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Meet Void!
Hi there! I'm Void, or you can call me V or Oli. I'm a 29 year old female. I live with my divorced parents (hopefully to only be my mom soon!), my mom and I (along with my brother) were evicted from our Pennsylvania home, forced to give up our beagle, Maggie, and come live with my father. My favorite colors are blue and orange. I am shy and I tend to stress out really easy. I ramble and love to talk about nothing once I get to know you. I do love animals, I have three pets! One dog and two cats. Sheila is a 9 year old Australian Cattle Dog. Then there is Sukki, a 11 year old male Traditional Siamese and Nova a 11 year old female tortoiseshell. All of my pets are rescues. I love watching funny things on TV and online, I don't much listen to music, but when I do it's country. I am currently enrolled in Uni and am majoring in Business Management. Check out my blog here and my character site here.
Oh, Hello There!
Welcome to Frozen Hollow or PriJa for short. I'm here to breed quality, high stated, high leveled, and 24HH dogs. I also want to breed for color on some of my breeds and get some cool colors in there!

I breed my dogs at days 89 and 101 fp days old (unless I am elite! Then it's only at 101 FP days). That way they are at their highest possible level so their puppies are great.

I stud out my males at level 30 or 40. You need to pass my breeding requirements as well as my kennel check. Please allow a few days for me to accept any breed request. I do not stud out my females.

Please do not inquire about dogs for sale in my kennel. I do not randomly sell my dogs. If I have a dog for sale, then it is for sale, but I won't just put up a dog for sale because you asked or whatever.

Please do not send me messages asking me to "check out" your kennel or buy your dog(s) or what-have-you. Do any of the two offenses, I will kindly ask you not to send me messages like that. Keep doing it and I'll block you.

Autumn Ambers became officially registered in late 2015 with the prefix of AMBR.


My females will never be available to breed.
My males will be up for stud at level 30, with a minimum requirement to breed of level 30. Stud prices are based off of health genetics and level.


I rarely have dogs for sale. If I don't have any dogs up for sale, then they are NOT for sale. I will check to see if your dogs are taken care of and when you breed your dogs. Public sale dogs have no requirements. I don't sell private sold dogs to rescues or part-time rescues.
HOW TO: Commission An Artist
Please take the time to read this article before pursuing a commission from me.

  • Please read my Terms of Service completely before commissioning me. Whether you read it or not, you are agreeing to these terms when commissioning me.
  • Check the ASB before messaging me about my comms. I may have a post up that may or may not contain slots that may or may not be full.
Click here to see my examples.
The Dogs!

Meet Jasmine!

RIP - fly free baby girl
Jasmine Evelyn.
RIP Jasmine
08/23/2005 - 02/25/2020
Jasmine was a 14 yr. old American Staffordshire Terrier. She was playful, energetic, sweet and lazy. She could be energetic when you wanted her to be, and lazy any other time. She loved other dogs, excluding a select few. She thought she was a total Chihuahua Princess. She was spoiled and loved cheese. If you took her rope away, watch out! She would have wanted to tug with you. She loved going on car rides and loved her walks. She loved her brother and sister kitties and defended them from strange dogs. Jasmine was adopted from a local animal shelter. We had just lost our previous dog, Blue, two months prior. We took a few weeks to decide if we really wanted another dog, but Jasmine's picture and bio wouldn't stop haunting us. So, on August 23rd, 2007, we called the shelter and told them that we would love to have Jasmine, they told us to fill out the online application and that night, we had the choice of getting her right then or waiting until morning (Saturday, then). We couldn't wait, we got her right then. We met them halfway, and found out that we were adopting her on her birthday! It was meant to be, WE were meant to have her. Here is her petfinder profile. Her instagram is @perfectprincessjasmine

Meet Sheila!

Sheila Dixie.
Sheila is a 9 year old Australian Cattle Dog. Sheila is a VERY active dog. She loves to sleep, but she'd rather play a game or go on a walk. Like just a few minutes ago, she took one of her toys, threw it to Nova, and looked back and forth from her toy to Nova. Poor thing wanted Nova to play with her! xD Anyway, she is VERY stubborn. She knows commands but will refuse to listen to you sometimes. We've had her for about a month now, I'd say. She LOVES to follow me everywhere. xD Anyway, that's pretty much it. :D Sheila, well, Sheila was dumped here. We're not sure exactly when nor by who, all we know is that she chewed up the furniture on our front porch and wouldn't leave. She told US this was her home, and well, we couldn't refuse. She was thin and losing her fur. When we first fed her, she was allergic to the dog food and started losing her fur even faster, as soon as we switched, her fur started coming back in. She was a nervous Nelly when we first got her, now, she hardly ever flinches when you pet her, but she still has her moments. She's in constant need of attention and wants to play ALL the time. She's a good girl, and is a fast learner. She loves to try and trick us into thinking she doesn't know a command, when we all know she does. She also loves cuddles.
Her instagram is @crazycowdogsheila
The Cats!

Meet Sukki!

Natsuko Adrienne.
Sukki is a 11 year old seal point traditional Siamese. Sukki is play aggressive. He doesn't mean it, he just plays way too rough which makes him look like a bully, but he's not. He's a lover, loves to get attention and to be told how handsome he is. He's very energetic, and likes to be held and loved on. He also loves testing his boundaries...often. He loves Oliver and loves following her around and mewing at her and she loves him to pieces. Sukki was found with Nova. We have no clue as to his origin. He doesn't look like the type someone would dump, but then again. He was thin, but looked his age (5 months). We fed him tuna and dog food (which was all we had at the time) and he warmed up to us quickly. He's changed his coloration as he grew, so when we first saw him, I thoguht he was a tonkinese, but come to find out, he was a traditional Siamese. And boy is he mouthy! He is no where near aggressive like I was lead to believe he would be. He loves people and can be very social, loves rubbing up against your leg or the dogs and loves to be brushed. He has the prettiest blue eyes. He is 12 pounds, so we call him our little puma.
His instagram is @insanecatduo

Meet Nova!

Nova Kai.
Nova is a 11 year old domestic shorthair tortie. She can be shy and reserved if she doesn't know you, but talkative, brave, and silly when she does know you. She loves to play and is very energetic. She's extremely smart and knows how to "sit" and "Out!" She loves tormenting her older brother, Sukki. She's not much into other dogs, or dogs period. I guess it's a good thing she thinks Jasmine is an overgrown cat. :D Oh, and she loves slapping Sheila in the face. xD Nova was born in our neighborhood of an un-spayed stray tortoiseshell cat. We assumed Nova was the runt of the litter because she is only 6 pounds and is small, while her mother was long and lanky. Because she was the runt of the litter, we assume her mother abandoned her. She found Sukki, or Sukki found her and they took care of each other. Nova was only 4 months old when we found her, she was as small as a week old kitten and malnourished. We fed her tuna and dog food (which was all we had at the time) and eventually she found her way into our hearts and our home. She was a nervous wreck for a few months, so we gave her her space and she has now warmed up to us. When Nova first came to us, she literally had no voice. She would open her mouth to mew but nothing would come out. Nothing was wrong with her, she just hadn't found her voice. When she turned about a year or so old, we started hearing mews out of her.
Her instagram is @insanecatduo

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