K-9 Luxor

Hunting Trials 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
Da Doggos
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
3 Pups
45 Locked Dogs
Doggos 50+
Elite Kennel
2 Dogs
0 Pups
91 Locked Dogs
Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Dock Diving 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
Splashes of color parade along the path of this small, but cheerful garden.
Memory Garden
This peaceful garden gives testimony to beloved dogs of the past.
Pulling 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Herding 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Critter Town
25 Critters
Small Pond
The surface of this pond reflects the grandeur of the lofty sky, though beneath the illusion of stillness teams an underwater world.
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
Racing 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
Flyball 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Obedience 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Water Work 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Strength
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Young Dogs

NHu Lux Alizon 24HH lala 1.3Dalmatian17
Puppy 19 HHPointer16
Puppy 6Toy Fox Terrier16
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Locked Dogs

LockedAP JSPK Akamon 24HH lala 1.598Akbash Dog1630
LockedAPnSc Lux Any Lust 24HH Lla x1.368American White Shepherd1221
LockedAFT Lux Archie 24HH lala x1.377Golden Retriever1627
LockedAH Lux Bambi Blue 24HH lala 1.388Border Collie1932
LockedJPnA FRHL Black Beaver 24HH lala 1.560Schipperke715
LockedAT Lux Burkos 24HH lala x1.397Bluetick Coonhound1627
LockedAFl Lux Cania 23HH Lla x1.362Canaan Dog2035
LockedAFl Lux Captain Mac 24HH lala 1.392Saarloos Wolfdog1934
LockedPnHT [RK] Chaos 24HH lala x1.587Dogo Argentino918
LockedJAH MM&M Charlie 24HH lala x1.448Australian Shepherd1628
LockedNHT JULIE Chicago Harlequin 24HH lala 1.412Shikoku18
LockedNFT Copper Dragon 24HH lala 1.463Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever16
LockedAPnFT Lux Copper Mill 24HH lala x1.403Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever1221
LockedJAFl Lux Dark Orchid 24HH lala x1.333Croatian Sheepdog1628
LockedNHu Briar Guilt Gales 24HH lala 1.620Harrier19
LockedNFl Lux Hide In The Dark 24HH lala 1.358Cane Corso17
LockedAPnT 14Kt High Sye 24HH lala x1.545Bluetick Coonhound1323
LockedAT Lux Hunter Sky 24HH lala x1.263Redbone Coonhound2136
LockedJPnM Lux Ila 24HH lala x1.388Dalmatian816
LockedNFr Lux Inani Tree 24HH lala 1.217American Indian Dog17
LockedMP ~BLC~ Joanie 24HH lala x1.533Pointer2542
LockedJAHT Lux Just Paint 24HH lala x1.303Karelian Bear Dog1122
LockedJAA KTK9 Katrish’s Queen of Dragons 24HH lala 1.510Keeshond1523
LockedJPnHu CrzyK Lalalou 24HH lala 1.432Azawakh Hound716
LockedND Lux Lazer Bell 24HH lala 1.415Australian Shepherd17
LockedAHT Lux Lilac Warrior 24HH lala x1.427Field Spaniel1627
LockedAP Lux Masha 24HH lala x1.232Pembroke Welsh Corgi1428
LockedAPnSc 14Kt Maya Tea 24HH lala x1.562Hovawart1222
LockedNS FSss Minerva From The Stars 24HH lala 1.557Alaskan Husky111
LockedAFl WwDK Miracle Tato 24HH lala x1.502Saarloos Wolfdog2442
LockedJPnHT FRHL Moon Cloud 24HH lala 1.540Jamthund715
LockedJAFl Lux Obilay 24HH lala x1.347Flat Coated Retriever1627
LockedJPnP Lux One Ton Mag 24HH lala 1.435Aidi513
LockedJPnH Revolution Fire 24HH lala 1.353Catahoula Leopard Dog515
LockedAPnH Lux Rogue Cinnamon 24HH lala x1.448Finnish Lapphund1120
LockedAT Lux Seitive 24HH Lla x1.330Africanis2137
LockedAPnT Lux Snow May 24HH lala x1.435Saarloos Wolfdog1120
LockedAPnFr THF's Sugar Crock 24HH lala x1.503Australian Cattle Dog1222
LockedNH Lux Surfi 23HH lala 1.447Canaan Dog111
LockedAO Lux Sweet Cry 24HH lala x1.430Caucasian Ovtcharka1525
LockedNSc Lux Teleported Jo 24HH lala 1.498American White Shepherd17
LockedAP Thanatos 23HH LL 1.217Greenland Dog1631
LockedAPnO ^HC^ Tokinen 24HH lala x1.607Smooth Collie1223
LockedNH MLDK Trust Fae 24HH lala 1.615Miniature Australian Shepherd16
LockedAO Lux Uma 24HH Lla 1.373Aidi1932
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For StudGCH Soave Moo 22HH lala x1.432Kelpie4789
For StudGCM Lux Red 24HH Lla x1.353Aidi4172
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Locked Dogs

