North Country Kennel

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Dogs Bred By North Country Kennel

LockedMRO JPnSh NCK * YORKIE * , STR/INT/ CHA/SPD , 1.358x , 9 HH / 4 hh , 1 E , llaYorkshire Terrier3347
LockedAPnFl NCK 1.490 EEEE lala Chocolate Merle and White (Piebald) with TickingBorder Collie1420
LockedJAFl NCK AlexiaBorder Collie1447
LockedWCT NCK AliBorder Collie7285
LockedGCM NCK BabyYorkshire Terrier4352
LockedNT NFl NCK BobbyBorder Collie114
LockedNFl NT NCK BoltBorder Collie111
LockedWCT NCK ButchBorder Collie7788
LockedAFl NCK CamBorder Collie1924
LockedAFl NCK CelineBorder Collie2024
LockedAH NCK ClareBorder Collie2024
LockedJAO NCK ClayYorkshire Terrier1419
LockedNT NCK Counting StarsBorder Collie17
LockedChFl NCK DylanBorder Collie4555
LockedAH NCK EricBorder Collie2024
LockedAH NCK ErinBorder Collie1924
LockedAH NCK GastonBorder Collie1924
LockedWCH NCK JakeBorder Collie7488
LockedGCH NCK JennyBorder Collie4047
LockedGCH NCK JensonBorder Collie4347
LockedWCH NCK JordannBorder Collie7488
LockedNCH NCK KalebBorder Collie5665
LockedCCH NCK KarenBorder Collie5565
LockedChM NCK KasperYorkshire Terrier4152
LockedChM NCK KatieYorkshire Terrier4252
LockedGCA NCK LydiaBorder Collie4555
LockedAPnFr NCK MickeyYorkshire Terrier1419
LockedWCFl NCK QuincyBorder Collie7488
LockedExT NCK RandiBorder Collie4047
LockedChH NCK RhettBorder Collie3947
LockedExM NCK Si/Ru Minnie 24/0 Lla 1.385xYorkshire Terrier3047
LockedNCT NCK TammiBorder Collie5565
LockedAPnFr NCK TerriYorkshire Terrier1419
LockedCCH NCK ThomasBorder Collie5665
LockedJAO NCK ToniYorkshire Terrier1519
LockedWCT NCK TysonBorder Collie7185
LockedGCA NCK WolfYorkshire Terrier4352
LockedWCA NCK xanderBorder Collie7588
LockedGCT NCK ZabrinaBorder Collie4755
LockedGCH NCK ZechBorder Collie4755
LockedWCT NCK ZoeyBorder Collie7588
ChFl NCK 1.472 23HH Chocolate and White (Piebald)Border Collie522105
WCO NCK 22HH Lla 3agi 1.353 8/0Yorkshire Terrier61321
WCM NCK AbbeyYorkshire Terrier771241
UCH NCK AidenBorder Collie841164
WCT AjayBorder Collie572904
WCH NCK AlexBorder Collie821918
WCFl NCK AlexBorder Collie831191
UCFl NCK AllyBorder Collie801517
WCH NCK AlmondBorder Collie772503
WCO NCK AlysaBorder Collie752450
UCH NCK AmberBorder Collie752519
WCFl NCK AmberBorder Collie811897
UCFl NCK AmberBorder Collie841191
UCFl NCK AmeliaBorder Collie841187
WCA NCK AmyBorder Collie791765
WCH NCK AndreaBorder Collie811918
UCH NCK AndrewBorder Collie841187
UCA NCK AndyBorder Collie811502
WCFl NCK AngelBorder Collie802314
UCH NCK AngelBorder Collie821502
WCT AnieceBorder Collie562905
WCH NCK AprilBorder Collie83992
MO NCK ArchieBorder Collie301253
UCT NCK AshleyBorder Collie821191
WCH NCK AshtonBorder Collie791581
UCFl NCK AstroBorder Collie812155
UCH NCK AubreyBorder Collie841164
