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Agility 3 Star Training Area
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Earthdog Trials 3 Star Training Area
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Flyball 3 Star Training Area
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Obedience 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Scent Hurdles 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
Show 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
Tracking 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Large Critter Pasture
18 Critters
Memory Garden
This peaceful garden gives testimony to beloved dogs of the past.
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Locked Dogs

LockedWCRO MVT As Good As Gold Lla 9/2 ggee (chastm spdstr) A,ONorfolk Terrier77101
LockedNCO MVT Bria Lla 3/2 geeg (chaspd chastm)Irish Terrier4477
LockedNCSh DiABL Capriccio Lla 8/4 egeg (stmcha intstr) -Norwich Terrier4983
LockedNCA MVT Cavatina lala 4/3 ggee (agispd chastm) A,ONorwich Terrier4883
LockedWCHu MVT Chorale lala 11/2 ggee (intstr 2cha) -Norwich Terrier6483
LockedGCO MVT Clarissa lala 11/3 geeg (2agi agispd) AIrish Terrier3877
LockedWCE MVT Clavier lala 9/1 egee (strint spdcha) ENorwich Terrier6483
LockedAE CCT WSB Dairylea lala 12/3 ggee (stmspd intcha) -Norfolk Terrier52101
LockedGCP MVT Daisy Lla 4/2 egge (agispd chaspd) -Irish Terrier4477
LockedWCRO MVT Duet lala 8/4 gggg (spdagi intspd) ONorwich Terrier6283
LockedWCRO MVT Fermata lala 9/4 ggge (strstm spdstr) ONorwich Terrier5883
LockedNCA NWC Fugue Lla 9/5 ggge (spdagi intstm) -Norwich Terrier5183
LockedUCO MVT Gold Blend lla 5/3 ggeg (2int strspd) ONorfolk Terrier78101
LockedUCA MVT Gold Rope lla 12/1 geee (intstm chastr) ANorfolk Terrier82101
LockedWCO MVT Gold Rush Lla 5/3 eegg (stmint strcha) ONorfolk Terrier77101
LockedUCE MVT Gold Star Lla 6/4 eggg (agistr strstm) A,ENorfolk Terrier78101
LockedWCA MVT Golden Opportunity Lla 6/4 ggge (stmint agistm) A,ONorfolk Terrier77101
LockedWCM MVT Golden Rule lala 6/5 gegg (intcha agispd) ENorfolk Terrier73101
LockedWCA MVT Golden Syrup lala 9/6 gegg (agicha agispd) A,ONorfolk Terrier77101
LockedWCP MVT Goldsmith Lla 10/4 ggeg (agicha strstm) ANorfolk Terrier77101
LockedCCE MVT Gwen lala 9/3 eggg (stmagi 2spd) EIrish Terrier4077
LockedUCE MVT Heart Of Gold Lla 7/3 egeg (stmcha spdstr) ENorfolk Terrier76101
LockedChT MVT lala 10/6 gegg (spdstr intstm) -Irish Terrier4577
LockedWCE uhk lala 15HH (intcha intstm) A,E,ONorfolk Terrier59101
LockedNCO MVT lala 5/7 gfgg (agiint spdstm) OIrish Terrier4577
LockedWCE MVT lala 6/4 gegg (2str chaspd) EIrish Terrier4577
LockedNCA MVT lala 7/4 gegg (intspd agistr) AIrish Terrier4677
LockedCCFl SKYE lala 8/4 gegg (chastm intstr) ENorwich Terrier5083
LockedNCA MVT LL 5/5 ggge (intint spdstm) OIrish Terrier48101
LockedNCA MVT LL 9/5 eggg (intstr spdstr) O,EIrish Terrier47101
LockedCCHu MVT Lla 11/3 gegg (strspd spdagi) -Irish Terrier5277
LockedWCE CLWK Lla 14/1 geee (strspd strspd) E,ONorwich Terrier6183
LockedNCO MVT lla 4/7 gggg (chaint agicha) OIrish Terrier4477
LockedNCA MVT Lla 5/2 egee (intspd stmagi) A,EIrish Terrier5577
LockedWCE MVT Lla 5/6 ggeg (stmstr spdstr) A,EIrish Terrier4477
LockedGCA MVT Lla 6/2 gege (agispd intstr) AIrish Terrier4577
LockedWCE MVT lla 6/6 gggg (chaspd 2str) O,EIrish Terrier4477
LockedNCA MVT lla 7/2 gege (agispd intstr) A,EIrish Terrier4677
LockedWCE MVT Lla 7/3 ggee (intspd spdagi) EIrish Terrier5577
LockedWCE MVT Lla 7/3 ggeg (intspd spdagi) EIrish Terrier5277
LockedCCO MVT Lucy Lla 3/4 eggg (intspd chaspd) OIrish Terrier4477
LockedWCE CLWK Lucy Lla egee (spdstm 2spd) A,E,ONorwich Terrier6083
LockedWCE MVT Meryl lala 2/4 ggeg (2agi 2spd) A,EIrish Terrier4377
LockedWCE MVT Miles Lla 3/2 eege (agicha chastr) EIrish Terrier4477
LockedWCE MVT Pattie Lla 5/4 ggeg (spdstr 2cha) EIrish Terrier4277
LockedWCE MVT Rusty Lla 6/3 ggeg (intstr agispd) EIrish Terrier4377
LockedWCRO MVT Serenade lala 8/4 ggge (strstm spdstr) ONorwich Terrier6183
LockedGCA MVT Sonia Lla 3/1 geee (agistm intstm) A,EIrish Terrier4577
LockedWCE DiABL Tempo lala 9/1 geee (spdagi agistr) A,ENorwich Terrier5483
LockedGCO MVT Tia Lla 6/5 gggg (agiint chaspd) A,OIrish Terrier4377
LockedCCA DiABL Timpani lala 13HH (strstm agistr) A,ENorwich Terrier5183
