Green Witch Glade

Main PropertyGreen Witch Meadows
Sithra Africanis
Elite Kennel
27 Dogs
9 Pups
0 Locked Dogs
Sithra 2
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
49 Locked Dogs
Double Barrelled Africanis
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
60 Locked Dogs
Morrigan Africanis
Premium Kennel
22 Dogs
0 Pups
0 Locked Dogs
Premium Kennel
15 Dogs
0 Pups
0 Locked Dogs
Premium Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
30 Locked Dogs
Canidae and Dragons
Large Critter Pasture
20 Critters
Frisbee 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Sledding 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Tracking 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
Pulling 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Flyball 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Rally-O 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
Racing 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
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ExFr GWG Alenia SithraAfricanis3643
CCA GWG Altan SithraAfricanis6274
MR GWG Caprest SithraAfricanis2932
GCT GWG Chaocyl SithraAfricanis4957
MFl GWG Dodnick SithraAfricanis2732
GCR GWG Druphara SithraAfricanis5157
GCFl GWG Enox SithraAfricanis4857
GCFl GWG Ezaorire SithraAfricanis4957
ExFl GWG Gillian SithraAfricanis3542
MD GWG Gipne SithraAfricanis2632
AR GWG Jylvor SithraAfricanis2732
GCFl GWG Krainix SithraAfricanis4957
ExFr GWG Naexi SithraAfricanis3543
GCFl GWG Nahri SithraAfricanis5157
MR GWG Panbic SithraAfricanis2832
MM GWG Phybbnas SithraAfricanis2732
GCFl GWG Riedea SithraAfricanis5057
WCR GWG Runin SithraAfricanis6474
MR GWG Slalbart SithraAfricanis2832
MRO GWG Slengnet SithraAfricanis2632
AM GWG Smoobnap SithraAfricanis2532
MFl GWG Torwyt SithraAfricanis2732
AR GWG Umbelaan SithraAfricanis2732
WCFr GWG Venka SithraAfricanis6374
JARO GWG Viphra SithraAfricanis1621
ExR GWG Winifred SithraAfricanis3642
JAFr GWG Zessalyf SithraAfricanis1621
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Young Dogs

NFl GWG Aphrothia SithraAfricanis110
NFr GWG Athephone SithraAfricanis110
NFr GWG Bazyxio SithraAfricanis110
NP GWG Calacia SithraAfricanis110
NFl GWG Diavana SithraAfricanis110
NR GWG Elearene SithraAfricanis110
NFl GWG Helendra SithraAfricanis110
NR GWG Koruphos SithraAfricanis110
NR GWG Rela SithraAfricanis110
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Locked Dogs

LockedJPnR GWG Ageratina SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Alona SithraAfricanis913
LockedJPnFl GWG Aloysia SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFr GWG Amyntas Sithra [24]Africanis813
LockedJPnFl GWG Annicant SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Arzhet SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFr GWG Auren SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Benicia Sithra [24]Africanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Bracryn SithraAfricanis913
LockedJPnA GWG Bruxa SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Cansian SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Canwanet SithraAfricanis813
LockedJPnR GWG Desmond SithraAfricanis813
LockedJPnFl GWG Dettlaff SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Dinazig SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Ekimmara SithraAfricanis713
LockedIPnFr GWG Emiel SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Enolda SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Estrellita SithraAfricanis813
LockedJPnFl GWG Ewiel SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Gael SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Gasblaze SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Ghalmia SithraAfricanis913
LockedJPnR GWG Gitara SithraAfricanis813
LockedJPnR GWG Hedcon SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Ishamael SithraAfricanis814
LockedJPnR GWG Istabe SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnRO GWG Jarid SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Kemzozal SithraAfricanis713
LockedIPnFr GWG Lanfear SithraAfricanis814
LockedJPnT GWG Maodaïg SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Meguallon SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Meidani SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Nuri SithraAfricanis913
LockedJPnA GWG Orianna SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Pesysdor SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnM GWG Qovantass SithraAfricanis713
LockedIPnFr GWG Raefar SithraAfricanis814
LockedJPnFl GWG Regis SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Resada SithraAfricanis913
LockedJPnFl GWG Rissa SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Rohellec SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnT GWG Rosemanis SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Ruellia SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Sylvia SithraAfricanis913
LockedJPnR GWG Syrianix SithraAfricanis813
LockedJPnFl GWG Thomrena Sithra [24]Africanis813
LockedJPnFl GWG Uzudil SithraAfricanis713
LockedJPnFr GWG Welnik SithraAfricanis813
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Locked Dogs