LockedMM SASK' Acai 24HH lala x1.572Great Dane3253
LockedFor StudNCFr Lux Ambrose 24HH lala x1.232Saarloos Wolfdog4688
LockedGCFl WRP Bambi 24HH lala x1.517Border Collie4890
LockedFor StudMR Lux Banana Pancake 24HH lala x1.548Africanis3460
LockedFor StudCCFl Lux Baylor 24HH lala x1.275Saarloos Wolfdog55101
LockedNCM Lux Bell 24HH lala x1.297Australian Shepherd4989
LockedFor StudNCFT Lux Boone 23HH lala x1.263Pointer4482
LockedChT *HRK* Boop 18HH/0hh lala x1.297West Siberian Laika4491
LockedMFT Bootsie 21HH Lla x1.213Large Munsterlander3054
LockedExHu Lux Butter Trap 24HH lala x1.305 (2.610) BLESSEDSiberian Husky3668
LockedExP Chocolate Pumpkin 14HH Lla x1.198Greater Swiss Mountain Dog3369
LockedMSh Cream Puff 24HH lala x1.505Alaskan Klee Kai3358
LockedMH AvlK Cupcake 24HH lala x1.630 (3.260) BLESSEDBorder Collie3362
LockedFor StudGCM Lux Curly Bird 23HH lala x1.302Dalmatian4681
LockedExP Lux DaRuth 24HH lala x1.303Bernese Mountain Dog3763
LockedGCFr Deku Tree 24HH lala x1.565 (3.130) BLESSEDAmerican Indian Dog4290
LockedMSc CLWK Donna Nova 24HH lala x1.478Belgian Tervuren3264
LockedExT Lux Dracula Sky 23HH lala x1.392Redbone Coonhound3457
LockedMH ||| Ella Hands 22HH lala x1.522Berger Picard3158
LockedMHT WHSPR Emi Fairy 24HH lala x1.482 (2.963) BLESSEDGreat Dane3568
LockedChH Lux Emick 24HH lala x1.322Border Collie4069
LockedMO *HRK* Fairie Vay 20HH lala x1.447Kai Ken2851
LockedChFr Lux Fawncat 24HH lala x1.298Africanis3761
LockedFor StudExA Fawnman 24HH lala x1.542Australian Shepherd3869
LockedMSc Lux Fly Spy 24HH lala x1.287Belgian Malinois3051
LockedMHu *AN* For A Day 24HH lala x1.478Xoloitzcuintle3057
LockedExHT CLWK Fudgey 24HH lala x1.490 (2.980) BLESSEDKooikerhondje3774
LockedExHu Ds2CR Ghost Found 24HH Lla x1.318Otterhound3372
LockedFor StudNCH WRP Ghost Gully 24 HH lala x1.325Kelpie55105
LockedFor StudChT WHSPR Ghost Hound 23HH Lla x1.482Otterhound4587
LockedMFl K-9's Ghost Speed 24HH lala x1.163Kelpie3271
LockedChD *HRK* Gold Splash 24HH lla x1.495Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever3466
LockedFor StudChO Roman Graffiti Star 23HH lala x1.573Caucasian Ovtcharka3969
LockedMSc CLWK Hadley Nova 24HH lala x1.482 (2.963) BLESSEDBelgian Tervuren3874
LockedExT Lux Hand the Sad 23HH lala x1.407Bluetick Coonhound3458
LockedMFr Harley 24HH Lla x1.548 (3.097) BLESSEDAidi3060
LockedExFT CLWK Hazelnut 24HH lala x1.478 (2.973) BLESSEDKooikerhondje3874
LockedGCA 4Paws Ita Echan 22HH Lla x1.603 (3.207) BLESSEDEnglish Shepherd4384
LockedMH 4Paws Juno 24HH lala x1.475 (2.950) BLESSEDAustralian Cattle Dog3262
LockedGCT Lux Karin 24HH lala 1.378Catahoula Leopard Dog4271
LockedMHu Killing The Grind 24HH lala x1.608Black and Tan Coonhound3156
LockedMH CLWK Koda Kewl 24HH LL 1.478 (2.957) BLESSEDCarpathian Shepherd3774
LockedExRO RA Kome 24HH lala x1.460Bluetick Coonhound3470
LockedFor StudExT Lux Kurtz 24HH lala x1.533Appenzeller Mountain Dog4073
LockedExS BRA's Lady H 24HH lala 1.517Siberian Husky3157
LockedExFl Lux Lilly Pen 23HH lala x1.322Australian Koolie3462
LockedMHu Madeina GEGG 15HH/4hh x1.147Porcelaine3067
LockedGCSh Madrid 9HH/0hh lala x1.110Pointer3891
LockedFor StudExS Minna Mana 24HH lala 1.615Siberian Husky3255
LockedExH Marami 12HH/3hh x1.270Norwegian Buhund3570
LockedMO Marlow 24HH Lla x1.510Aidi3059
LockedMR RofS Naelia 24HH LL x1.078Pharaoh Hound3470
LockedChFl Lux Nala 23HH lala x1.382Golden Retriever3762
LockedMSh LiLa Night Ride 24HH lala x1.298Belgian Sheepdog2963
LockedExT Lux North Star 24HH lala 1.237Catahoula Leopard Dog3562
LockedMM HaaKe Okapi 24 HH lala x1.510Basenji3154
LockedMSc SKRI Over Danger 24HH lala x1.553Belgian Tervuren3358