LockedJPnRO YF --- 72.91 --- 10 - 4 --- GGEG - lala - CHACHA intspdSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO YF04 --- 13 - 2 --- GEEG - lala - stmstr CHAspdSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO YF05 --- 12 - 2 --- GEGE - lala - CHACHA intstmSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO YF06 --- 12 - 2 --- GEEE - lala - stmCHA CHAintSpinone Italiano916
LockedIPnRO YF07 --- 11 - 2 --- GEGE - lala - CHAstr CHAintSpinone Italiano916
LockedGCE TØPs Ygritte lala 18HH (stragi chaspd) A,ONorwich Terrier2983
LockedJPnRO YM04 --- 11 - 2 --- EGGE - lala - strCHA strintSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO YM05 --- 11 - 2 --- EEGG - lala - stmagi stmCHASpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO YM09 --- 9 - 2 --- GGEE - lala - agistr CHAspdSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO ZF04 --- 11 - 1 --- EEGE - lala - intstm intstrSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO ZF08 --- 12 - 2 --- EEGG - lala - intspd strstmSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO ZF14 --- 10 - 2 --- EGGE - lala - stmstm strstmSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO ZF20 --- 13 - 3 --- GEGG - lala - stmstr stmstrSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO ZF33 --- 10 - 4 --- GEGE - lala - stmspd stmstrSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO ZM06 --- 11 - 2 --- GEEG - lala - stmspd strstmSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO ZM08 --- 11 - 2 --- EEGE - lala - spdstm agistrSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO ZM18 --- 10 - 3 --- GEGE - lala - spdstr stmstrSpinone Italiano916
LockedJPnRO ZM22 --- 8 - 3 --- EEGG - lala - strstm strintSpinone Italiano916
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Locked Dogs

LockedGCO PIM Adele lala 4/4 ggge (chastr spdstr) OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4277
LockedCCSh MVT Amaranth lala 8/5 gegg (strint spdstr) ASoft Coated Wheaten Terrier5777
LockedNCO PIM Amber Lla 4/3 egeg (agispd agispd) OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4275
LockedGCO PIM April lala 4/3 egeg (stmstr chastm) OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4075
LockedChA PIM Ava Lla 3/5 gggg (stmstr agispd) A,OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4075
LockedWCO MVT Babydoll Southdown lala EBedlington Terrier5983
LockedWCE MVT Baiely Lla 4/6 gggg (intspd 2str) E,OBedlington Terrier4683
LockedWCSh MVT Banshee lala 2/6 gggg (intspd 2spd) -Dandie Dinmont Terrier59101
LockedCCRO MVT Barley Honey lala 6/6 gggg (stragi 2spd) -Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier5675
LockedCCA MVT Barley Straw Lla 11/3 eegg (chaint stmcha) ASoft Coated Wheaten Terrier5977
LockedWCO MVT Barley Wine Lla 12HH (chaint 2agi) A,OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier5977
LockedWCA MVT Basil lala 2/4 eggg (agistr spdstm) ABedlington Terrier58101
LockedNCO MVT Bear lala 5/2 geeg (agiint chaint) ODandie Dinmont Terrier42101
LockedGCRO PIM Bindy lala 3/2 ggee (chastm agicha) -Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier4175
LockedWCP MVT Blue Eyes lala 9/3 eegg (spdstr intagi) -Kerry Blue Terrier74101
LockedWCHu MVT Blue Jay lala 8/5 gggg (intint spdint) -Kerry Blue Terrier74101
LockedWCFr MVT Blue Monday lala 7/6 ggge (chacha agistr) AKerry Blue Terrier74101
LockedWCA MVT Blue Ribbon lala 19HH (agispd agistr) A,OKerry Blue Terrier64101
LockedWCFr MVT Blue Suede Shoes Lla 10HH (agicha stmstm) A,OKerry Blue Terrier76102
LockedWCT MVT Blue Velvet Ll 5/6 eggf (spdint intspd) OKerry Blue Terrier73102
LockedWCA MVT Blues and Twos lala 10/5 ggge (agiagi strint) -Kerry Blue Terrier58101
LockedWCO TXBK Blues Away Lla 10/4 ggge (intcha agiint) A,OKerry Blue Terrier61101
LockedWCO MVT Bolt From The Blue lala 23HH (strspd 2str) A,OKerry Blue Terrier66101
LockedCCO MVT Cologne Lla 5HH (2str agistr) A,E,O (75)Miniature Schnauzer4369
LockedCCM MVT Corn On The Cob lala 10/2 geeg (chaagi 2agi) A,OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier6177
LockedWCD MVT Cornflower Blue Lla 7/6 gggg (stragi chastr) -Kerry Blue Terrier71101
LockedUCE MVT Damara lala 11/5 efgg (strstm chastr) EBedlington Terrier73101
LockedGCA MVT Eppstein lla 9HH (spdstm intspd) AMiniature Schnauzer4369
