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Retirees of Gotham's Kennel

MHT A Bit of Slap and Tickle 24HH 1.248xLabrador Retriever22794
ExA A Whiter Shade of Pale 23HH 0.982xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier42903
MM Alice in WonderlandAmerican Pit Bull Terrier351329
AFT Arizona Killer 24HH 1.132xLabrador Retriever19794
JAD Astronomical Balance 24HH 1.353xLabrador Retriever11781
MFT Atomic Tango 24HH 1.248xLabrador Retriever22794
MA SvY Bean TownCairn Terrier421322
ChE Black BettyScottish Terrier361288
GCT Black MirrorScottish Terrier54176
WCO Black SabbathScottish Terrier58189
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Dogs Bred By Gotham's Kennel

AM Crimson Diplomacy 23HH 1.177American Pit Bull Terrier1878
AD Echoes of the Past 23HH 1.153xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier1878
NCD Rise of the SkywalkersAmerican Pit Bull Terrier4794
LockedExM (23HH EEEE lala) bred 2American Pit Bull Terrier3665
LockedChD *UrsulaAmerican Pit Bull Terrier3285
LockedExM GKMK 21HHAmerican Pit Bull Terrier3881
LockedMFl 23HH EEEEBorder Collie3464
LockedNSh NFr MiMi 24HH 1.180xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier17
LockedFor StudWCD A Blade In The Dark 24HH 1.135xAmerican Pit Bull Terrier4989
LockedMSh FMN Alduin's BaneAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2846

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