Earthly Decadence

Afghan Hounds - M
Elite Kennel
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0 Pups
44 Locked Dogs
Afghan Hounds - F
Elite Kennel
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0 Pups
64 Locked Dogs
Elite Kennel
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0 Pups
42 Locked Dogs
Irish Setters
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
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20 Locked Dogs
Ibizan Hounds
Elite Kennel
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4 Locked Dogs
Elite Kennel
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34 Locked Dogs
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Splashes of color parade along the path of this small, but cheerful garden.
Small Pond
The surface of this pond reflects the grandeur of the lofty sky, though beneath the illusion of stillness teams an underwater world.
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
0 Locked Dogs
Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Strength
Hunting Trials 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Fantastic Beasts
Large Critter Pasture
17 Critters
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Locked Dogs

LockedNA CSI 20HHAfghan Hound111
LockedAPnFl 24HH Silver StreakAfghan Hound1438
LockedJPnR NDs Atlas AirAfghan Hound713
LockedIPnFr BaltS BloodsportAfghan Hound614
LockedAPnA NDs BonesAfghan Hound1318
LockedAPnFr RofS Burned From HistoryAfghan Hound1324
LockedNFl sass Can't PretendAfghan Hound112
LockedAR sass Devil May CareAfghan Hound1523
LockedARO 14 kt Fall For YouAfghan Hound1626
LockedFor StudPnP MA CRKR Falling StarAfghan Hound3295
LockedIPnFl ~YS~ FivelAfghan Hound919
LockedAPnP tk's If I Had A HeartAfghan Hound1322
LockedNHu sass In Cold BloodAfghan Hound112
LockedNFl sass JudgementAfghan Hound112
LockedAR QUEST LatchAfghan Hound2028
LockedJAR WISE Left Hand FreeAfghan Hound1522
LockedFor StudChR HBP Letters From The SkyAfghan Hound3960
LockedJAFl BaltS Need The Sun To BreakAfghan Hound1529
LockedAPnFl Pop' NeverlandAfghan Hound1219
LockedJAFl tk's NightcallAfghan Hound1422
LockedAR sass PedestalAfghan Hound1623
LockedJAA sass PendulumAfghan Hound1622
LockedJAFl Pop' Poppy Meadows' DracoAfghan Hound1521
LockedJAFl Pop' Poppy Meadows' JakeAfghan Hound1520
LockedAFl Pop' Poppy Meadows' LewyAfghan Hound2444
LockedPPnt Puppy 1Afghan Hound16
LockedPuppy 10Afghan Hound16
LockedPuppy 12Irish Setter16
LockedPuppy 5Afghan Hound17
LockedPuppy 7Afghan Hound17
LockedStBe Puppy 8Afghan Hound16
LockedAR Pop' RenegadeAfghan Hound1725
LockedJPnR sass RetrogradeAfghan Hound713
LockedAFl sass RoadsAfghan Hound1623
LockedFor StudMFl GHK9s Romance of SadnessAfghan Hound3063
LockedAPnR NDs RoyalsAfghan Hound1318
LockedJPnFl NDs SalvatoreAfghan Hound713
LockedAFl sass Seven DevilsAfghan Hound1625
LockedWCFl BoltA Silver Bird 24 lalaAfghan Hound7294
LockedFor StudNCR RofS STAR Ashes Of MidnightAfghan Hound5297
LockedFor StudAFl Aora Stop And StareAfghan Hound2533
LockedJAFl sass Sun Leads Me OnAfghan Hound1422
LockedJAFl WISE UnofferableAfghan Hound1422
LockedNFr RMKS Voodoo In My BloodAfghan Hound112
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Locked Dogs