LockedGCA MVT Frechen Lla 5HH (agispd agistr) A,OMiniature Schnauzer4469
LockedChE MVT Fritz Lla 4/6 gggg (agistr agispd) EMiniature Schnauzer3075
LockedWCE MVT Georgie Lla 7/1 geee (spdint agistr) EBedlington Terrier4383
LockedChA PIM Hannah Lla 3/4 eggg (chastm 2stm) ASoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4175
LockedWCO MVT Havelberg Lla 7/4 eggg (strspd stmcha) A,OMiniature Schnauzer5269
LockedCCRO MVT Highland Barley lala 4/4 eggg (spdcha spdstr) ASoft Coated Wheaten Terrier5777
LockedNCA MVT Holly lala 5/3 gege (spdstm chaint) ABedlington Terrier4883
LockedWCO MVT Honey Bread lala 8/5 ggge (chaagi 2spd) OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier5675
LockedWCE MVT Ingolstadt lla 5/3 egeg (spdint chaspd) EMiniature Schnauzer5369
LockedNCO PIM Izzie lala 4/2 egeg (intstr 2int) OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4377
LockedGCA PIM Jasper Lla 4/5 ggge (agistm 2int) A,OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4375
LockedGCFl MVT Jülich Lla 9/3 gegg (intspd spdstr) -Miniature Schnauzer5369
LockedUCD MVT Lacaune lala 6/4 eggg (chaint agispd) OBedlington Terrier72101
LockedNCA MVT Lady lala 2/4 gggg (chaint stmstr) A,E,OBedlington Terrier4883
LockedWCA SKYE lala 10HH (agiint spdstr) ADandie Dinmont Terrier69101
LockedWCA MVT lala 3/5 ggeg (agispd spdstr) ADandie Dinmont Terrier59101
LockedNCO MVT lala 4/4 gegg (agicha chastm) OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4375
LockedWCO TXBK lala 7/2 geee (chaspd stmagi) OKerry Blue Terrier62101
LockedWCO TXBK lala 9/2 geee (agispd spdint) OKerry Blue Terrier62101
LockedUCE MVT LL 8/4 ggge (2spd strcha) A,E,ODandie Dinmont Terrier76101
LockedChA MVT Lla 4/4 ggge (intstr spdstr) AMiniature Schnauzer3969
LockedWCO TXBK Lla 6/5 gggg (chaspd 2agi) OKerry Blue Terrier59101
LockedWCA MVT Lla 6/6 gfgg (spdcha 2str) ADandie Dinmont Terrier76101
LockedChA ECRC Lla 7/2 geeg (agistr chaspd) AMiniature Schnauzer3869
LockedWCRO MVT Lla 7/6 ggef (spdcha 2str) ADandie Dinmont Terrier77101
LockedWCM MVT Lla 7/7 gfge (spdint 2cha) A,E,ODandie Dinmont Terrier80101
LockedMHu DVK Lola lala 5/4 eggg (chaspd stmint) E,OMiniature Schnauzer2980
LockedWCE MVT Luke lala 5/4 ggeg (chastr agicha) EBedlington Terrier58101
LockedUCD MVT Lydia LL 11/1 eeeg (agiagi intagi) -Kerry Blue Terrier60102
LockedGCA PIM Maggie Lla 6/4 ggge (spdstr spdstm) ASoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4375
LockedWCT MVT Marcie Lla 2/6 gggg (intspd intstr) - (78)Bedlington Terrier56101
LockedNCA MVT Mayen lala 6/3 egge (agispd intagi) -Miniature Schnauzer5269
LockedGCO SKYE Molly lala 5/4 gegg (agicha spdagi) OMiniature Schnauzer3969
LockedWCE MVT Mouflon lala 10/4 gggg (stmint agispd) E,OBedlington Terrier5883
LockedWCE MVT Nebra Lla 8/4 ggge (spdint spdstr) EMiniature Schnauzer5269
LockedWCSh MVT Ocean Blue lla 7/4 gggg (chaspd chastm) AKerry Blue Terrier72102
LockedGCA PIM Patricia lla 3/5 eggg (intstr agispd) A,OSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4377
LockedWCO MVT Polwarth lala 5/7 gggg (2agi agicha) E,OBedlington Terrier73101
LockedWCA JPnO AFKT Princess lala 4/2 eege (stmstr 2str) AKerry Blue Terrier60101
LockedNCE MVT Queenie Lla 4/5 gggg (agispd agispd) -Miniature Schnauzer3769
LockedNCM MVT Quinoa lala 7/4 gggg (agispd 2agi) -Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier5577
LockedWCFl MVT Rhapsody In Blue Lla 6/2 geee (intcha stmspd) -Kerry Blue Terrier74102
LockedWCP MVT Romney lala 8/8 ggfg (stmspd 2agi) E,OBedlington Terrier70101
LockedNP MVT Roxie lala 5/4 gggg (agistr 2int) -Bedlington Terrier16
LockedWCSh HHRK Roxy lala 4/4 gggg (2stm agiint) OKerry Blue Terrier56101
LockedNO MVT Sandy lala 1/4 eggg (chaspd agispd) OBedlington Terrier16
LockedWCA MVT Singing The Blues ll 9/3 egeg (stmint intstm) AKerry Blue Terrier76102
LockedWCE MVT Skye Lla 2/2 eegg (chastr spdstm) E,OBedlington Terrier58101
LockedNM MVT Stella lala 6/3 ggge (chastr 2agi) -Bedlington Terrier16
LockedWCHu MVT Swaledale lala 11/4 ggge (chaint spdint) E,OBedlington Terrier6183
LockedNCRO PIM Tammy Lla 3/3 eggg (agispd chastr) -Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier4377
LockedGCA MVT Teublitz lla 6HH (spdstr intstr) A,OMiniature Schnauzer4369
LockedWCA MVT Texel Lla 8/1 egee (stmcha spdint) ABedlington Terrier6283