WCH NCK AudreyBorder Collie792305
WCH NCK AustinBorder Collie822011
WCH NCK Baby GirlBorder Collie801813
UCH NCK BaileeBorder Collie841154
WCH BailyBorder Collie532979
WCT NCK BambiYorkshire Terrier771154
UCFl NCK BarbieBorder Collie811400
UCH NCK BarryBorder Collie831172
WCFl NCK BartYorkshire Terrier691349
UCT NCK BartBorder Collie821258
UCO NCK BellaYorkshire Terrier721317
ICE NCK BelleYorkshire Terrier761223
UCFl NCK BentlyBorder Collie831264
UCO NCK BillyYorkshire Terrier731223
WCT NCK BlackieBorder Collie672582
WCFl NCK BlackieBorder Collie762363
WCA NCK BlackieBorder Collie752253
UCFl NCK BlackieBorder Collie801678
UCFl NCK BlackieBorder Collie821304
WCM NCK BlossomYorkshire Terrier731253
WCA NCK BlueBorder Collie791820
WCFl NCK Blue BoyBorder Collie822221
WCFl NCK Blue BoyBorder Collie792011
WCT Blue GirlBorder Collie503067
WCH NCK Blue GirlBorder Collie811836
WCT Blue Girl IIBorder Collie562870
UCFl NCK BobbyBorder Collie821223
WCT NCK BootsBorder Collie642603
UCFl NCK BradleyBorder Collie841172
WCH NCK BrandiBorder Collie821172
WCFl NCK BreannBorder Collie801366
WCH NCK BreeBorder Collie801258
WCH NCK BreezyBorder Collie782097
WCH NCK BrendaBorder Collie851566
UCFl NCK BritneyBorder Collie841172
UCH NCK BrockBorder Collie851291
WCFl NCK BrodyBorder Collie762014
UCH NCK BrownyBorder Collie841552
WCH NCK BuckBorder Collie752450
UCFl NCK BuickBorder Collie821400
WCT BusterBorder Collie523023
WCA BusterBorder Collie562828
WCH NCK BusterBorder Collie772395
WCH NCK BusterBorder Collie802134
WCFl NCK ButchBorder Collie801366
WCH NCK CameronBorder Collie821581
WCH NCK CandyBorder Collie821724
UCFl NCK CaraBorder Collie801517
WCM NCK CaraYorkshire Terrier791219
WCFl NCK CarleeBorder Collie772411
WCT NCK CarlyBorder Collie831080
WCH NCK CarolinaBorder Collie782213
WCFl NCK CarolynBorder Collie692547
WCFl NCK CarrieBorder Collie841080
UCT NCK CarsonBorder Collie831191
WCFl NCK CaseyBorder Collie811371
UCH NCK CassandraBorder Collie841172
WCFl NCK CassieBorder Collie772229
UCH NCK CassieBorder Collie801521
UCH NCK CassieBorder Collie801304
UCFl NCK CatrinaBorder Collie841203
WCT CeCeBorder Collie572680
WCH NCK CereBorder Collie811752
WCFl NCK ChadBorder Collie811752
WCFl NCK ChampBorder Collie801947
WCH ChanceBorder Collie562714
UCFl NCK ChanceBorder Collie811371
WCH NCK ChanceBorder Collie841080
UCA NCK CharlesBorder Collie831521
UCA NCK CharlesYorkshire Terrier831120
WCT NCK CharleyBorder Collie841379
UCH NCK CharlotteBorder Collie811379
WCT CharmaineBorder Collie552812
WCH CharmedBorder Collie552736
WCH NCK CharmedBorder Collie772204
WCH NCK ChazBorder Collie782053
WCFr NCK ChenoaBorder Collie692247
WCT ChereeBorder Collie542967
WCA NCK CheriBorder Collie801400
WCH CherriblossomBorder Collie552890
WCA NCK Cherry BombYorkshire Terrier641060
UCH NCK CherylBorder Collie841271
