Puppy Palace (A-D)
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
38 Locked Dogs
Hound House (E-L)
Deluxe Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
22 Locked Dogs
Doggie's Dream (M-Z)
Premium Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
33 Locked Dogs
Iggy Isle
Premium Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
20 Locked Dogs
Critter Cottage
Medium Critter Pasture
9 Critters
Memory Garden
This peaceful garden gives testimony to beloved dogs of the past.
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
Field of Pink Tulips
A lovely field perpetually covered in pink tulips in full bloom.
These rolling hills are littered with fluffy wuffy bunny warrens! Hopefully their population won't get too much more out of control.
Earthdog Trials 2 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Dock Diving 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Strength
Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Racing 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
Tracking 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
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Locked Dogs

LockedAH 1A GEEE SadieCanaan Dog2152
LockedAA 1A GGGG JoeyChart Polski2460
LockedAT 1B EGGE DaisyCanaan Dog1943
LockedAA 1B GGGG BentleyCanaan Dog1943
LockedAA 1C GGEG RubyDalmatian2043
LockedAM 1C GGEG SlyDalmatian1943
LockedMSc 2A EEEE MargoBelgian Laekenois2854
LockedAH 2A GGEG DaniCanaan Dog2139
LockedMA 2C lala EEEE ElleDalmatian3061
LockedMRO 3A lala EEEE FelixDalmatian2345
LockedNT BubbaBelgian Malinois110
LockedMA H4LRC EEEE DottieDalmatian3483
LockedExP EEEE FynnDalmatian3173
LockedFor StudExFT LBBD EEEE GrommitBrittany37107
LockedAH EEEE JeanieBorder Collie2349
LockedPnH Eupho EEEE LeoCatahoula Leopard Dog1124
LockedMH ~Bleu EEEE PetuniaBelgian Laekenois3278
LockedFor StudGCSc PJS1 EEEG DaleDoberman Pinscher4897
LockedFor Private SaleJAO EEFG LuluChesapeake Bay Retriever1534
LockedAFl EGEE PhoebeCardigan Welsh Corgi2151
LockedASc EGEG JenniDoberman Pinscher2040
LockedExS EGGG BoiAlaskan Malamute3286
LockedJPnRO GEEG FridaBrittany717
LockedIPnSc GEGG BingDoberman Pinscher1231
LockedNA GEGG OnyxBorder Collie313
LockedIPnP GGEE AddieCentral Asian Shepherd1021
LockedANA GGEE GiaCanaan Dog412
LockedJAR GGEG SelmaBasenji1737
LockedFor Private SaleJAFr GGGF SamsonChesapeake Bay Retriever1534
LockedPnHT GGGG AngieDogo Argentino1021
LockedMD GGGG CharlieBracco Italiano2664
LockedMFr GGGG PepChart Polski2560
LockedPnP lala EEEE ColetteBorzoi1122
LockedAA lala EEEE GinaDalmatian1833
LockedAM Lphr lala EEEE MarleyDalmatian1938
LockedJAM lala EEEE PaulieDalmatian1426
LockedMM lla EEEE JaimeeDalmatian3061
LockedAH PerritoAidi2487
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Locked Dogs

LockedAH 13HH lala EEEE MiaLapponian Herder2141
LockedFor StudMA 16HH lala EEEE LucyLapponian Herder2956
LockedAR RALPH 1A EEEE BonnieIbizan Hound2142
LockedAHT 1A EEGE GusKooikerhondje2562
LockedAR 1A EEGG BusterIbizan Hound2866
LockedAA 20HH lala EEEE LimaLapponian Herder2241
LockedMO 2A EEEE SeleneGerman Shepherd Dog2961
LockedMT 2B EEEE BenjiGerman Shepherd Dog2549
LockedASc 2C GEEE CocoGerman Shepherd Dog1937
LockedMSc 2C GGGG BentleyGerman Shepherd Dog2775
LockedAT 3A lla EEEE RaquelGerman Shepherd Dog2140
LockedMH EEEE KellyLapponian Herder2549
LockedANFl EEEE Lla JennaLapponian Herder413
LockedJPnH EEEE Lla LazloLapponian Herder512
LockedJARO EEEG BlartGerman Shepherd Dog1428
LockedAPnFT EGGE FreyaGerman Wirehaired Pointer1224
LockedMFr GEEG GizmoGreyhound2766
LockedIPnH GEGG LindaKelpie1023
LockedExSc GGGE RoseGerman Shepherd Dog39101
LockedMP GGGG RiverKooikerhondje2666
LockedMFr GGGG WispGreyhound2766
LockedJPnO OscarIrish Terrier617
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Locked Dogs

