Frozen Hollow

Kennel History

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Retirees of Frozen Hollow

NP PrPu $ SilviaAmerican Pit Bull Terrier41244
NM TWFK $ WolfAmerican Pit Bull Terrier41238
CCHT FroHo 7HH llaBoxer56950
NCT A Giant In A Little World [5 HH|0 hh|GEEE]Beagle442407
WCFT A Mighty River [1 HH|2 hh|EGGE]Labrador Retriever442413
CCSh A Nice Warm Meal [6 HH|6 hh|FGGE]Akita Inu442395
APnSh A One Shoed Nut [6 HH|2 hh|GEEG]Akita102643
APnSh A Sore Loser [5 HH|6 hh|EFEF]American Cocker Spaniel102643
AbbyBearded Collie11502
MO FroHo Abby [4HH 3hh 2STR Lla] GGGEScottish Terrier27829
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Dogs Bred By Frozen Hollow

AS FroHo AstridAlaskan Husky1329
APnRO FroHo Baking with FriendsBichon Frise1122
JAO FroHo CaramelAlaskan Husky1327
ANH CarterPembroke Welsh Corgi7111
JAS FroHo DragoAlaskan Husky1327
JARO FroHo ElementAlaskan Husky1329
APnO FroHo frostyAlaskan Husky1126
IPnR HebeBorzoi716
AA FroHo MagicBerger Picard1829
AS FroHo Moonlight EruptionAlaskan Husky1729

Game Time

11:32pm on Feb 22

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