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Retirees of Shadow Wolf Kennels

.Labrador Retriever11649
1Canadian Eskimo Dog11176
IPnR NHu LjK's A Little Under The Weather GGGG 3 HH lalaRhodesian Ridgeback91645
MS A Storm Is Brewing EEEG 6 HH LlChinook221781
CCH SWKS Above the Clouds EEEE 24 HH lalaShetland Sheepdog541696
ChFl SKYE Ace of Spades EEEE 18 HH llaBorder Collie382226
MT ExO SWKS Acorn EEEE 18 HH lalaLapponian Herder402233
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Dogs Bred By Shadow Wolf Kennels

ExA PattySwedish Vallhund3757
LockedANSc SWKS !Tin!Beauceron1115
LockedNS 2 FGGF 6 HH|10 hh Lla stmx1Canadian Eskimo Dog114
LockedNS 2 FGGG 4 HH|9 hh Lla stmx2Canadian Eskimo Dog114
LockedNS 2 GGFG 8 HH|6 hh Lla stmx0Canadian Eskimo Dog114
LockedNS 2 GGPG 1 HH|9 hh Lla stmx0Canadian Eskimo Dog114
LockedMFl SWKS 26BC 24HH/lalaBorder Collie3568
LockedExSc A Drop In The Ocean EEEE 24 HH lala strx4Belgian Sheepdog3848
LockedCCT Kiw1 A Drop of ParadiseMiniature Australian Shepherd58116
LockedCCH SWKS A Fresh Start EEEE 24 HH lalaBorder Collie5875

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10:52am on Jun 14

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