Rose's Collies and Other Dogs

Kennel History

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Retirees of Rose's Collies and Other Dogs

ASh AngelChihuahua16526
AHu BanditChihuahua23859
JAA BeauRough Collie16860
IPnA WF(HK BiscottiBorder Collie10914
JAT NH LVA Caramel <3Border Collie15898
JAFl LVA CloudBorder Collie15898
AH Cloud (8X)Border Collie22215
APnM LVA DappleBorder Collie13900
AH Duran (24 HH)Border Collie24860
AT GalaxyAustralian Cattle Dog23526
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Dogs Bred By Rose's Collies and Other Dogs

ND 11 HH lalaCurly Coated Retriever111
APnA 24HH LlaBorder Collie1132
For StudAND 24HH SPStandard Poodle1117
NH AbigarradoBorder Collie110
PnS AkiraAlaskan Husky1037
AA AlcyoneBorder Collie2358
PnP AmakAlaskan Husky1248
NT AngusAustralian Cattle Dog421
PnH AranaBorder Collie1132
JAT Asia (4)Australian Koolie1658

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11:10pm on Sep 19

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