Locked18HH lalaAfghan Hound16
Locked21HH lalaAfghan Hound16
LockedNFl 23HH spdspd spdspdAfghan Hound17
LockedNFl 23HH stmspd spdspdAfghan Hound17
LockedNFl sass 24HHAfghan Hound111
LockedNR sass 24HHAfghan Hound111
LockedNA sass 24HHAfghan Hound111
LockedNFr BaltS 24HHAfghan Hound111
LockedNR LNRA 24HH/4E/Puppy Raise PamphAfghan Hound110
LockedJPnFl sass AgapeAfghan Hound713
LockedJAR ACent Almond Joy 23HH lala 1.263Afghan Hound1521
LockedNFl MOLTS Birthday!Afghan Hound17
LockedAR sass Black IrisesAfghan Hound1625
LockedJAFr BOK Chasing RubiesAfghan Hound1523
LockedExR QUEST CleopatraAfghan Hound3853
LockedJPnFl ChR FAWCG CrystalisedAfghan Hound4164
LockedWCHu ARWK Diamonds and PearlsAfghan Hound4881
LockedJAFl Trov Elastic HeartAfghan Hound1623
LockedJAFl AMSU Electric SoulAfghan Hound1724
LockedAPnR Pop' EndlesslyAfghan Hound1119
LockedJAFr SIR B Full CircleAfghan Hound1425
LockedNFl Amare Ghosts Come To PlayAfghan Hound112
LockedAFr sass Glory BoxAfghan Hound1623
LockedExR BaltS Heart Skipped A BeatAfghan Hound3462
LockedPnFl sass HeliumAfghan Hound714
LockedJAR WISE Higher LoveAfghan Hound1622
LockedJPnFl NDs HurricaneAfghan Hound713
LockedAPnP tk's I Put A Spell On YouAfghan Hound1322
LockedExA STAR IrisAfghan Hound3781
LockedAR MariK Just Like HeavenAfghan Hound2133
LockedIPnFl JAR 14 kt Kiss From A RoseAfghan Hound1627
LockedPnFl sass LithiumAfghan Hound714
LockedChFr RofS Love Lost BelieverAfghan Hound4082
LockedNFl BaltS Lucky OnesAfghan Hound112
LockedChR tk's Metallic Blue*Afghan Hound3658
LockedJAFl 14 kt Once Upon A DreamAfghan Hound1729
LockedMR RPzK OpheliaAfghan Hound3147
LockedJPnT Amare Paradise CircusAfghan Hound614
LockedExR MKR's Playful Bingo*Afghan Hound3455
LockedJAR Pop' Poppy Meadows' AuroraAfghan Hound1520
LockedJAFr Pop' Poppy Meadows' LunaAfghan Hound1520
LockedJAFl Pop' Poppy Meadows' VioletAfghan Hound1521
LockedExR QUEST PsycheAfghan Hound3655
LockedNA Puppy 1Afghan Hound17
LockedLFF Puppy 2Afghan Hound16
LockedPnR tk's Reasonable TimingAfghan Hound1018
Lockedsass return to 7361Afghan Hound16
LockedJAR tk's SacrilegeAfghan Hound1322
LockedChFr sass Salty SweetAfghan Hound4486
LockedJAFr RofS Salvation I DesireAfghan Hound1424
LockedExR MariK SeptemberAfghan Hound3661
LockedNR sass Sour TimesAfghan Hound112
LockedPnR Pop' StarlightAfghan Hound1019
LockedPnHu CSI Sweet DispositionAfghan Hound915
LockedChR HBP Sweet DreamsAfghan Hound4265
LockedPnR CSI Tainted LoveAfghan Hound915
LockedJAR sass TeardropAfghan Hound1422
LockedJAFr BOK Tempt YouAfghan Hound1423
LockedAR QUEST The Only ExceptionAfghan Hound2234
LockedAR Owcza ThroesAfghan Hound1934
LockedMFl AMHL Venice QueenAfghan Hound2847
LockedJPnR NDs Wandering StarAfghan Hound713
LockedAR sass Warmest RegardsAfghan Hound1622
LockedExR Trov WonderAfghan Hound3754
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor StudCCFT IrsK Arsonist's LullabyIrish Setter4788
LockedNSh sass Call Me In The AfternoonIrish Setter111
LockedPnFT sass Candle Of The WildIrish Setter1018
LockedJPnRO IrsK Cedar TreeIrish Setter614
LockedWCFT IrsK Gentle ImpulsionIrish Setter5199
LockedNT ¤MR¤ Hard Times For DreamersIrish Setter16
LockedFor StudNCRO IrsK I See FireIrish Setter4588
LockedAFT King And Lionheart (23HH lala)Irish Setter1625
LockedCCRO IrsK MercyIrish Setter5299
LockedCCRO IrsK Most Faithful MirrorIrish Setter53101
LockedNFl sass NerveIrish Setter111
LockedPuppy 3Irish Setter16
LockedNT Puppy 7Irish Setter18
LockedNFT Pop' SedatedIrish Setter16
LockedIPnFT sass Sing Of AnarchyIrish Setter918
LockedSubsideIrish Setter16
LockedFor StudNCRO IrsK Take Me To ChurchIrish Setter4688
LockedCCRO IrsK Teardrop On The FireIrish Setter52101
LockedNRO sass The Mother We ShareIrish Setter111
LockedNP sass Witness MeIrish Setter111
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Locked Dogs