LockedWCA MVT True Blue lala 7/6 ggfe (agicha stragi) AKerry Blue Terrier74102
LockedChFl PIM Tucker Lla 3/6 ggeg (chaint agistr) -Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier4175
LockedWCA MVT Visions in Blue lala 13HH (stragi 2int) -Kerry Blue Terrier59101
LockedWCHu MVT Wide Blue Yonder Ll 7/5 gggg (spdstr spdspd) -Kerry Blue Terrier71102
LockedGCRO PIM Zola lla 4/6 eggg (agiint agiint) ASoft Coated Wheaten Terrier4177
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Locked Dogs

LockedWCA MVT Bora LL 7/1 egee (intspd chaspd) ASkye Terrier75101
LockedWCA MVT Breath Of Fresh Air lala 10/2 egee (agiint spdagi) A,ESkye Terrier75101
LockedUCE MVT Briza Lla 8/5 eggg (chastr chaspd) A,ESkye Terrier72101
LockedWCA MVT Chubasco Ll 8/5 gggg (stmspd chastm) A,ESkye Terrier72101
LockedWCA MVT Clear Sky lala 13HH (spdagi 2int) ASkye Terrier63101
LockedNA LiLa Dash lala 23HH (agispd 2spd) -Jack Russell Terrier112
LockedWCE MVT Dillan Lla 4/3 gege (agicha stmstr) A,ECairn Terrier57101
LockedMA ~*E~* Dodgeball lala 12HH (stragi spdagi) A,ESkye Terrier2940
LockedWCRO AIRSC Flex Lla 9/1 eeeg (agicha strcha) ACairn Terrier71101
LockedUCO MVT Foehn Lla 15/3 geeg (agiint spdstr) OSkye Terrier78101
LockedWCE Minna Galileo Lla 14HH (intcha agiint) E,OCairn Terrier5171
LockedGCO SEAHK Genevieve lala 16/2 egeg (stmcha 2cha) OScottish Terrier3776
LockedUCE KtZ Gold Medal Ribbon lala 11/2 (2spd strint) E,OCairn Terrier76101
LockedWCFl MVT Harmattan Lla 10/4 ggee (stmint chaagi) ASkye Terrier73102
LockedWCA KtZ Heaven lala 6/4 eggg (stmagi strint) A,OCairn Terrier76101
LockedNHu UCE PRST Intensive Force Lla 4/3 (chastr 2spd) A,ECairn Terrier67101
LockedWCT Story Iona Lla 13HH (stragi intcha) -Cairn Terrier65101
LockedNCO MVT lala 10/2 ggee (stmagi agispd) ODutch Smoushond4659
LockedNCA Owl's lala 10/3 eggg (chaagi chaint) A,OScottish Terrier4576
LockedGCO MVT lala 10/4 ggeg (spdint agistr) A,OWest Highland White Terrier3966
LockedCCA MVT lala 11/1 egee (2int agiint) A,E,OBorder Terrier5971
LockedWCRO MVT lala 11/1 geee (chaspd spdint) A,ESkye Terrier5382
LockedANSh WCE SEAHK lala 11/2 egee (stmint 2stm) E,OScottish Terrier4476
LockedGCFl MVT lala 11/4 eggg (stmagi agispd) ODutch Smoushond4659
LockedExA MVT lala 12/1 eeeg (2spd strspd) AScottish Terrier3746
LockedWCE MVT lala 12/2 egee (2int agiint) A,E,OBorder Terrier5771
LockedWCE MVT lala 12/2 egge (strspd 2stm) A,EScottish Terrier6076
LockedANSh ExO SEAHK lala 12/2 geeg (chaint chastm) OScottish Terrier2746
LockedExA MVT lala 13/1 geee (2str stragi) AScottish Terrier3646
LockedWCE MVT lala 13/2 egeg (intspd agispd) E,OBorder Terrier5571
LockedNE MVT lala 14/1 eeeg (chaspd stmint) EJack Russell Terrier112
LockedWCE MVT lala 18/1 geee (intspd agispd) E,OBorder Terrier5671
LockedWCA CondK lala 22HH (agispd 2spd) A,OSkye Terrier5576
LockedGCO MVT lala 4/5 ggeg (2int spdstr) OWest Highland White Terrier3766
LockedCCRO MVT lala 4/6 ggeg (strcha stmstr) -Cairn Terrier5371
LockedWCO MVT lala 5/3 ggee (intcha 2stm) A,OScottish Terrier5876
LockedNRO MVT lala 5/5 gggg (chaspd strspd) cha/str EJack Russell Terrier112
LockedNE MVT lala 5/8 gggg (chaspd 2spd) cha/spd E,OJack Russell Terrier112
LockedWCA MVT lala 6/2 eegg (intagi 2int) A,OScottish Terrier6276
LockedChRO ~FPP~ lala 6/3 eegg (agiint 2cha) EBorder Terrier3771
LockedExA MVT lala 6/3 geeg (4xint) A,E,OScottish Terrier3746
LockedNE MVT lala 6/6 fgeg (chaint chaspd) int/spd A,EJack Russell Terrier112
LockedGCO MVT lala 7/3 ggeg (spdstr agistm) -West Highland White Terrier3766
LockedMO MVT lala 8/5 eggg (intagi chastr) OSkye Terrier2239
LockedExA MVT lala 8/5 ggge (2str 2int) AScottish Terrier3546
LockedNE MVT lala 8/5 ggge (spdint strint) spd/int A,EJack Russell Terrier112
LockedWCE MVT lala 9/3 eegg (2int stmcha) E,OScottish Terrier4576
LockedChE MVT lala 9/3 geeg (2int intcha) ESkye Terrier2239
LockedWCFl MVT Leveche LL 10/3 ggee (stmagi agistm) OSkye Terrier76101
LockedGCO RHP Liberty lala 14/1 eeeg (strstr chaint) ODutch Smoushond4259
LockedWCT MVT Lla 10HH (stmspd 2stm) EScottish Terrier6076
LockedCCA MVT Lla 11/2 ggee (strspd agicha) A,EScottish Terrier6076
LockedGCRO MVT Lla 12/1 eeeg (stmint chaint) -Dutch Smoushond4559
LockedGCHu MVT Lla 12/1 egee (strint chaint) -Dutch Smoushond4659
LockedWCFl MVT Lla 12/2 gege (stmagi agicha) A,E,OScottish Terrier5976
