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Dogs Bred By Ava's Kennel!

LockedJPnSh "all girls are the same"German Shepherd Dog617
LockedAPnSh "let me bleed"German Shepherd Dog1225
LockedIPnT "text me"German Shepherd Dog921
LockedJPnSh "wasted"German Shepherd Dog617
LockedIPnSh "When i lie"German Shepherd Dog920
LockedPnSh AmberGerman Shepherd Dog1228
LockedASh ApolloGerman Shepherd Dog1742
LockedAva! BadgerGerman Shepherd Dog19
LockedJPnT Beautiful NightmareGerman Shepherd Dog718
LockedIPnSh BelgiumGerman Shepherd Dog820

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11:00am on Nov 23

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