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Retirees of Norad Kennels

GCO Norad Apple BrandyBedlington Terrier50356
CCE Norad Golden WoolyBedlington Terrier49356
WCO .RP. Haunting The NightBedlington Terrier50369
GCA RWTS HowloweenIrish Terrier49356
NCE Norad Ilford FP4Bedlington Terrier47355
NCO Norad Picture JasperBedlington Terrier50355
NCE Norad Pumpkin SpiceBedlington Terrier49355
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Dogs Bred By Norad Kennels

LockedCCE Norad A Spaceman Came TravellingIrish Terrier4579
LockedNCE Norad All I WantIrish Terrier3867
LockedGCE Norad All My FriendsIrish Terrier3767
LockedExE Norad Bad BloodIrish Terrier2951
LockedNCE Norad Brand New DayIrish Terrier3867
LockedAE Norad Chasing CarsBedlington Terrier1524
LockedAE Norad ChocolateBedlington Terrier1424
LockedCCE Norad Christmas LightsIrish Terrier4579
LockedChA Norad Coming AliveIrish Terrier3965
LockedMA Norad Daniel in the DenIrish Terrier3051

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