LockedNM ChA MVT Lla 3/3 ggeg (chastm spdstm) AWest Highland White Terrier3766
LockedGCO MVT Lla 4/4 eggg (agicha intspd) OWest Highland White Terrier3666
LockedGCO MVT Lla 4/4 ggeg (intspd chaint) E,OWest Highland White Terrier3766
LockedGCSh MVT lla 5/5 ggeg (agispd spdint) -Dutch Smoushond4459
LockedGCE MVT Lla 5/8 gggg (intstr 2cha) EScottish Terrier3346
LockedChSh MVT Lla 6/3 gegg (intstr agicha) -West Highland White Terrier3766
LockedWCE MVT Lla 7/4 eggg (intint stmstr) ECairn Terrier5471
LockedExFl MVT Lla 8/2 ggee (chaint intstr) -West Highland White Terrier3666
LockedWCE SKYE Lla 8/4 ggge (intstr stragi) EWest Highland White Terrier3866
LockedCCO MVT Lla 9/3 gegg (chaint stmstr) E,OCairn Terrier5471
LockedExA MVT Lla 9/4 eggg (2str intspd) AScottish Terrier3446
LockedGCE MVT Lla 9/6 ggeg (stmcha strstm) E,OScottish Terrier3446
LockedWCE MVT Lucky Weather lala 8HH (stmstr chaint) ESkye Terrier62101
LockedGCA SAKR Making A Difference lala 10/2 egge (2int stmcha) ACairn Terrier4671
LockedGCA MVT Mesani LL 9/2 egge (stragi agistr) A,ECairn Terrier4571
LockedWCO MVT Nvidia lala 5/5 ggeg (strspd strstr) OCairn Terrier75101
LockedWCE MVT Poppy lala 23HH (4xspd) A,ESkye Terrier4155
LockedAA SEAHK Rilynn Lla 18/1 (chastm spdcha) A,E,OScottish Terrier2046
LockedExA MVT Sam lala 3/4 ggeg (stmstr chastr) ADutch Smoushond3359
LockedExRO MVT Sara lala 3/2 geeg (agiint intstm) -Dutch Smoushond3259
LockedChO MVT Seth Lla 4/4 ggeg (chaint spdstm) ODutch Smoushond3259
LockedUCHu MVT Shamal LL 10/1 egee (spdcha stmspd) OSkye Terrier76101
LockedExHu CondK Silus lala 18/1 geee (2agi spdint) -Skye Terrier3856
LockedChP HHRK Sparkle Lla 11/2 eeeg (stmstr agistr) A,E,OCairn Terrier3871
LockedNCSh AIRSC Stella Lla 7/2 eege (2cha agicha) OCairn Terrier4871
LockedWCE MVT Storm lala 5/3 ggee (2spd intstr) ESkye Terrier5694
LockedExA MVT Sue Lla 4/4 eegg (agispd chaint) ADutch Smoushond3459
LockedExM MVT Sunshine lala 3/2 egge (chastm agiint) -Dutch Smoushond3359
LockedWCA MVT Weather the Storm LL 9HH (chastr stmstr) ASkye Terrier63101
LockedUCO MVT Whatever The Weather lala 11/1 eege (strint spdagi) A,E,OSkye Terrier76101
LockedWCT MVT Zephyros Ll 6/3 ggee (spdint spdcha) -Skye Terrier75101
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Locked Dogs

LockedNCE MVT Annetta Lla 3/4 ggeg (chastr intstm) EManchester Terrier3564
LockedExA MVT Carylon Lla 6/6 gegf (agistr agistr) AManchester Terrier3664
LockedExE MVT Dakota lala 7/3 gegg (intstm spdstr) ESmooth Fox Terrier2238
LockedWCE BOK Daphne lala 17HH (4xspd) A,OManchester Terrier4364
LockedWCE RofS Fawn lala 13/3 gege (spdint 2spd) A,ESilky Terrier5186
LockedCCO FurT Heidi lala 1/5 gggg (chastr chastr) A (86)Silky Terrier4687
LockedExA MVT Kerstin lala 3/3 ggge (intspd 2int) AManchester Terrier3664
LockedGCO MVT lala 10/2 gege (4xint) intx2 E,OSmooth Fox Terrier3547
LockedGCE MVT lala 10/3 gegg (4xint) intx2 ESmooth Fox Terrier3347
LockedNCE MVT lala 12/1 geee (4xint) intx2 E,OSmooth Fox Terrier3447
LockedChO MVT lala 13/3 gege (4xint) intx2 E,OSmooth Fox Terrier3447
LockedCCA RofS lala 24HH (2int spdint) A,ESilky Terrier5487
LockedCCA RofS lala 24HH (intx4) ASilky Terrier5487
LockedWCE MVT lala 3/5 eggg (agispd stmint) EWire Fox Terrier6080
LockedWCE MVT lala 4/4 eefg (2int agicha) EWire Fox Terrier5780
LockedWCE MVT lala 5/5 eefg (strspd strspd) EWire Fox Terrier6080
LockedNCA MVT lala 6/3 eggg (2stm 2spd) A (80)Wire Fox Terrier4476
LockedGCP MVT lala 6/5 eggg (strstm chastr) -Wire Fox Terrier4576
LockedNO MVT lala 7/3 geeg (strspd stmint) str/int ORat Terrier16
LockedCCO MVT lala 7/4 gegg (spdagi 2spd) OWire Fox Terrier4476
LockedNA MVT lala 7/4 gggg (stmint 2str) int/str ARat Terrier16
LockedNA MVT lala 8/2 geee (strint chaint) intx2 ARat Terrier16
LockedNM MVT lala 8/3 ggee (intcha stmspd) cha/stm A,ERat Terrier16
LockedNT MVT lala 9/2 ggee (stmspd stmspd) stm/spd ARat Terrier16
LockedNA MVT lala 9/3 ggee (strcha stmspd) str/spd ARat Terrier16
LockedNCA MVT lala 9/3 ggeg (strstm 2spd) AWire Fox Terrier4576
LockedNA MVT lala 9/5 gggg (2agi stmspd) agi/spd ARat Terrier16
LockedChA MVT Lexi lala 4/2 egee (chaspd intstm) A,OSilky Terrier3884
LockedCCHu MVT LL 4/4 gggg (stmcha strstm) AWire Fox Terrier5680
LockedWCO MVT LL 4/6 egfg (agistr 2cha) O,AWire Fox Terrier6080
