The wild K-9's

Kennel History

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Retirees of The wild K-9's

WCO K-9's *Py 20HH lalaBorder Collie61668
GCH StFr 5HH 3hh lla agispd stmstrKelpie50307
CCSc K-9's AafkeBelgian Malinois56593
WCH K-9's AbbyBorder Collie56956
WCFr K-9's Abby 1.032xLapponian Herder59167
WCH K-9's Abby* 1.517xAustralian Shepherd81283
WCH K-9's Ace 1.417xAustralian Shepherd77385
WCA K-9's Ace 1.525xBorder Collie82219
ExM YiP Achievement dogAidi41336
NCP ~FPP~ Achievement dogSmooth Fox Terrier52315
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Dogs Bred By The wild K-9's

For StudChH K-9's (SW-M2) 1.070x - AgiSaarloos Wolfdog4183
MHT K-9's ***Ain't No Friend 24HH EEEE lalaEnglish Cocker Spaniel3194
ChH K-9's ***Up In Arms 24HH EEEE lalaAustralian Shepherd39113
ExH K-9's *IS+W-IR-TAP-T-LALA-EEEE-24HH*Australian Shepherd37112
For StudAT K-9's *SD* ZephyrGerman Shepherd Dog2354
IPnA K-9's 24 HH lala AdrianaAustralian Shepherd1066
AFr K-9's 24/0 4E lala AGICHASTMLapponian Herder2155
GCD K-9's 24/0 lalaAmerican Pit Bull Terrier4185
For Public SaleMD K-9's 24HHAmerican Pit Bull Terrier26112
For Public SaleAO K-9's 24HHAmerican Pit Bull Terrier25111

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07:46pm on May 15

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