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Retirees of Italian Barks Kennels

WCFT ARO {IB} Almost White || GEGG 3/3Spinone Italiano542566
ARO WCFT ODSY Gimmie More Of That Midwest || GGGG 5/5Spinone Italiano532566
WCFT ARO {IB} Great Personality || GGEG 3/4Spinone Italiano542566
WCFT GCFT ARO {IB} Izabella || FEGG 4/5Spinone Italiano542566
CCFT ARO {IB} M.E.M. Great In Sports || GGGG 4/5Spinone Italiano542566
MRO WCFT {IB} Matas || GEGG 2/4Spinone Italiano492566
JAFl CCRO {IB} Nicodème || GEGG 2/4Spinone Italiano502566
WCFT RCY Oleggio || GGGE 3/6Spinone Italiano542566
AFr Rimn RiminiItalian Greyhound22975
CCRO |BW| Sira || EEEG 4/2Spinone Italiano532566
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Dogs Bred By Italian Barks Kennels

LockedANH JPnA ACD | GGGEAustralian Cattle Dog1021
LockedMR NFl {IB} IG [EGGG 4/6]Italian Greyhound2743
LockedMR NFl {IB} IG [GGEG 4/5]Italian Greyhound2643
LockedMR {IB} IG [GGEG 5/4]Italian Greyhound2338
LockedAR IPnFr IG | EEEGItalian Greyhound1825
LockedAR NT IG | EEGEItalian Greyhound1625
LockedAR JPnT IG | EEGE - 9/2Italian Greyhound1825
LockedAR APnR JPnFl IG | GGEGItalian Greyhound1825
LockedNFT NRO {IB} SI | GEEG 10/2Spinone Italiano17
LockedNHT NRO {IB} SI | GEGG 8/4Spinone Italiano17

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08:59pm on Mar 4

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