Arctic Cocker

Kennel History

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Retirees of Arctic Cocker

CCSh Arctic A New TryEnglish Cocker Spaniel472896
GCSh Arctic Be My GuestSussex Spaniel382910
WCHT Arctic If We EverEnglish Cocker Spaniel472890
WCO Arctic Lovely LadySussex Spaniel442903
NCHT Arctic Once Upon A TimeSussex Spaniel392909
CCHT Arctic One Time OnlySussex Spaniel412914
WCHT PuM* EllaSussex Spaniel542909
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Dogs Bred By Arctic Cocker

LockedAO NUCH Arctic Always A LadySussex Spaniel1728
LockedPnM NUCH Arctic Applaud MeSussex Spaniel816
LockedMSh NUCH Arctic Be My Fire FoxSussex Spaniel2135
LockedAT NUCH Arctic Big DreamsSussex Spaniel2234
LockedJAT NUCH Arctic Full Of FunSussex Spaniel1322
LockedNFT NUCH Arctic Going BerserkEnglish Cocker Spaniel16
LockedJPnHT ChT NUCH Arctic I'm A SurpriseEnglish Cocker Spaniel3564
LockedJAHT NUCH Arctic I'm SureSussex Spaniel1122
LockedJPnHT NUCH Arctic Maybe Next TimeEnglish Cocker Spaniel411
LockedAM NUCH Arctic Meet Your MatchSussex Spaniel1527

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08:37pm on Oct 30

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