UCFl NCK ChevyBorder Collie871400
WCH NCK CheyanneBorder Collie811724
UCFl NCK ChrisBorder Collie811124
UCFl NCK ChristmasBorder Collie841124
WCFl NCK CindyBorder Collie811820
WCH NCK CloeeBorder Collie831709
WCH NCK CloudBorder Collie831154
WCT NCK CocoBorder Collie662589
WCT NCK CoCoBorder Collie762347
UCH NCK CocoBorder Collie831353
UCH NCK CocoBorder Collie871154
WCA NCK CocoaBorder Collie782204
UCFl NCK ConnorBorder Collie821172
UCH NCK ConradBorder Collie821271
UCH NCK CoraBorder Collie861254
UCA NCK CorkyYorkshire Terrier791219
UCT NCK CorrineBorder Collie801486
WCRO NCK CrandallBorder Collie771203
WCT NCK CrimsonBorder Collie821620
WCH NCK DaisyBorder Collie831859
WCH NCK Dake No Yoru Wa [LL 3xStm str 24 1.438] Black (HP)Border Collie712320
WCH DakotaBorder Collie522979
WCH NCK DakotaBorder Collie802053
WCH DancerBorder Collie532966
WCH NCK DannyBorder Collie812115
WCT Danny BoyBorder Collie542966
WCA Danny BoyBorder Collie552714
WCFl NCK DarlaBorder Collie782314
WCH NCK DarlaBorder Collie801911
UCFl NCK DawnBorder Collie841222
WCH NCK DixieBorder Collie811859
WCH NCK DonnieBorder Collie812134
UCH NCK DoreyBorder Collie831459
WCFl NCK DottyBorder Collie782146
WCH NCK DuchessBorder Collie811601
WCFl NCK DukeBorder Collie802450
WCT NCK DukeBorder Collie791601
UCA NCK DukeYorkshire Terrier791156
WCH NCK DylanBorder Collie821922
WCH NCK EdwardBorder Collie762342
WCH ElsaBorder Collie542979
WCA EmberBorder Collie512995
UCA NCK EmmaYorkshire Terrier811120
WCH NCK ErnieBorder Collie772300
WCFl NCK EtseeoBorder Collie801804
WCFl NCK FarrahBorder Collie792050
WCFl NCK FarrahBorder Collie821187
UCH NCK FredBorder Collie831187
UCFl NCK G-ManBorder Collie811289
WCFl NCK GabbyYorkshire Terrier811008
UCH NCK GailBorder Collie841289
UCH NCK GeorgeBorder Collie821379
UCT NCK GeorgeBorder Collie841080
UCH NCK GeorginaBorder Collie842214
WCT NCK GeorginaBorder Collie791379
UCH NCK GinaBorder Collie821172
WCH NCK GinnyBorder Collie782003
WCFl NCK GraceyBorder Collie851080
WCA NCK GregoryBorder Collie821949
UCFl NCK GregoryBorder Collie841172
WCFl NCK GreyBorder Collie821721
UCFl NCK GreyBorder Collie841191
WCH HaileyBorder Collie542926
UCFl NCK HailyBorder Collie831480
WCA NCK HannaYorkshire Terrier781058
WCA NCK HarryBorder Collie801398
WCM NCK HarryYorkshire Terrier801043
UCH NCK HazeyBorder Collie831205
WCA NCK HeatherBorder Collie791398
WCA NCK HeleneBorder Collie732546
WCT NCK HersheyBorder Collie722546
UCA NCK HersheyBorder Collie811304
WCH HollyBorder Collie552784
WCH HunterBorder Collie562926
WCFl NCK IceBorder Collie821949
WCM NCK Itty BitYorkshire Terrier771058
WCFl NCK JaceBorder Collie772032
WCFl NCK JackBorder Collie792032
WCFl NCK JacksonBorder Collie801852
WCFl NCK JakeBorder Collie762515
WCO NCK JakeBorder Collie791765
