Norad Kennels

Irish Terriers
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
47 Locked Dogs
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
Earthdog Trials 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Smelling of new grass and spring, a warm breeze dances along this rolling stretch of meadow.
Medium Critter Pasture
9 Critters
Bedlington Terriers
Premium Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
25 Locked Dogs
Obedience 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Splashes of color parade along the path of this small, but cheerful garden.
Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
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Locked Dogs

LockedCCE Norad A Spaceman Came TravellingIrish Terrier4579
LockedNCE Norad All I WantIrish Terrier3867
LockedGCE Norad All My FriendsIrish Terrier3767
LockedExE Norad Bad BloodIrish Terrier2951
LockedNCE Norad BarkitectIrish Terrier4596
LockedNCE Norad Brand New DayIrish Terrier3867
LockedCCE Norad Christmas LightsIrish Terrier4579
LockedChA Norad Coming AliveIrish Terrier3965
LockedMA Norad Daniel in the DenIrish Terrier3051
LockedCCE Norad Do You Hear What I HearIrish Terrier4579
LockedCCE Norad Don't Stop RetrievingIrish Terrier4996
LockedNCO Norad Fairytale Of New YorkIrish Terrier4679
LockedAE Norad FirecrestIrish Terrier1732
LockedExE Norad FlawsIrish Terrier2951
LockedGCE Norad High HopesIrish Terrier3766
LockedNCE Norad HonestIrish Terrier3867
LockedCCE Norad In The Bleak MidwinterIrish Terrier4679
LockedNCO Norad Jurassic BarkIrish Terrier4896
LockedAA Norad KestrelIrish Terrier1932
LockedExE Norad Laura PalmerIrish Terrier2951
LockedCCE Norad Let It SnowIrish Terrier4679
LockedAE Norad LinnetIrish Terrier1832
LockedGCO Norad Lonely PupIrish Terrier4579
LockedGCE Norad Love Like ThisIrish Terrier3767
LockedNCO Norad Melon CollieIrish Terrier4996
LockedMA Norad No AngelsIrish Terrier3051
LockedExO Norad OblivionIrish Terrier3151
LockedExE Norad OverjoyedIrish Terrier2951
LockedExE Norad PompeiiIrish Terrier2951
LockedGCO Norad Pug BoatIrish Terrier4896
LockedCCE Norad PuparazziIrish Terrier4796
LockedGCM Norad PupperoniIrish Terrier4992
LockedNCE Norad Pure-bread PuppyIrish Terrier4596
LockedAA Norad Red KiteIrish Terrier1932
LockedME Norad RedstartIrish Terrier1832
LockedAE Norad RobinIrish Terrier1832
LockedGCO Norad Rockin' Around The Christmas TreeIrish Terrier4579
LockedChA Norad Same LoveIrish Terrier3965
LockedNCE Norad ShampoodleIrish Terrier4796
LockedME Norad ShrikeIrish Terrier1932
LockedCCE Norad Stop The CavalryIrish Terrier4679
LockedME Norad SwallowIrish Terrier1932
LockedChA Norad The OneIrish Terrier3967
LockedNCO Norad The Power Of LoveIrish Terrier4779
LockedExE Norad Things We Lost in the FireIrish Terrier3051
LockedMA Norad Torn ApartIrish Terrier3151
LockedChA Norad Way Back WhenIrish Terrier4066


  • Artemis the Confident Black Wolf Artemis the Confident Black Wolf
  • Icarus the Timid Gray Wolf Icarus the Timid Gray Wolf
  • Luca the Gentle White Wolf Luca the Gentle White Wolf
  • Lottie the Blackbird Lottie the Blackbird
  • Beeper the Canary Beeper the Canary
  • Jack the Sparrow Jack the Sparrow
    hold Complete
  • Ventuswill the Green Baby Dragon Ventuswill the Green Baby Dragon
  • Thorn the Red Baby Dragon Thorn the Red Baby Dragon
  • Ivan the Polar Bear Ivan the Polar Bear
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Locked Dogs

LockedAE Norad Ask Me How I AmBedlington Terrier1839
LockedAE Norad Batten Down The HatchBedlington Terrier1739
LockedAE Norad CartwheelsBedlington Terrier1739
LockedAE Norad Chasing CarsBedlington Terrier1524
LockedAE Norad ChocolateBedlington Terrier1424
LockedAA Norad Crack The ShuttersBedlington Terrier1939
LockedAO Norad Crazy In LoveBedlington Terrier1939
LockedIPnE EFGE Ll intspd agiagiBedlington Terrier716
LockedIPnE EGFG lala strspd intintBedlington Terrier716
LockedIPnA EGFG Ll intagi spdintBedlington Terrier716
LockedPnE EGGE LL stragi spdintBedlington Terrier716
LockedPnE EGGG Lla agispd intintBedlington Terrier716
LockedIPnT GEGG intint agiintBedlington Terrier716
LockedPnE GGEE Lla intint spdagiBedlington Terrier716
LockedPnHu GGFE lla stmint intintBedlington Terrier716
LockedIPnHu GGGE LL chaagi intintBedlington Terrier616
LockedIPnA GGGG Ll chastm intintBedlington Terrier716
LockedIPnO GGGG lla spdint intspdBedlington Terrier716
LockedIPnO GGGG Lla stragi intintBedlington Terrier716
LockedAA Norad Hands OpenBedlington Terrier2039
LockedAO Norad Just Say YesBedlington Terrier1939
LockedCCA Norad Peachy KeenBedlington Terrier5593
LockedAO Norad Set The Fire To The Third BarBedlington Terrier1939
LockedAE Norad The Planets Bend Between UsBedlington Terrier1839
LockedAO Norad You're All I HaveBedlington Terrier1939

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