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18 Locked Dogs
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11 Locked Dogs
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Terriers/Sight Hounds
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New breeds to Try
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Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Earthdog Trials 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Strength
Memory Garden
This peaceful garden gives testimony to beloved dogs of the past.
Frisbee 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Splashes of color parade along the path of this small, but cheerful garden.
Large Critter Pasture
11 Critters
Tracking 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
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Locked Dogs

LockedAP BAARK 10HH GGEE Blue (SS) 1.000%Newfoundland3180
LockedAA BLK EEEG 1.038%Pembroke Welsh Corgi3170
LockedAA BLK Elyse EEEEPembroke Welsh Corgi3068
LockedIPnSh BLK EmmaBichon Frise1128
LockedMA *LwH* fawn white (I) PP GGEG 1.188%Pembroke Welsh Corgi3471
LockedAT BAARK GGGE Chocolate and White (Irish) 1.000%Newfoundland3180
LockedJAA BLK Puppy 2 EGEE 9HH 14Hh 1hhPembroke Welsh Corgi1528
LockedAW BLK Puppy 4 EEEE 18HHNewfoundland1427
LockedJAA Puppy 5 EEGG 10 HH 10Hh 4 hhPembroke Welsh Corgi1528
LockedAW BLK Puppy 7 EEEE 18HHNewfoundland1427
LockedFor StudIPnSh BLK Toby GEEEBichon Frise1128
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Locked Dogs

LockedAFr BLK Bentley-EEGG 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel3076
LockedAFr BLK Daisy-GEGG 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel3070
LockedAFr BLK Dakota-GGGG 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel3076
LockedMFr BLK Dixie-EEFG 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel3070
LockedExFr BLK EEEE 13HH 1.242%West Siberian Laika3969
LockedAFr BLK EEEE 15HH 0hh 9HhWest Siberian Laika2742
LockedMFr BLK EEEE 15HH 1.170%West Siberian Laika3768
LockedMFr BLK EEEG 10HH 1hhWest Siberian Laika2842
LockedMFr BLK GEGG 1.202%West Siberian Laika3459
LockedMFr BLK GGEE 10HH2hhWest Siberian Laika3053
LockedMHu BLK GGEG 1.215%West Siberian Laika3359
LockedMFr BLK GGGE 11HH3hhWest Siberian Laika2953
LockedAD BLK GGGG 9HHIrish Water Spaniel1834
LockedIPnHT BLK Gus EGGG 1.000%Norwegian Elkhound1128
LockedAFr BLK Jack-GGGG 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel2869
LockedMFT Solia Jada 4HH GEGG 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel3587
LockedAFr BLK Luke-GGEE 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel2963
LockedAFr BLK Murphy-GGGE 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel2869
LockedAFr BLK Pepper-EGGG 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel2869
LockedPnP BLK Puppy 1 EEEE 18HHWest Siberian Laika1120
LockedPnSc BLK Puppy 2 EEEE 15HHWest Siberian Laika1320
LockedAFr BLK Rosie-EGGG 1.000%Irish Water Spaniel2769
LockedIPnHT BLK Sly GEGG 1.000%Norwegian Elkhound1128
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Locked Dogs

LockedChFl SEW 22 1.197 EEEEIbizan Hound5081
LockedME BLK Baxter GGGEBorder Terrier2768
LockedAFr BLK Bella GGFGIbizan Hound2868
LockedAE BLK Chloe GEGGBorder Terrier2556
LockedAFl BLK Coco EGGEIbizan Hound2768
LockedAE BLK Coco GEGEBorder Terrier2556
LockedExE BLK EEEG 12HH 1.120%Irish Terrier3159
LockedME BLK EEEG 8HH 1.162%Irish Terrier3054
LockedME BLK EEGG 8HH 2hh 1.133%Irish Terrier2954
LockedARO MO BLK EGGE 1.188%Wire Fox Terrier3268
LockedExSh BLK EllaIrish Wolfhound4184
LockedAT BLK GEEE 5HH1hh 1.258%Wire Fox Terrier2950
LockedMO BLK GGGE 14HH4hhWire Fox Terrier3055
LockedME BLK GGGG 4hh 8HH 1.143%Irish Terrier2954
LockedAFl BLK Lady GEEFIbizan Hound2868
LockedIPnR BLK LukeIrish Wolfhound1128
LockedME BLK Lulu GFEGBorder Terrier2868
LockedNA Mori EEEE [lla, stmspd]Border Terrier17
LockedME BLK Oliver EGEGBorder Terrier2868
LockedAFl BLK Pepper EFGFIbizan Hound2868
LockedNE Puppy 3 GEEEBorder Terrier17
LockedNE Rann EEEE [lla agi/spd]Border Terrier17
LockedME BLK Riley EGEGBorder Terrier2768
LockedAE BLK Roxy GEEGBorder Terrier2556
LockedAE Rusty GGEFBorder Terrier2556
LockedAE BLK Shelby EEEEBorder Terrier2556
LockedAFl BLK Sophie GGEGIbizan Hound2768
LockedAE PwS Tiny Tim EEEEBorder Terrier1732
LockedTrulu EEEE [Ll, intspd]Border Terrier17
LockedME BLK Winston EGEGBorder Terrier2868
LockedAFl BLK Zoey GGEGIbizan Hound2868
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Locked Dogs

LockedJPnFr AKKS Fritz EEEE 1.000% [agispd agistm]Border Collie922
LockedNH Kaia EEEEBorder Collie414
LockedNH SFBC Kruz EEEEBorder Collie414
Remembering Furry Paws BETA
$17,145,007 Money Earned
Salary $75,400
Kennel Size 18
A Regal Miniature Pinscher Statue
The plaque reads:
PnM DSF Little Eli
Male Miniature Pinscher Born 12 25, 2010
Reached Level 8, Placing in 99 Competitions
A Regal Miniature Pinscher Statue
The plaque reads:
JPnM DSF Big Ben
Male Miniature Pinscher Born 12 25, 2010
Reached Level 8, Placing in 58 Competitions
A Regal American White Shepherd Statue
The plaque reads:
DSF Darkness Shadow Falls
Male American White Shepherd Born 08 22, 2010
Reached Level 1, Placing in 0 Competitions


  • Proud Pony Proud Pony
  • Phoenix Chick Phoenix Chick
    love Complete
  • Rothgar the Purple Baby Dragon Rothgar the Purple Baby Dragon
  • Bug of DOOM <font color=green>Bug of DOOM</font>
  • Evil Rooster <font color=red>Evil Rooster</font>
  • Blackbird Blackbird
  • Brown Snake Brown Snake
  • Calico Persian Calico Persian
  • Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen
  • Silver Hamster Silver Hamster
  • Snowman Snowman

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05:10pm on Jan 16

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