WCT NCK JanieBorder Collie772401
WCT NCK JasmineBorder Collie821076
UCH NCK JasonBorder Collie871251
WCFl NCK JasperBorder Collie742411
UCH NCK JasperBorder Collie831093
WCFl NCK JaxBorder Collie821191
WCH NCK JayBorder Collie851080
WCT JaymeBorder Collie552771
WCA NCK JazzyBorder Collie752418
UCT NCK JazzyBorder Collie831484
WCFl NCK JCBorder Collie821712
WCT NCK JessieBorder Collie732515
WCH NCK JillianneBorder Collie811737
WCT JoeyBorder Collie503067
WCH NCK JoeyBorder Collie841836
WCH JohannaBorder Collie572680
WCA NCK JohnnyBorder Collie801956
UCT NCK JohnnyBorder Collie831254
WCFl NCK JoJoBorder Collie762450
UCH NCK JonathanBorder Collie831093
WCH NCK JonJonBorder Collie802099
WCFl NCK JosefBorder Collie832214
WCFl NCK JoshBorder Collie782014
WCH JosieBorder Collie572905
WCFl NCK JosieBorder Collie782199
UCH NCK JosieBorder Collie831251
WCFl NCK Josie GirlBorder Collie791956
WCH NCK JoyceBorder Collie841581
WCFr NCK JoycieBorder Collie742418
WCH NCK JudyBorder Collie811581
WCH NCK JuliaBorder Collie811737
WCT NCK KaidenBorder Collie732547
WCT NCK KalyaBorder Collie801271
UCH NCK KamdinBorder Collie841289
UCT NCK KaraBorder Collie831409
UCH NCK KarmaBorder Collie831060
WCT NCK KarmenBorder Collie801289
UCH NCK KarmineBorder Collie831289
UCFl NCK KatieBorder Collie851521
UCH NCK KatlinBorder Collie861254
WCT NCK KatyBorder Collie831366
UCT NCK KaydenBorder Collie821289
UCFl NCK KellyBorder Collie811394
UCH NCK KellyBorder Collie841271
UCH NCK KellyBorder Collie851093
WCT Kelly GirlBorder Collie542791
UCFl NCK KelseyBorder Collie851480
WCFl NCK KentBorder Collie801366
UCFl NCK KerriBorder Collie831262
WCO NCK KiaBorder Collie792094
UCA NCK KilynYorkshire Terrier821008
WCO KirkBorder Collie502995
WCFl NCK KishmaBorder Collie772214
WCA NCK KissyBorder Collie792156
WCFl NCK KittyBorder Collie732254
WCH KorinneBorder Collie542967
WCA LeoBorder Collie562926
GCA NCK LeoYorkshire Terrier55909
WCFl NCK LeoBorder Collie811362
ICE NCK LilaYorkshire Terrier821120
WCT LillieBorder Collie572728
WCA NCK LillyBorder Collie771414
WCH NCK LionalBorder Collie811918
WCH NCK Little SparrowBorder Collie722247
WCM NCK LizzieYorkshire Terrier761187
UCFl NCK LonnyBorder Collie821362
NCFl NCK Lover of the Light • 24HH | Black and White (Irish)Border Collie582280
WCM NCK LucasYorkshire Terrier731144
UCH NCK LuckyBorder Collie861254
UCFl NCK LydiaBorder Collie831362
UCH NCK LyndaBorder Collie811362
WCH NCK MableBorder Collie761947
UCA NCK MackYorkshire Terrier751243
UCFl NCK MacyBorder Collie851191
ICH NCK MadaBorder Collie861371
UCFl NCK MaddieBorder Collie811552
WCT NCK MaddyBorder Collie742377
WCH NCK MaggieBorder Collie791867
WCT NCK MaggieBorder Collie821620
WCH NCK MaggieMaeBorder Collie801575
UCFl NCK MagicBorder Collie801517
WCA NCK MaiseBorder Collie642603