LockedWCO MVT Lla 1/2 eegg (spdstr 2cha) O,AWire Fox Terrier6380
LockedNT MVT Lla 10/1 geee (stmspd stmint) stmx2 A,E,ORat Terrier16
LockedWCE MVT lla 10/3 geeg (spdstm strspd) O,EWire Fox Terrier6380
LockedWCHu MVT Lla 12/4 ggge (2spd agispd) -Wire Fox Terrier6180
LockedWCE MVT lla 3/3 ggeg (2int strcha) A,E,OWire Fox Terrier5780
LockedCCSh MVT Lla 6/3 egeg (stmcha strcha) AWire Fox Terrier5780
LockedWCE MVT lla 8/2 egee (spdcha 2spd) O,EWire Fox Terrier6380
LockedWCHu MVT Lla 9/1 eege (intspd agispd) OWire Fox Terrier6280
LockedNM MVT Lla 9/4 gggg (stmcha agiint) cha/agi ARat Terrier16
LockedChA GBKs Lynne lala 24HH (4xspd) -Manchester Terrier3764
LockedWCP MVT Mr Smooth Lla 10/2 eege (stmagi agistm) A,ESilky Terrier6487
LockedMA MVT Princess Rose lala 22HH (2agi intagi) agix2 A,OYorkshire Terrier2939
LockedGCA CeD Raising The Bar lala 11HH (agicha agispd) A,OManchester Terrier4664
LockedExO MVT Red Rose lala 21HH (2agi intagi) agix2 E,OYorkshire Terrier2939
LockedCCE RIK's Sabrina lala 6/3 ggeg (chastr agispd) E,OWire Fox Terrier3980
LockedCCM MVT Silken LL 5/6 gggg (stmcha strcha) A,OSilky Terrier6187
LockedCCE *MCK* Sporty Lla 8/4 (chastr spdstr) E,OManchester Terrier4064
LockedUCE MVT Tick lala 11/3 ggee (spdcha intspd) A,E (lock)Rat Terrier73102
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Locked Dogs

LockedGCSc ~ora~ Cayla lala 23HH (strint stragi) -Bull Terrier4473
LockedCCO MVT Cheno lala 7/3 ggee (intspd spdstr) O,ShBull Terrier51101
LockedWCM MVT Coral Snake Ll 12/2 egeg (chaint agicha) MBull Terrier76101
LockedGCSc ~ora~ Cori lala 24HH (2int intagi) -Bull Terrier4373
LockedWCSh LiLa Justus lala 22HH (2cha chastm) ShAmerican Pit Bull Terrier65101
LockedNCP MVT lala 11/4 geeg (2stm agiint) -Miniature Bull Terrier4779
LockedGCSh MVT lala 18HH (agispd chaspd) M,ShAmerican Pit Bull Terrier4175
LockedChSc MVT lala 19HH (agistr cha) -American Pit Bull Terrier3975
LockedGCM MVT lala 21HH (2agi 2cha) D,MAmerican Pit Bull Terrier4075
LockedChSh MVT lala 21HH (strspd 2cha) M,ShAmerican Pit Bull Terrier3875
LockedCCO MVT lala 5/1 geee (chastm stmint) OMiniature Bull Terrier4879
LockedChSh RIK's lala 6/3 egeg (strcha chastr) OMiniature Bull Terrier3879
LockedCCO MVT lala 9/1 egee (strstm strcha) M,OMiniature Bull Terrier4779
LockedWCM MVT Little Buddy lala 10/1 eeeg (chastm stmcha) M,O,ShMiniature Bull Terrier77101
LockedUCFr MVT Little Ruby lala 10/2 egeg (agistm stmcha) O,ShMiniature Bull Terrier78101
LockedGCSh MVT Lola lala 5/2 gege (chastm agistr) ShMiniature Bull Terrier4079
LockedWCM ~FPP~ Maddie lala 10/1 eege (2cha spdcha) MBull Terrier65101
LockedCCM Pri Norah lala 19/1 eeeg (2cha strint) M,O,ShMiniature Bull Terrier6179
LockedWCSh MVT Phantom lala 7/6 eggg (chastm agicha) M,ShBull Terrier59101
LockedWCRO Pri Phil lala 10/1 eeeg (spdstr intstr) M,OMiniature Bull Terrier6079
LockedNSc GCSh MFCK Rebel Yell lala 24HH (chastr 2str) M,ShBull Terrier4167
LockedMSh LiLa Remu lala 20HH (chaint intstr) O,Sh (79)Miniature Bull Terrier2851
LockedWCFr BGEVL Too Shy lala 23HH (stmcha 2cha) D,ShAmerican Pit Bull Terrier74101
LockedCCSh MVT Wraith lala 5/6 gegg (2cha agispd) M,OBull Terrier59101
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Locked Dogs

LockedWCFl TFWK a Adriana lala 9/3 egge (0/2) FlPortuguese Water Dog61101
LockedUCP MVT a Bella lala 8/5 gegg (0xspd) PPortuguese Water Dog80101
LockedWCFr MVT a Gizmo lla 8/2 ggee (1/0) -Portuguese Water Dog79101
LockedUCD MVT a Hattie Lla 9/4 eggg (1/0) FlPortuguese Water Dog75101
LockedWCO MVT a Sally Lla 10/4 gegg (0/1) FlPortuguese Water Dog78101
LockedICW MVT a Toby lala 6/4 eggg (0xspd) Fl,WPortuguese Water Dog79101
LockedUCP MVT a White Water lala 6/3 eegg (0/1) Fl,PPortuguese Water Dog82101
LockedCCFl TXBK a Winter Lla 14/3 ggeg (1/1) -Portuguese Water Dog58101
LockedPnRO MVT fa3 lala 10/2 egge (1/0) RO,ShHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT fa3 lala 10/2 ggee (1/1) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnHu MVT fa3 lala 10/6 eggg (1/2) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedPnT MVT fa3 lala 11/1 eege (1/0) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT fa3 lala 11/2 ggee (0/1) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedAPnRO MVT fa3 lala 11/3 geeg (1/1) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT fa3 lala 4/5 ggge (0/1) RO,ShHavanese1019
