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Shelties & Scotties
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor StudWCD A Blade In The Dark 24HH 1.135xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier4989
LockedExH All About Eve 24HH 1.348Border Collie3242
LockedFor StudExH All Along the Watch Tower 24HH 1.348Border Collie3242
LockedMSc Another Broken Hearted Girl 24HH 1.287xGerman Shepherd Dog2840
LockedChHu Area 51 24HH 1.255xDachshund4265
LockedMSc Back In The Saddle Again 24HH 1.287xGerman Shepherd Dog2640
LockedMFl Bennie and the Jets 24HH 1.263xBorder Collie2535
LockedChP Bite my Tongue, Bide my Time 24HH 1.327German Shepherd Dog3760
LockedGCH Caching in at the Cove 24HH 1.342xBorder Collie4362
LockedNCHu Come Away With Me 23HH 1.235xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier4779
LockedChT Crime and Punishment 24HH 1.323xGerman Shepherd Dog4774
LockedFor StudMT Crocodile Rock 24HH 1.408Border Collie3342
LockedNCSh Cruel Selfish Love 24HH 1.255xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier4571
LockedAHu Dazed and Confused 24HH 1.228xDachshund2435
LockedASc VTcK Devil's Bride 24HH 1.338xGerman Shepherd Dog2642
LockedFor StudGCSc Do as the Romans do 23HH 1.217German Shepherd Dog3860
LockedFor StudMT Doctor Strangelove 23HH 1.408Border Collie3242
LockedChSc Don't be Cautious 23HH 1.327xGerman Shepherd Dog3960
LockedAFl Don't Let the Sun go Down on Me 24HH 1.263xBorder Collie2335
LockedChRO East of Eden 23HH 1.325xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier3858
LockedExE Gold Dust Woman 24HH 1.313xDachshund2334
LockedMO Gypsy Mirage 24HH 1.268xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2741
LockedASc VTcK Hellish Rebuke 24HH 1.430xGerman Shepherd Dog2336
LockedChH Highlight of a Lowlife 24HH 1.105xGerman Shepherd Dog3674
LockedMH I Can't Quit you Baby 24HH 1.380Border Collie3142
LockedFor StudMT I Want you to Want Me 24HH 1.290Dachshund3247
LockedFor StudNCSc In Search of Lost Time 24HH 1.325xGerman Shepherd Dog4774
LockedGCH Leaves of Grass 23HH 1.340xBorder Collie4464
LockedMSh Life Becoming a Landslide 24HH 1.265xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2841
LockedChHu Lunar Landing 24HH 1.252xDachshund4265
LockedGCSh Mad Love 24HH 1.225xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier4167
LockedMHu My Fair Lady 24HH 1.307Dachshund3347
LockedGCSc My V is for Vendetta 23HH 1.327German Shepherd Dog4060
LockedMM North by Northwest 24HH 1.138American Pit Bull Terrier3149
LockedExSc Ocean Eyes 24HH 1.167xGerman Shepherd Dog3674
LockedFor StudGCT One Hundred Years of Solitude 23HH 1.335xGerman Shepherd Dog5074
LockedMO One Piece at a Time 24HH 1.255xGerman Shepherd Dog2640
LockedAHu Over the Hills and Far Away 24HH 1.248xDachshund2335
LockedMT Port Of Lonely Hearts 1.298xGerman Shepherd Dog2740
LockedMFl Pour some Sugar on Me 24HH 1.390Border Collie3142
LockedExHu Raiders of the Lost Ark 24HH 1.328xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier3558
LockedMHu Riders in the Sky 24HH 1.272xGerman Shepherd Dog2540
LockedFor StudMFl Rocket Man 23HH 1.413Border Collie3142
LockedFor StudExHu Roman Holiday 24HH 1.307Dachshund3347
LockedAA Saturday Night's Alright 24HH 1.263xBorder Collie2335
LockedFor StudExO Seven Wonders 24HH 1.268xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2841
LockedAT Skyline Pigeon 24HH 1.263xBorder Collie2435
LockedChFl WsbD Spice Girl 24HH 1.375xGerman Shepherd Dog4374
LockedMSc Sunday Morning Coming Down 24HH 1.272xGerman Shepherd Dog2640
LockedMHu Sweet Home Alabama 24HH 1.138American Pit Bull Terrier3149
LockedFor StudMT Sympathy For the Devil 24HH 1.390Border Collie3242
LockedMSc The Ballad of Ira Hayes 24HH 1.278xGerman Shepherd Dog2740
LockedExFT The Battle of Evermore 24HH 1.248xDachshund2335
LockedExFl The Boys are Back in Town 24HH 1.413Border Collie3342
LockedMT The Long Black Veil 24HH 1.278xGerman Shepherd Dog2740
LockedFor StudChA The Return of the King 24HH 1.328xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier3758
LockedExA The Sound of Music 24HH 1.338xBorder Collie3551
LockedChD The Unseen Queen 24HH 1.330xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2842
LockedFor StudChSc Up the Wolves 24HH 1.217German Shepherd Dog3760
LockedMT Wanted Man 24HH 1.255xGerman Shepherd Dog2740
LockedGCA Warning Sign 24HH 1.327German Shepherd Dog3760
LockedFor StudExSc Wayfaring Stranger 24HH 1.298xGerman Shepherd Dog2840
LockedMT Welcome to the Jungle 24HH 1.290Dachshund3347
LockedExA West Side Story 23HH 1.338xBorder Collie3551
LockedAT When the Levee Breaks 24HH 1.228xDachshund2435
LockedAT You Make Lovin' Fun 24HH 1.313xDachshund2434
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AA Bet it All on Black 18HH 1.473xScottish Terrier1827
MO Black Rose 17HH 1.333xScottish Terrier2641
JAH Ahbs Castle Party MassacreCentral Asian Shepherd1539
ASc Heart Of GlassBoerboel1846
AH DNA's Illumination Night 24HH 1.473xShetland Sheepdog2846
ME Little Black Submarines 19HH 1.473xScottish Terrier1627
MA DNA's Love, Gilda 24HH 1.513xShetland Sheepdog3047
MT March of the Black Queen 11HH 1.268xScottish Terrier4069
ChH Sin City 24HH 1.117xShetland Sheepdog3969
ME Slick Black Cadillac 19HH 1.345xScottish Terrier1629
ChH Smile of the Great Spirit 24HH 1.143xShetland Sheepdog3969
JAM Ahbs The Princess of DarknessCentral Asian Shepherd1229
AA Turning the Town Red 20HH 1.345xScottish Terrier1829
ExE Welcome to the Black Parade 16HH 1.448xScottish Terrier2741
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Locked Dogs

