Arctic Cocker

Now, started up FP again, still learning about this new game. Breeding Cockers and Sussex. Gone from 3 real life cockers to 5, so thankful that FP is easier to play now. :)

From FP-beta:

Back again (on and off), now I have 3 RL Cocker Spaniels, and they take up much of my time

I started up my FP-breeding again last autumn (2007), after a long brake where I enjoyed my new real-life cocker-puppy and my grown-up cocker spaniel. I did not know anything about account locking, so I lost all of my previous lines, but thanks to Kiya I got some of it back, thank you so much for that!!

Sponsored to elite by Chevy! Thank you so much!! And thanks to Kiya for nominating me, and for all the great cockers she has given me. Thanks also to Mama Lino for all the great cockers she has given me, they have really improved my lines!! You two will always have first right to pick a SPOL from my litters! :) < I sometimes have available puppies for sale, just message me if you are interested in a future Arctic English Cocker Spaniel. :)

November 22nd: My first Universal Champion!! Arctic Dancing Storm (57fpdays), level 46! Never entered in any boosts! :D

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08:54pm on Oct 30

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