LockedJPnFr GWG Aefe Hozus-YnglingAfricanis814
LockedWCFr GWG Aelrie Cerulis-EarendilAfricanis7789
LockedWCR GWG Allard Esinni-LowwoodAfricanis6369
LockedChR GWG Armergenta Daire-LimeAfricanis4350
LockedJAFr GWG Aura Vinabha-MelimionAfricanis1620
LockedChFl GWG Basha Daine-VinceAfricanis4250
LockedMHu GWG Bellini Cojesmu-AstraeusAfricanis2731
LockedJPnFl GWG Benrit Rhoda-SpiraAfricanis713
LockedChFr GWG Bhalyinushi Mabel-VinceAfricanis4350
LockedJPnR GWG Brier Erian-JonanAfricanis713
LockedCCR GWG Cason Halmaera-DamienAfricanis5969
LockedMR GWG Cindi Asapenga-AstraeusAfricanis2931
LockedWCFl GWG Corym Fara-RolgarelAfricanis7889
LockedNCT GWG Dawn Aquira-IfakkoAfricanis5969
LockedJPnR GWG Demara Feyre-MislightAfricanis713
LockedJAR GWG Elwyn Asapenga-AstraeusAfricanis1620
LockedJPnFr GWG Eucrante Silviana-SomtaxAfricanis813
LockedJPnFl GWG Ferane Kalliphaeia-CorynderAfricanis813
LockedJPnFl GWG Holikei Jeaine-SomtaxAfricanis813
LockedJPnR GWG Ildrid Jeaine-SomtaxAfricanis713
LockedWCRO GWG Inchel Auraya-TerminosAfricanis7789
LockedJPnR GWG Iphna Gemma-AzaleaAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Iubri Elain-MislightAfricanis713
LockedChR GWG Jarmavyur Halmaera-DamienAfricanis4450
LockedCCFr GWG Joelle Daine-VinceAfricanis5869
LockedJPnFl GWG Kudridyd Petrah-GecdraigAfricanis713
LockedWCFl GWG Kylantha Clipse-FirnAfricanis7589
LockedJPnT GWG Llirna Isona-AzaleaAfricanis713
LockedJPnFr GWG Logain Vethni-TrucaegAfricanis813
LockedJPnRO GWG Maewuen Nesta-BrisulunnAfricanis713
LockedChM GWG Malmuy Abhuki-CaynnAfricanis4450
LockedJPnFr GWG Masthael Poxaashea-AdamasAfricanis713
LockedJPnFr GWG Maxantarius Cirella-RhaegoAfricanis814
LockedJPnFr GWG Mesaana Yaphi-EruledAfricanis813
LockedJPnP GWG Metisis Zilyana-FrewinAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Monet Vivianne-BrisulunnAfricanis713
LockedWCRO GWG Neia Senna-AeosAfricanis7789
LockedJPnR GWG Neillia Nisao-DarayavahoushAfricanis713
LockedWCFr GWG Nikolaas Thalda-CraezhoAfricanis6269
LockedChHu GWG Nittici Ela-VinceAfricanis4250
LockedJPnFr GWG Ogierd Lhashra-EruledAfricanis713
LockedJPnR GWG Oleracea Silviana-SomtaxAfricanis813
LockedJPnFr GWG Pesysdor Vruby-KnunioqAfricanis713
LockedChT GWG Preptelye Aquira-IfakkoAfricanis4250
LockedWCFr GWG Rosa Abhuki-CaynnAfricanis6069
LockedJPnR GWG Saerin Vethni-TrucaegAfricanis813
LockedCCP GWG Seberg Daire-LimeAfricanis5969
LockedJPnR GWG Selethek Feyre-MislightAfricanis813
LockedJPnT GWG Shetto Isona-AzaleaAfricanis713
LockedJAA GWG Speranza Cojesmu-AstraeusAfricanis1620
LockedJPnR GWG Sylvie Phanrugon-SigurdAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Tewfra Amarantha-HoburneAfricanis713
LockedCCM GWG Thorn Mabel-VinceAfricanis6069
LockedJPnFl GWG Thronise Jaeckozia-VincentAfricanis713
LockedJPnFl GWG Tsutama Meilira-XhoxfanAfricanis813
LockedJPnFr GWG Urgirrog Annallee-IcelAfricanis813
LockedJPnFl GWG Willoris Petrah-GecdraigAfricanis713
LockedMHu GWG Yennaria Vinabha-AstraeusAfricanis2731
LockedJPnR GWG Ziamol Birna-FaneAfricanis813
LockedCCFl GWG Zoie Daine-VinceAfricanis6169
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JPnW GWG Puppy 1Newfoundland113
JPnW GWG Puppy 1Newfoundland113
JPnT GWG Puppy 1Newfoundland113
JPnW GWG Puppy 2Newfoundland113
JPnD GWG Puppy 2Newfoundland113
JPnW GWG Puppy 2Newfoundland113
JPnW GWG Puppy 3Newfoundland113
JPnW GWG Puppy 4Newfoundland113
JPnW GWG Puppy 4Newfoundland113
JPnFr GWG Puppy 4Newfoundland113
JPnW GWG Puppy 5Newfoundland113
JPnRO GWG Puppy 5Newfoundland113
JPnO GWG Puppy 6Newfoundland113
JPnP GWG Puppy 6Newfoundland113
JPnHu GWG Puppy 7Newfoundland113


  • Jorino the Howling Gray Wolf Jorino the Howling Gray Wolf
  • Confident Black Wolf Confident Black Wolf
  • Gentle White Wolf Gentle White Wolf
  • Happy Golden Wolf Happy Golden Wolf
  • Breeze the Timid Gray Wolf Breeze the Timid Gray Wolf
  • Amaroq the Bold Wolf Pup Amaroq the Bold Wolf Pup
  • Stoutheart the Clever Red Wolf Stoutheart the Clever Red Wolf
  • Vulcaleo the Red Fox Vulcaleo the Red Fox
  • Phantasm the Cross Fox Phantasm the Cross Fox
  • Domestic Fox Domestic Fox
  • Silver Fox Silver Fox
  • Arctic Fox Arctic Fox
  • Magma the Molten Chinese Dragon Magma the Molten Chinese Dragon
  • Variegated Sea Dragon Variegated Sea Dragon
  • Viserion the Iridescent Dragon Viserion the Iridescent Dragon
  • Fírnen the Green Baby Dragon Fírnen the Green Baby Dragon
  • Saphira the Blue Baby Dragon Saphira the Blue Baby Dragon
  • Black Baby Dragon Black Baby Dragon
  • Purple Baby Dragon Purple Baby Dragon
  • Red Baby Dragon Red Baby Dragon

Game Time

05:26am on Oct 3

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