WCH NCK MalloryBorder Collie821947
UCFl NCK MandyBorder Collie831291
WCFl NCK MarchBorder Collie772174
UCH NCK MarchBorder Collie811394
UCH NCK MarchBorder Collie831151
ICFl NCK MarciBorder Collie841291
WCH NCK MargoBorder Collie791867
WCFr NCK MaribellYorkshire Terrier781043
UCH NCK MarilynBorder Collie871251
UCFl NCK MarioBorder Collie831712
WCH NCK MarissaBorder Collie821678
WCT NCK MarkBorder Collie821363
UCFl NCK MarkBorder Collie831251
UCT NCK MarkusBorder Collie801203
WCFl NCK MarleyBorder Collie802107
WCA NCK MarshaBorder Collie752274
WCH NCK MarshallBorder Collie791746
WCFl NCK MarshallBorder Collie83992
WCFl NCK MarstonBorder Collie791253
UCFl NCK MarthaBorder Collie821363
UCH NCK MartyBorder Collie841291
UCT NCK MartyBorder Collie841036
WCFl NCK MaryBorder Collie801746
UCH NCK MaryBorder Collie851253
WCA NCK MaryanneBorder Collie762493
UCFl NCK MasonBorder Collie811153
WCT NCK MatildaBorder Collie811380
WCFl NCK MattBorder Collie662589
WCT NCK MattBorder Collie821159
WCT NCK MatthewBorder Collie801380
WCT MaxBorder Collie552883
WCFl NCK MaxBorder Collie792214
UCFl NCK MaxBorder Collie85992
UCA NCK MayaBorder Collie861036
UCH NCK McKaylaBorder Collie821486
WCT MerleBorder Collie572694
WCFl NCK MerleBorder Collie811820
WCM NCK MerlinYorkshire Terrier761120
UCH NCK MicahBorder Collie841271
UCH NCK MichaelBorder Collie841151
WCH NCK MickeyBorder Collie792305
WCFl NCK MidknightBorder Collie821620
WCFl MidnightBorder Collie552870
WCT MidnightBorder Collie572680
WCFl NCK MidnightBorder Collie752377
WCFl NCK MidnightBorder Collie811852
UCH NCK MikeyBorder Collie821056
WCO MiloBorder Collie562687
UCA NCK MindyBorder Collie831159
WCFl NCK MissyBorder Collie762411
UCH NCK MissyBorder Collie821439
UCH NCK MissyBorder Collie851191
WCH MistyBorder Collie552828
WCH NCK MistyBorder Collie552631
WCT NCK MistyBorder Collie762011
WCH NCK MistyBorder Collie801607
UCFr NCK MistyBorder Collie791203
UCH NCK MistyBorder Collie831108
WCH NCK MollyBorder Collie822107
UCFl NCK MollyBorder Collie841056
WCRO NCK MonikYorkshire Terrier671422
WCH MorganaBorder Collie532995
WCH NCK MosesBorder Collie762213
WCH NCK Ms MollyBorder Collie821607
WCT MykailaBorder Collie503067
WCA NakiaBorder Collie552883
WCT NashBorder Collie522995
WCFl NCK NathanialBorder Collie752411
WCFl NCK NeroBorder Collie792314
UCA NCK NickolasYorkshire Terrier831008
WCH NikolasBorder Collie503067
WCA NCK NobleBorder Collie801858
WCRO NCK On and Poppin 1.417Yorkshire Terrier721134
WCA NCK OreoBorder Collie762342
WCFl NCK OttoBorder Collie622617
WCT NCK PaddyBorder Collie821287
UCT NCK ParisBorder Collie821287
WCFl NCK PatrickBorder Collie792314
UCH NCK PatrickBorder Collie851060
WCH NCK PattiBorder Collie791746
WCH NCK PaysonBorder Collie811253
WCA NCK PeterBorder Collie791746
UCFr NCK PeterBorder Collie801398
