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Welcome to my kennel! Im Ava! As you see I have German Shepards, Im trying to collect, Breed, and Sell. I strive to have high quality German Shepards. My litters are often reservable for cheap prices, if you would like to reserve one of my pups but you think the price is high I am open to negotiating! I also take in any dogs that are unwanted or if you are not able to care for them. *I do sell the dogs in "Rescues" but I only sell to those which keep up with their dogs and if they are all in good health :)* **I am not on most weekends and if I do not reply over that time period do not think im ignoring you,, most weekends im busy so i'll lock my dogs and be back on monday!** I always vaccinate and gene test all animals I own. Most animals are trained and are in competitions daily,, I do have a shop which I keep stocked and prices low! If something is not in-stock just message and I will be able to get it in. Thank you for checking out my kennel and I hope you have a great Day/Night!

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09:05am on Dec 3

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