The wild K-9's

Welcome! I use this page to show off my dogs This is Lotus, my Working Cocker Spaniel from Belgium, she is an agility prospect and I have huge plans for her. I hope to one day go to Crufts with her and do a lap of honour, but that is a very long road and I first have to get to a beginners level. Her instagram is lotusworkingcocker HOJSy7Q.png This is Lila, my 15 year old Field Spaniel we adopted her from the shelter in Spain when I was 6, she has taught me everything I know and made me the person I am today, without her I never would've gotten into dog sports. Lila passed away on 27/02/2021 HOJSy7Q.png And last but not least here is Nova, our family pet Newfoundland from a different shelter in Spain, she's a massive cuddlebear and likes sleeping, eating and going for walks HOJSy7Q.png In case anyone wants here's my youtube channel with agility videos click here HOJSy7Q.png All photos are by Marlous Goris

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