WCH NCK PeterBorder Collie831253
MA NCK PierreYorkshire Terrier36535
WCT NCK PrinceBorder Collie682582
WCA NCK PrinceBorder Collie791858
UCH NCK PrissyBorder Collie821398
UCH NCK RalphBorder Collie811521
WCH NCK RamiBorder Collie831060
WCFl NCK RebeckaBorder Collie821014
UCH NCK RedBorder Collie851495
UCT NCK RedBorder Collie831287
WCA NCK ReggieBorder Collie792493
UCH NCK ReginaBorder Collie821287
WCH RegisBorder Collie503067
WCH RendaBorder Collie572714
UCH NCK RexBorder Collie851271
WCFl RheaBorder Collie562771
UCH NCK RhondaBorder Collie831380
UCFl NCK RickyBorder Collie831223
UCA NCK RileeYorkshire Terrier801156
WCT NCK RogerBorder Collie801380
ICH NCK RoscoBorder Collie871036
UCA NCK RosieYorkshire Terrier751253
UCH NCK RosieBorder Collie841036
WCT NCK RushBorder Collie821060
WCM NCK RyleeYorkshire Terrier661382
WCH NCK SableBorder Collie792115
UCFl NCK SableBorder Collie821353
WCH NCK SadieBorder Collie821575
WCM NCK SadieYorkshire Terrier731281
WCH NCK SallyBorder Collie811484
UCA NCK SallyBorder Collie821271
WCFl NCK SamanthaBorder Collie752492
WCFl NCK SamanthaBorder Collie772050
UCH NCK SamanthaBorder Collie841191
WCA NCK SammyBorder Collie801595
UCFl NCK SampsonBorder Collie812146
WCFl NCK SandyBorder Collie821709
UCH NCK SandyBorder Collie84992
WCFl NCK SaraBorder Collie812121
UCH NCK SaraBorder Collie841552
WCA NCK SargeBorder Collie752274
WCT SashaBorder Collie562827
WCT NCK SashaBorder Collie662596
WCH NCK SashaBorder Collie792327
WCH NCK SashaBorder Collie792003
WCA NCK SashaBorder Collie761852
UCH NCK SashaBorder Collie831304
WCA NCK SassyBorder Collie782503
WCT NCK SaturnBorder Collie831046
WCA NCK SaundraBorder Collie792253
WCA NCK SavellBorder Collie771959
WCH NCK SelenaBorder Collie831580
WCFl NCK SerenaBorder Collie792342
WCH NCK ShadowBorder Collie791601
WCH NCK ShareeBorder Collie782244
WCFl NCK ShayleeBorder Collie811601
WCT ShebooBorder Collie552645
WCA NCK SidneyBorder Collie762430
WCFl NCK SilverBorder Collie752233
WCFl NCK SimbaBorder Collie782063
WCT Sir FrederickBorder Collie532979
WCT SissyBorder Collie493067
UCH NCK SissyBorder Collie801371
WCT SkyelarBorder Collie552870
UCFl NCK SkylarBorder Collie821264
WCT SmokeyBorder Collie523023
UCA NCK SnowgirlBorder Collie811502
WCH NCK SnowmanBorder Collie811897
WCH NCK SnowyBorder Collie791502
WCFl SonnyBorder Collie562807
WCT NCK SonnyBorder Collie811398
UCA NCK SophiaYorkshire Terrier781241
WCT SpangleBorder Collie562729
WCA SparkyBorder Collie532926
WCFl NCK SparrowBorder Collie762363
WCA NCK SpiroBorder Collie762244
WCH NCK SpotBorder Collie752233
WCH NCK SpotBorder Collie812115
UCFl NCK StacieBorder Collie851222
WCA NCK StanfordBorder Collie801620
WCH NCK StanleyBorder Collie781765
WCT StarBorder Collie522995
UCFl NCK Star StruckBorder Collie812183
