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de0ZV3T.png Hello, and welcome to Shadow Wolf Kennels! Here, I aim to breed the best quality dogs as possible; not just reaching 24 HH, but also reaching higher levels with each generation and breeding puppies with unique and colorful coats. I breed a large variety of dogs, including Border Collies, German Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Taiwan Dogs, West Siberian Laikas and many more.

I am on every day that I can and try to care for my dogs daily, except for when life gets busy. If I know I won’t be able to go on, I will always be sure to lock my dogs.

Breedings will generally happen at 89 & 101 days old, although if I am trying to breed for a specific color or am starting a new line of dogs I will breed at level 5 so I can register them in a casso first and repeat until I’m satisfied with the genes -- otherwise, I will not breed any dog under level 30.

Breeding & Buying

-Breeding prices will be level x 100, -100 per Hh. Sale prices will be level x 1k, -1k per Hh.

-I will not put any male lower than level 30 up for breeding, and bitches will never be available for breeding.

-If I have accepted your breeding request but the stud is locked, message me and I'll unlock him as soon as I can -- don't bother waiting to see if I do.

-If you are looking to purchase one of my dogs, you must care for and show your dogs daily, and otherwise lock your dogs if you know you are going to be unable to care for them.

-Don’t just buy one of my dogs, breed it once, and then sell it/retire it. I expect you to care for any dog you bought from me.

I reserve the right to reject any request/bid if you fail to meet requirements.

About Me

I'm a 14-year-old girl living in Ontario, Canada. I'm a slightly spoiled only child who owns an adorable Shiba Inu named Azuki, and I love basically all animals; dogs and wolves in particular.

My main interest is drawing, and I'm thinking of applying to an arts high school this year. I also enjoy writing stuff, reading, singing, and sleeping (ironically, I don't get very much of it, though). I watch anime and other cartoons from time to time, and my favourite shows are probably South Park, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Noragami. As for music preferences, I'm pretty open to most genres, but my favourite artists at the moment are Daughter, The Neighbourhood, Lana del Rey, Marina And The Diamonds, and Set It Off. Been in an edgelord phase for four years now and I don't think it's ending anytime soon.

Anyway, to anyone reading this, I hope you have an amazing day/night!
I don’t accept random friend requests, but I’m always open to conversation. Whether you have a question about the game or just want to chat, feel free to shoot me a message; I won’t bite. :D

Cookies are and always will be appreciated (om nom) and I’ll most likely cookie you back. Thank you!

~If life gives you lemons, eat them. Life underestimates how many people like lemons. It’s the limes you should be afraid of…~

Game Time

03:20pm on Sep 25

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