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Kennel Policies
For me to accept a request, your female must not have been bred more than 2 times as the litter quality goes down after the second breeding.
If I forget to unlock the stud then message me POLITELY ("please", "thank you") with the NAME and BREED. If you're rude, then I may just completely ignore you :)
I will re-lock the stud the following day so make sure you complete the breeding within the time you asked.
I will probably do a brief check for any of my high quality puppies, to make sure you aren't breeding early without levelling, feeding and grooming everyday etc.
Do NOT resell my puppies, if you have not put any effort into levelling them whatsoever. Return them if you no longer want them. I'll pay you the amount you paid + levelling.
Achievement litters:
My free litters are usually labelled "ZA.Progen". For these litters, only one free/cheap puppy is available per account. Same rules apply to these pups as with my others - do not resell straight away for profit. Though I'm more lenient with these pups as they most likely won't be perfect. I'm willing to do b4b so feel free to message me

Other: Be respectful. Be polite. I reserve the right to do business with you if I feel you are rude or disrespectful. I am NOT completely open for random friend requests. If we have spoken, even once, then sure! Friend me. PM me. I do have anxiety so don't take it personally if I reply slow.

Character website, WIP
I often go through phases of good and bad, so if you'd like to share any positivity then I'd appreciate it :)
I also attend to #1489490

Notes to self:
  • Appenzeller Mountain Dog: Speed/Intelligence/Stamina - Tracking
  • Basenji: Agility - Agility ~ Speed - Racing
  • Belgian Sheepdog: Intelligence/Strength - Schutzhund ~ Stamina/Strength - Pulling
  • Chinese Crested: Charisma - Show
  • Hovawart: Speed - Tracking ~ Strength - Schutzhund
  • Kooikerhondje: Charisma - Show

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07:03pm on Oct 25

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