WCFl NCK StardustBorder Collie781804
WCFl NCK StarrBorder Collie792347
WCA NCK StellaBorder Collie801765
UCH NCK StevieBorder Collie821484
UCFl NCK StoneyBorder Collie842121
WCH NCK StoneyBorder Collie831580
WCFl NCK StoneyBorder Collie831203
WCT NCK StormyBorder Collie642596
WCFl NCK StormyBorder Collie752420
UCH NCK StormyBorder Collie822155
UCFl NCK StormyBorder Collie821552
WCA NCK StrangeBorder Collie802321
WCT NCK SugarBorder Collie831595
WCFl NCK SundayBorder Collie801721
WCH NCK SundusBorder Collie812115
WCH NCK SusieBorder Collie782395
WCFl NCK SusieBorder Collie801852
WCH NCK SusyBorder Collie791918
WCFr NCK SuzetteBorder Collie761398
UCT NCK SuzyBorder Collie811484
WCH NCK Sweet JoeyBorder Collie811995
WCFl NCK SylviaBorder Collie791959
WCFl NCK TamaraBorder Collie792321
UCFl NCK TamekaBorder Collie821439
UCH NCK TangieBorder Collie831495
UCH NCK TaniaBorder Collie851164
UCFl NCK TannerBorder Collie841439
WCT NCK TasserBorder Collie801289
WCFl NCK TatumBorder Collie761994
UCA NCK TatumBorder Collie801323
UCA NCK TaylorYorkshire Terrier771311
WCT NCK TeddyBorder Collie762499
WCFl NCK TeneakaBorder Collie812321
WCH NCK TerryBorder Collie821151
UCH NCK TessaBorder Collie821289
ICE NCK ThanoYorkshire Terrier791008
WCA NCK ThomaeBorder Collie712533
WCA NCK TimBorder Collie772439
WCH NCK TimberBorder Collie812146
WCT NCK TinaBorder Collie821151
WCH NCK TipsterBorder Collie752499
WCT TishaBorder Collie562834
WCFl NCK TobyBorder Collie782327
WCFl NCK TobyBorder Collie811911
ICH NCK TomBorder Collie861363
WCA NCK TomaeBorder Collie792011
UCT NCK TomTomBorder Collie841595
UCH NCK ToniBorder Collie831363
UCFl NCK TonyBorder Collie811164
WCFl NCK TonyaBorder Collie841820
UCH NCK TootsieBorder Collie841495
UCT NCK TraceBorder Collie811191
UCFl NCK TrentonBorder Collie831323
UCFl NCK TriciaBorder Collie811398
UCA NCK TrintyYorkshire Terrier741311
WCFl NCK TrishaBorder Collie811994
WCH NCK TrishaBorder Collie811595
WCT TroyBorder Collie572832
WCH NCK TroyBorder Collie841566
UCFl NCK TroyBorder Collie821439
UCA NCK TrudyYorkshire Terrier771058
WCT NCK TylerBorder Collie811398
UCH NCK VictorBorder Collie831484
UCT NCK VictorBorder Collie841191
WCH NCK VictoriaBorder Collie792146
WCH NCK ViolaBorder Collie812053
WCFl NCK VioletBorder Collie772282
UCH NCK VioletBorder Collie811484
UCH NCK VioletBorder Collie841262
WCFl NCK VivianBorder Collie831191
UCFl NCK WesBorder Collie781517
UCH NCK WillieBorder Collie821323
WCT NCK WillowBorder Collie811258
UCT NCK WilmaBorder Collie841323
WCH NCK WinstonBorder Collie791258
UCH NCK WolfieBorder Collie841271
WCT WrenBorder Collie562890
WCFl NCK YellerBorder Collie841076
WCFl NCK ZeroBorder Collie762420
WCA NCK ZipBorder Collie722519

Game Time

07:42pm on Jan 22

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