LockedChT RUST Padete 24HH lala x1.553 BLESSED 3.107Bluetick Coonhound4384
LockedExM Lux Penair 24HH lala x1.380Australian Shepherd3763
LockedChSh Lux Pendroth 24HH LL x1.280Doberman Pinscher3867
LockedNCD *HRK* Persephone 20HH Lla x1.333Greenland Dog4492
LockedMHT Pop' Poppins 24HH lala x1.485Great Dane3459
LockedExA Lux Poppy 19HH lala x1.260English Shepherd3662
LockedMT Lux Princess 24HH Lla x1.260Bluetick Coonhound3053
LockedAH Prodigy Squad 24HH lala x1.522 (3.043) BLESSEDMaremma Sheepdog3058
LockedMRO RCY Race Castle 24HH lala x1.400Spinone Italiano3258
LockedFor StudGCM *HRK* Razz 22HH lala x1.320English Shepherd48101
LockedExHu Lux Red Sky 24HH lala x1.278Redbone Coonhound3060
LockedNCFT Lux Rizone 24HH Lla x1.357Kooikerhondje4170
LockedGCA Lux Rolani 24HH lala x1.342Australian Shepherd4068
LockedJAH ChA SunCK Rolo 24HH lala x1.023English Shepherd41102
LockedMP KARMA Sand Ledgend 24HH lala x1.487Canadian Eskimo Dog3258
LockedGCSc SIMER Shimmer 24HH lala x1.438German Shepherd Dog4790
LockedMSc Silver Mirror 24HH lala x1.583 (3.167) BLESSEDBelgian Sheepdog3868
LockedExFl Lux Silvia 24HH lala x1.375Catahoula Leopard Dog3662
LockedMHT SASK' Skelt 24HH lala x1.568Great Dane3253
LockedMH Snowball 23HH LL x1.567Akbash Dog3457
LockedExFr Lux Sodonis 24HH lala x1.260Akita3564
LockedExT Lux Spark Em 23HH lala x1.412Border Collie3862
LockedFor StudChP Starsir 21HH Lla x1.517Doberman Pinscher3972
LockedChO Lux Sun Fae 24HH lala x1.392Aidi3862
LockedMT Lux Tamika 23HH lala x1.380Saarloos Wolfdog3353
LockedExRO RofS Tinka 24HH Lla x1.035Toy Fox Terrier3177
LockedExFl WRP Toasted Mallow 19HH lala x1.397Kelpie3871
LockedExS CLWK Toni Montana 24HH lala x1.470 (2.940) BLESSEDSamoyed3674
LockedMSc Tripunk 16HH lla x1.1.08Greater Swiss Mountain Dog2857
LockedMM UnDu Unagi 24HH Lla x1.443Dogo Argentino3055
LockedMHT MdB Violastochter 21HH lala x1.542Large Munsterlander2850
LockedGCP *MGs* Waffles 24HH lala x1.450English Springer Spaniel4890
LockedExA Lux War On Rocks 21HH x1.360English Shepherd3662
LockedMHu Wolfly 23HH Lla x1.507Great Dane2851
Remembering Furry Paws BETA
$6,142,724 Money Earned
Salary $73,300
Kennel Size 21
A Regal Australian Shepherd Statue
The plaque reads:
IAH IARO DWS Intensity
Female Australian Shepherd Born 06 01, 2010
Reached Level 12, Placing in 211 Competitions
A Regal Australian Shepherd Statue
The plaque reads:
Male Australian Shepherd Born 06 01, 2010
Reached Level 12, Placing in 220 Competitions
A Regal Siberian Husky Statue
The plaque reads:
APnSc APnR *JK* Frisbee
Male Siberian Husky Born 07 04, 2011
Reached Level 9, Placing in 123 Competitions
A Regal Border Collie Statue
The plaque reads:
NH NFr Lux Jacob
Male Border Collie Born 02 27, 2011
Reached Level 2, Placing in 4 Competitions
A Regal Australian Cattle Dog Statue
The plaque reads:
JARO JAH Lux Devin
Male Australian Cattle Dog Born 10 29, 2011
Reached Level 5, Placing in 170 Competitions
A Regal Siberian Husky Statue
The plaque reads:
Male Siberian Husky Born 07 01, 2012
Reached Level 4, Placing in 69 Competitions
A Regal German Shepherd Dog Statue
The plaque reads:
PnH PnA Lux Bruce
Male German Shepherd Dog Born 07 30, 2012
Reached Level 4, Placing in 95 Competitions
A Regal Australian Cattle Dog Statue
The plaque reads:
IPnT IPnH LoBN Ferrelous
Female Australian Cattle Dog Born 01 21, 2011
Reached Level 4, Placing in 64 Competitions
A Regal Border Collie Statue
The plaque reads:
ANH Lux Hidden Darkness
Female Border Collie Born 05 19, 2012
Reached Level 3, Placing in 20 Competitions
A Regal Border Collie Statue
The plaque reads:
ANH Lux Shadow
Male Border Collie Born 05 19, 2012
Reached Level 3, Placing in 16 Competitions


