Black Pine Dalmatians

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4 Locked Dogs
Dalmatians--Fawn and Cream
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29 Locked Dogs
Frisbee 2 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
Dalmatians--Chocolate and Red
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Dalmatians--Black and Silver
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Dalmatians--Blue and Isabella
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Studs (all colors)
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Small Critter Pasture
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Locked Dogs

LockedMH SNKE BerlinBorder Collie3569
LockedFAWN 24HH lala female KKbr BbDalmatian16
LockedAO BPD Redwood FuryGolden Retriever2056
LockedSILVER 24HH Lla female BbDalmatian16
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Locked Dogs

LockedJAA A Lonely KingDalmatian1529
LockedIPnM A Proud HeritageDalmatian1022
LockedAM RofS A Rose By Any Other NameDalmatian1876
LockedPnM Antique SilverDalmatian1022
LockedAA RofS Cookies and CreamDalmatian2047
LockedJAR Diamonds in the SkyDalmatian1533
LockedJAM BPD Dreaming Without SoundDalmatian1640
LockedMA BPD EdelweissDalmatian2767
LockedIPnM Girls' Night OutDalmatian1022
LockedPnA Great ExpectationsDalmatian1122
LockedNA BPD Guns N' RosesDalmatian18
LockedJAM BPD In StarlightDalmatian1429
LockedAPnM BPD JessamineDalmatian1122
LockedANSh Lady StarlightDalmatian112
LockedNM Lone FlowerDalmatian416
LockedNA BPD Lovely EmiliaDalmatian16
LockedANHu Macbeth's StarDalmatian112
LockedNM BPD Peaceful PrincessDalmatian18
LockedAA BPD Peaceful RoseDalmatian2368
LockedAA RofS Purple ParadeDalmatian2649
LockedMA RofS Raindrops On RosesDalmatian2899
LockedPnM Rebel QueenDalmatian1122
LockedANHu BPD Regal FlowerDalmatian112
LockedJAA BPD Silent RainDalmatian1645
LockedJAA BPD Soft RaindropsDalmatian1538
LockedAM BPD StarflowerDalmatian1843
LockedNM Stars and SprinklesDalmatian18
LockedJAA stmr TabithaDalmatian1436
LockedAPnA The Lady MacbethDalmatian1334
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Locked Dogs

LockedNM A Proud PatriotDalmatian513
LockedIPnM Ares' AuroraDalmatian823
LockedNM Aurora BorealisDalmatian513
LockedIPnM Caesar's JunoDalmatian823
LockedNM Chasing RosesDalmatian313
LockedJPnM RofS Dash of CocoaDalmatian715
LockedIPnA BPD De Las FloresDalmatian817
LockedJPnM Fruit & FlowerDalmatian614
LockedNM BPD Gatsby's VivianiDalmatian16
LockedNM Jingle BellsDalmatian513
LockedJPnA Lemon DropDalmatian619
LockedJPnA ~RDK Little Red Riding HoodDalmatian520
LockedAPnA ANHT Chery Love-in-a-MistDalmatian1440
LockedNA Miss MelodyDalmatian19
LockedJAM Mud SplatteredDalmatian1641
LockedJAA BPD Painting in SilenceDalmatian1638
LockedNA BPD Pewter PizzicatoDalmatian18
LockedNA Rain on the FourthDalmatian413
LockedAA MSSBK Red White and BlueDalmatian1750
LockedPnA BPD Song of MyselfDalmatian1121
LockedMM RofS Splash of PaintDalmatian2788
LockedNM Staccato SirDalmatian19
LockedNM Starlit MusicianDalmatian19
LockedIPnA To Emilia VivianiDalmatian818
LockedNM WarlordDalmatian316
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Locked Dogs

LockedIPnM FurT AlekDalmatian1022
LockedNA BPD CassiopeiaDalmatian18
LockedNHu BPD Daisy's DiamondDalmatian19
LockedJAM BPD Dreaming in SilverDalmatian1532
LockedAO Ra3 FearlessDalmatian2470
LockedFor StudAM RofS For Whom the Bell TollsDalmatian2074
LockedANM BPD Gatsby's LarkspurDalmatian112
LockedAPnM SSKR Good FeelingDalmatian1257
LockedAA Isabella MissDalmatian2253
LockedJAA BPD Lady EstrellaDalmatian1733
LockedNA BPD Lady's LamentDalmatian18
LockedNA BPD Lonesome RoseDalmatian19
LockedNA BPD New MoneyDalmatian19
LockedNA BPD PianissimoDalmatian16
LockedNM BPD Rose QueenDalmatian19
LockedAA BPD Royal RoseDalmatian1744
LockedJAM BPD Silver BellsDalmatian1428
LockedMM BPD Silver LightningDalmatian2763
LockedJPnHu BPD Silver PrancerDalmatian614
LockedNM BPD Silver StarDalmatian18
LockedAA TwiK Silver StarlightDalmatian1856
LockedNM BPD Star of the ShowDalmatian19
LockedNA BPD Sweet CroonerDalmatian19
LockedNA BPD The Jazz SingerDalmatian19
LockedNM When Stars DieDalmatian19


  • Salazar the Black Snake Salazar the Black Snake
  • Bambi the Wolpertinger Bambi the Wolpertinger
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07:13pm on May 29

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