LockedAPnRO MVT fa3 lala 6/3 ggee (1/1) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT fa3 lala 7/4 gegg (1/1) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT fa3 lala 7/5 ggge (2/0) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT fa3 lala 8/3 ggge (1/2) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnT MVT fa3 lala 8/4 eggg (0xspd) RO,ShHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT fa3 lala 8/4 eggg (1/1) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnHu MVT fa3 lala 8/4 fgee (1/1) Hu,RO,ShHavanese1019
LockedAPnHu MVT fa3 lala 9/1 egee (1/1) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedPnT MVT fa3 lala 9/2 egee (1/1) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT fa3 lala 9/5 ggge (1/0) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 10/3 ggeg (1/1) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 10/5 ggge (1/1) WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedMW MVT fa4 lala 11/3 egeg (0/2) WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 12/3 ggge (1/1) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedJAFl MVT fa4 lala 5/2 eegg (2/1) FlPortuguese Water Dog1424
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 5/4 eggg (1/1) WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedJAFl MVT fa4 lala 6/1 eeeg (1/0) FlPortuguese Water Dog1424
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 7/3 egeg (2/0) WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedJAFl MVT fa4 lala 7/3 ggge (1/1) Fl,WPortuguese Water Dog1424
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 7/4 gggg (0/2) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 8/2 egeg (1/1) Fl,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedMW MVT fa4 lala 8/2 egge (2/1) WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 8/2 ggee (1/2) Fl,P,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 8/3 ggeg (1/2) WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedMW MVT fa4 lala 8/4 feeg (1/0) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 8/8 gffe (2/1) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedJAFl MVT fa4 lala 9/2 eegg (2/1) Fl,WPortuguese Water Dog1424
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 9/2 ggee (1/2) Fl,WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedAW MVT fa4 lala 9/4 eggg (1/1) Fl,P,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedJAFl MVT fa4 lala 9/5 gefg (1/1) Fl,WPortuguese Water Dog1424
LockedAPnHu MVT fb3 Lla 10/5 gfge (4xspd) Hu,ShHavanese1019
LockedAPnRO MVT fb3 Lla 6/3 gegg (2/0) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT fb3 Lla 6/4 eggg (1/0) ROHavanese1019
LockedMW MVT fb4 Lla 7/3 geeg (4xspd) Fl,P,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAPnRO MVT ma3 lala 10/1 eege (0/2) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedPnM MVT ma3 lala 10/2 egge (1/1) RO,ShHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT ma3 lala 10/3 egeg (0/2) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT ma3 lala 10/4 ggge (2/1) -Havanese1019
LockedAPnRO MVT ma3 lala 11/2 egee (2/1) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnT MVT ma3 lala 12/1 egee (0/1) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT ma3 lala 4/4 gegg (1/1) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedPnHu MVT ma3 lala 7/5 gegf (1/0) HuHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT ma3 lala 8/2 egeg (1/0) ROHavanese1019
LockedPnRO MVT ma3 lala 8/3 egeg (0/2) Hu,RO,ShHavanese1019
LockedAPnHu MVT ma3 lala 8/4 gegg (2/1) Hu,RO,ShHavanese1019
LockedAPnHu MVT ma3 lala 8/4 ggge (1/1) Hu,RO,ShHavanese1119
LockedPnHu MVT ma3 lala 9/2 egeg (2/1) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedAPnRO MVT ma3 lala 9/6 effe (2/0) RO,ShHavanese1019
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 10/5 ggeg (1/1) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 11/1 eeeg (1/1) WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedJAFl MVT ma4 lala 11/2 eegg (2/1) Fl,WPortuguese Water Dog1424
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 12/2 geeg (0/2) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedJAT MVT ma4 lala 4/2 geee (2/1) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1424