LockedAHu 1A EFEE CodyStabyhoun2050
LockedAFl 1A EFEG BanditRat Terrier2665
LockedMP 1A EGEG HenryRussell Terrier2565
LockedAA 1A GGGG MiloManchester Terrier2149
LockedAHu 1A lla GGGG LouieMiniature Dachshund1945
LockedAE 1B GGFG GhostRat Terrier2050
LockedAE 1B GGGG BuddyRat Terrier1950
LockedAT 1B Lla GGEG BellaMiniature Dachshund2051
LockedAA 2A EGEE BenitaManchester Terrier2243
LockedME 2A EGGG BugRat Terrier2253
LockedAA ANP RhrN 2B GEEE WilsonRat Terrier2342
LockedME 2B GGGG LiaRat Terrier1941
LockedMO EEEE BirdieRottweiler2754
LockedJPnFT MP EEEE HarleyStabyhoun2665
LockedAO EEEE MoonyRussell Terrier1736
LockedJASh EEEG GeppettoManchester Terrier1428
LockedAHu EEGE PetuniaMiniature Dachshund1736
LockedJAO EEGG BabeRussell Terrier1531
LockedExE RUST EGEG BeanieRat Terrier2762
LockedME EGGG PennyManchester Terrier2155
LockedIPnT GEEE RudyNorwich Terrier1024
LockedMSc GEEF DakotaRottweiler2983
LockedPnHT NFT GEFE WillaWelsh Springer Spaniel1133
LockedMO GEFG GracieRat Terrier2665
LockedAHu GGGG TiaRussell Terrier1736
LockedAA ICEE lala EEEE MarieRussell Terrier2593
LockedPnE lala EEEG JulenRussell Terrier820
LockedAPnO lala GGGG RicoRat Terrier1226
LockedAT lla EEEE RebaMiniature Dachshund1939
LockedAT lla EGGE WinnieMiniature Dachshund1845
LockedAE lla EGGG GingerRussell Terrier1848
LockedAE lla EGGG LilacRussell Terrier1948
LockedAA lla GEGG PepperMiniature Dachshund2051
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Locked Dogs

LockedMR 1A GEGG GonzoItalian Greyhound3389
LockedMFl 2C GGEG TonyItalian Greyhound3176
LockedMR 3A EEEE MarioItalian Greyhound2650
LockedAR 3A GEGG SophieItalian Greyhound1948
LockedAT 3B EGGG MelvinItalian Greyhound1842
LockedAR 3B lala EEEE IsaItalian Greyhound2242
LockedNR EEEE lala EllieItalian Greyhound110
LockedNR Hope4 EEEE lala WillowItalian Greyhound312
LockedAR EEEE WormItalian Greyhound1734
LockedAP EEEG CollinItalian Greyhound1736
LockedMFr EGEG ToniItalian Greyhound3076
LockedMHu EGGE GigiItalian Greyhound2862
LockedMT EGGG BeansItalian Greyhound3389
LockedAFr FEEG EmmaItalian Greyhound1741
LockedAR GEEF HenryItalian Greyhound1841
LockedAFl GEGE JoItalian Greyhound1841
LockedJAR GGGG CharlieItalian Greyhound1741
LockedAR GGGG CooperItalian Greyhound1841
LockedJAR GGGG JaneItalian Greyhound1741
LockedJAFr ERes lala EEEE TaraItalian Greyhound1230


  • Squiggles the A Fluffy Wuffy Bunny Squiggles the A Fluffy Wuffy Bunny
  • Marshmallow the A Wittle Grey Pied Bunny Marshmallow the A Wittle Grey Pied Bunny
  • Baby the Holstein Calf Baby the Holstein Calf
  • Prancer the White Reindeer Prancer the White Reindeer
  • Trinket the Wolpertinger Trinket the Wolpertinger
  • Spork the Champagne Hamster Spork the Champagne Hamster
  • Bartholomew the Green Baby Dragon Bartholomew the Green Baby Dragon
  • Ricky the Blackbird Ricky the Blackbird
  • Robert the Mean Orange Tabby Cat Robert the Mean Orange Tabby Cat
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Remembering Furry Paws BETA
$1,730,304 Money Earned
Salary $70,000
Kennel Size 9
A Regal Jack Russell Terrier Statue
The plaque reads:
Female Jack Russell Terrier Born 12 16, 2011
Reached Level 1, Placing in 0 Competitions
A Regal Beagle Statue
The plaque reads:
Male Beagle Born 06 08, 2011
Reached Level 1, Placing in 0 Competitions
A Regal Golden Retriever Statue
The plaque reads:
Female Golden Retriever Born 10 05, 2011
Reached Level 1, Placing in 0 Competitions

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04:41pm on Jul 19

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