LockedAR RofS Queen Of PeaceIbizan Hound1829
LockedJPnR sass RiptideIbizan Hound613
LockedJPnR sass SpectrumIbizan Hound613
LockedMHu LUMI Winter SoundIbizan Hound3040
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Locked Dogs

Locked20HH - 93/11/23/74/14Saarloos Wolfdog16
Locked22HH - 73/14/21/25/79/16Saarloos Wolfdog16
Locked24HH - 21/17/103/21/85/13Saarloos Wolfdog16
Locked24HH - 27/13/88/25/99/11Saarloos Wolfdog16
LockedMinna 24HH lala 251 (H)Saarloos Wolfdog16
LockedMinna 24HH lala 253 (Fl)Border Collie16
LockedMA ¤REVI AimendBorder Collie2565
LockedNT Minna AoiBorder Collie17
LockedChH MariK BeiraBorder Collie4169
LockedAFl Ablz CaerBorder Collie2330
LockedGCA Ablz Daenerys [24HH 1.490]Border Collie4859
LockedNHu VKoA DáireBorder Collie545
LockedChSc ®WK Dripping Rubies [20HH](EEEE) LlaGerman Shepherd Dog4164
LockedNT VIN ÉriuBorder Collie17
LockedAPnO FNTSA ÉtaínBorder Collie1329
LockedAH TØPs FódlaBorder Collie2158
LockedNH D!shP MachaBorder Collie17
LockedNFl MiachBorder Collie17
LockedAT FNTSA MidirBorder Collie2080
LockedJPnH •• NuadaBorder Collie731
LockedPuppy 1Canaan Dog16
LockedPuppy 11German Shepherd Dog16
LockedPuppy 2Border Collie16
LockedPuppy 2Border Collie16
LockedPuppy 2German Shepherd Dog16
LockedSaCo Puppy 6Border Collie16
LockedPuppy 6German Shepherd Dog16
LockedPuppy 6German Shepherd Dog16
LockedPuppy 7Border Collie16
LockedPuppy 7German Shepherd Dog16
LockedPuppy 8Border Collie16
LockedCSI Puppy 9Border Collie16
LockedExSc ÄK Silver Flower [21HH](EEEE) lalaGerman Shepherd Dog4066
LockedExA ~gsk~ [ 1.028 ] ( Lla 24HH ) Brindle Silver Merle and White (Irish) with Chocolate Saddle and MaskBorder Collie3065


  • Clever Red Wolf Clever Red Wolf
  • Snowman Snowman
  • Green Baby Dragon Green Baby Dragon
  • Blue Baby Dragon Blue Baby Dragon
  • Purple Baby Dragon Purple Baby Dragon
  • Red Baby Dragon Red Baby Dragon
  • Polar Bear Polar Bear
  • Reindeer Reindeer
  • French Lop Bunny French Lop Bunny
  • Sparrow Sparrow
  • Silver Hamster Silver Hamster
  • Black Banded Hamster Black Banded Hamster
  • Black Hamster Black Hamster
  • Chocolate Hamster Chocolate Hamster
  • Champagne Hamster Champagne Hamster
  • Cinnamon Hamster Cinnamon Hamster
  • Golden Hamster Golden Hamster

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10:49am on Jul 16

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