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 5/3 ggee (0/1) WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 5/3 ggeg (1/0) WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 5/5 eggg (2/0) WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 6/2 egge (1/1) WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedJAFl MVT ma4 lala 6/4 ggeg (1/1) Fl,PPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 7/2 eegg (0/2) WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedJAP MVT ma4 lala 8/1 egee (1/1) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1424
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 8/4 ggge (1/1) Fl,P,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 9/3 gege (1/1) WPortuguese Water Dog1224
LockedAW MVT ma4 lala 9/6 gggg (2/0) P,WPortuguese Water Dog1324
LockedPnRO MVT mb3 Lla 7/4 efge (2/0) Hu,ROHavanese1019
LockedWCSh MVT z Baa Baa lla 10/1 egee (0xspd) RO,ShHavanese82101
LockedWCSh MVT z Banbury lala 9/3 geeg (0/1) Hu,RO,ShHavanese80101
LockedWCSh MVT z Butterscotch lala 17HH (1/1) ShHavanese68101
LockedWCRO MVT z Buttons lala 5/6 fgge (1/1) RO,ShHavanese79101
LockedWCRO MVT z Cupcake lla 8/2 gege (1/1) ROHavanese80101
LockedWCRO MVT z Doc Lla 9/4 eggg (1/0) Hu,ROHavanese79101
LockedWCSh SOLz z Linna lala 10/3 gege (1/0) RO,ShHavanese62101
LockedJPnSh WCHu SOLz z Mia lala 10/4 eggg (1/0) HuHavanese60101
LockedWCRO MVT z Muffet lala 2/7 fggg (1/1) Hu,ROHavanese76101
LockedWCRO MVT z Ochre lala 6/4 ggge (1/1) Hu,RO,ShHavanese77101
LockedWCHu MVT z Pancake LL 7/2 eegg (0xspd) Hu,RO,ShHavanese80101
LockedCCSh MVT z Rusty lala 2/4 gegg (1/1) Hu,ShHavanese54101
LockedWCSh MVT z Scamper lala 3/6 gggg (0/1) Hu,RO,ShHavanese79101
LockedWCSh MVT z Sheepish lla 12HH (0xspd) RO,ShHavanese85101
LockedWCO MVT z Syllabub Lla 6/2 egge (0xspd) HuHavanese76101


  • Copper Pegasus Copper Pegasus
  • Proud Pony Proud Pony
  • Bold Spotted Pony Bold Spotted Pony
  • Lazy Red Pony Lazy Red Pony
  • Gentle White Wolf Gentle White Wolf
  • Bold Wolf Pup Bold Wolf Pup
  • Polar Bear Polar Bear
  • Green Baby Dragon Green Baby Dragon
  • Blue Baby Dragon Blue Baby Dragon
  • Purple Baby Dragon Purple Baby Dragon
  • Red Baby Dragon Red Baby Dragon
  • Grey Persian Grey Persian
    pet Complete
  • Calico Persian Calico Persian
  • Orange Persian Orange Persian
  • Mean Black and White Cat Mean Black and White Cat
  • Wolpertinger Wolpertinger
  • French Lop Bunny French Lop Bunny
  • A Fluffy Wuffy Bunny A Fluffy Wuffy Bunny
Remembering Furry Paws BETA
Star Competitor
$324,774,515 Money Earned
Salary $67,000
Kennel Size 235
A Regal Norfolk Terrier Statue
The plaque reads:
SCFl SCE MVT ◊ Golden Delicious
Female Norfolk Terrier Born 10 11, 2006
Reached Level 68, Placing in 4,598 Competitions
Awarded Best of Breed - Experienced x77
Awarded Best of Breed - Accomplished x63
Awarded Third Place - Most Accomplished x1
A Regal Miniature Schnauzer Statue
The plaque reads:
SCE SCM MVT ▪ Shades Of Grey
Female Miniature Schnauzer Born 10 20, 2006
Reached Level 61, Placing in 4,495 Competitions
Awarded Best of Breed - Accomplished x32
Awarded Third Place - Most Accomplished x1
A Regal Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Statue
The plaque reads:
SCFl SCE MVT ▫ Don't Stop The Dance
Female Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Born 09 08, 2006
Reached Level 52, Placing in 3,672 Competitions
Awarded Best of Breed - Experienced x60
Awarded Best of Breed - Accomplished x4
A Regal Skye Terrier Statue
The plaque reads:
SCFl SCE MVT . Satin Breeze
Female Skye Terrier Born 09 17, 2006
Reached Level 65, Placing in 4,499 Competitions
Awarded Best of Breed - Experienced x79
Awarded Best of Breed - Accomplished x38
Awarded Third Place - Most Accomplished x1
Awarded First Place - Most Accomplished x1
A Regal Cairn Terrier Statue
The plaque reads:
ICE ICM MVT ~ Giving In To Temptation
Female Cairn Terrier Born 12 19, 2006
Reached Level 49, Placing in 2,070 Competitions
A Regal Kerry Blue Terrier Statue
The plaque reads:
ICSh ICE MVT ' Feeling Blue
Female Kerry Blue Terrier Born 10 10, 2006
Reached Level 45, Placing in 2,018 Competitions
Awarded Best of Breed - Experienced x74
Awarded Best of Breed - Accomplished x25

Game Time

10:37pm on Jun 18

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