LockedNCA VTcK Don't Fear the Reaper 24HH 1.388xShetland Sheepdog5295
LockedGCH VTcK Origin of Evil 24HH 1.388xShetland Sheepdog5095
LockedFor StudNCHu TzCH Ragnar the Red 24HH 1.530xShetland Sheepdog5295
LockedChFl ChA Tigrs Whiskey Business 24HH 1.493xShetland Sheepdog5095
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Locked Dogs

LockedGCD Bayou PrincessFlat Coated Retriever3074
LockedGCD Bourbon Street BeautyFlat Coated Retriever3174
LockedJPnHu Brave New World 17 HH 1.377xEnglish Setter614
LockedPnFl Carry Me Back to Ole VirginiaBorder Collie1131
LockedIPnD Love is Only a FeelingCurly Coated Retriever617
LockedMHu SJ2 Outlaws from the WestDalmatian3587
LockedAP Space OdysseyBelgian Malinois2355
LockedMFr The Flower of LifeFlat Coated Retriever3174
LockedMFT You Gotta Have FaithFlat Coated Retriever3074


  • Reindeer Reindeer
  • Bold Spotted Pony Bold Spotted Pony
  • Arctic Fox Arctic Fox
  • Wolpertinger Wolpertinger
    pet Complete
  • Champagne Hamster Champagne Hamster

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03:50am on Jan 17

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