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Retirees of North Country Kennel

WCM NCK AbbeyYorkshire Terrier771386
UCH NCK AidenBorder Collie841309
WCT AjayBorder Collie573049
WCFl TTime AlessandraBorder Collie831159
WCH NCK AlexBorder Collie822063
WCFl NCK AlexBorder Collie831336
WCH Minna AlexBorder Collie831159
UCFl NCK AllyBorder Collie801662
WCH NCK AlmondBorder Collie772648
WCO NCK AlysaBorder Collie752595
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Dogs Bred By North Country Kennel

LockedMRO JPnSh NCK * YORKIE * , STR/INT/ CHA/SPD , 1.358x , 9 HH / 4 hh , 1 E , llaYorkshire Terrier3347
LockedAPnFl NCK 1.490 EEEE lala Chocolate Merle and White (Piebald) with TickingBorder Collie1420
LockedJAFl NCK AlexiaBorder Collie1447
LockedWCT NCK AliBorder Collie7285
LockedGCM NCK BabyYorkshire Terrier4352
LockedNT NFl NCK BobbyBorder Collie114
LockedNFl NT NCK BoltBorder Collie111
LockedWCT NCK ButchBorder Collie7788
LockedAFl NCK CamBorder Collie1924
LockedAFl NCK CelineBorder Collie2024

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08:15pm on Jun 17

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