Rose's Collies and Other Drovers

Welcome to my kennel! Here I breed many different types of dogs, mostly drovers. I also have a rescue kennel all rescues are 500 dollars so first come first serve. However if I refuse your bid it may just be because I do not approve of the way you treat your dogs. If this happens to you, please know that I mean no offence. If you have any protests about my kennel please contact me. ( if my dogs are malnourished I am probably away and can't go on Furry Paws.) Also I will be willing take unwanted dogs of any breed and either adopt them or just foster them. Thanks so much ~ Rose ;) Special thanks to Alivia (#1514574) and Liz (#1537406) for adopting so many rescues. Currently my kennel is a mess as I am struggling to balance everything. Many, many thanks to Liz (#1537406) as she has been a generally awesome person, donated much needed FP and helped me with the hectic rescue kennel. Also, shoutout to my good friend Bethany (#1552382) for being an amazing person whenever i'm feeling down. :') She may not have a very experienced profile but go check her out! She is a great person.

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