  • A Fluffy Wuffy Agouti Bunny A Fluffy Wuffy Agouti Bunny
  • A Fluffy Wuffy Bunny A Fluffy Wuffy Bunny
  • A Wittle Grey Pied Bunny A Wittle Grey Pied Bunny
  • Black Snake Black Snake
  • PAUL the Bold Spotted Pony PAUL the Bold Spotted Pony
  • Hiss the Brown Snake Hiss the Brown Snake
  • HENRY the Champagne Hamster HENRY the Champagne Hamster
  • Squeak the Chocolate Hamster Squeak the Chocolate Hamster
    exercise Complete
  • PEPPER the Copper Pegasus PEPPER the Copper Pegasus
  • Eastern Kingsnake Eastern Kingsnake
  • Fiery Egg Fiery Egg
  • French Lop Bunny French Lop Bunny
  • GORDON the Gold Gryphon GORDON the Gold Gryphon
  • Smokey the Green Baby Dragon Smokey the Green Baby Dragon
  • Howling Gray Wolf Howling Gray Wolf
  • Little Black Lamb Little Black Lamb
  • Phoenix Chick Phoenix Chick
  • Purple Baby Dragon Purple Baby Dragon
  • Doug the Red Baby Dragon Doug the Red Baby Dragon
  • Scary Black Cat Scary Black Cat
  • URSULA the Silver Unicorn URSULA the Silver Unicorn
  • Stew the Sparrow Stew the Sparrow
  • Timid Fawn Timid Fawn
  • Willy the Wolpertinger Willy the Wolpertinger
  • Yellow Fluffy Duckling Yellow Fluffy Duckling

Game Time

10:56pm on Dec 2

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