRO {IB} ¤·· gianduiaSpinone Italiano4379
LockedAFT ANRO {IB} ¤·· latteSpinone Italiano2235
LockedFor StudWCFT NRO {IB} ¤·· panna montataSpinone Italiano4380
LockedAFT ANRO {IB} ¤·· sorbettoSpinone Italiano2235
LockedAFT ANRO {IB} ¤·· stracciatellaSpinone Italiano2235
LockedWCFT NRO {IB} ¤·· vanigliaSpinone Italiano4480

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04:02am on Jan 17

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