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Female BC's
Elite Kennel
47 Dogs
4 Pups
0 Locked Dogs
Male BC's
Premium Kennel
30 Dogs
0 Pups
10 Locked Dogs
Deluxe Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
14 Locked Dogs
Deluxe Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
3 Locked Dogs
Obedience 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Musical Freestyle 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Tracking 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Rally-O 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Flyball 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Herding 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
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AT Minna 1.607xBorder Collie2634
NFr -BLD- 24HH lala stmx3 bd silver merle pie TrBorder Collie112
MT Arabic Radiance 1.525xBorder Collie3745
ExFl xo <3 Beautiful Little Rose 1.560xBorder Collie4049
MFl SlvSt Best Girl Here 1.822xBorder Collie3743
ExH xo <3 Bright Morning 1.575xBorder Collie4250
MH Brown Songbird 1.552xBorder Collie3543
ChFl xo <3 Celtic For Wise 1.560xBorder Collie4655
ChH xo <3 Chocolate Swirl 1.553xBorder Collie4756
ChT xo <3 Egyptian Goddess 1.557xBorder Collie4455
GCFl Minna Focus On ME 1.630x @ try this oneeBorder Collie5771
ChH xo <3 Full Of Surprises 1.567xBorder Collie4352
MFl Goddess Of Success 1.522xBorder Collie3543
ExFl Greek Butterfly 1.513xBorder Collie3847
NCFl Xplo Highest Experience 1.703xBorder Collie5975
ChH xo <3 Italian Blue Sky 1.573xBorder Collie4453
ExT Japanese Snow 1.525xBorder Collie3645
WCH xo <3 Latin Lilly 1.470xBorder Collie81102
ChH xo <3 lost Without A Trace 1.593xBorder Collie4553
CCH xo <3 Midnight Light 1.555xBorder Collie6169
ExH xo <3 Oyster Treasures 1.548xBorder Collie4150
MFl Puppy 1Border Collie2936
MFl Puppy 10Border Collie3036
MT Puppy 10Border Collie2936
APnH Puppy 11Border Collie1319
MH Puppy 12Border Collie2936
MH Puppy 2Border Collie2936
PnFl Puppy 2Border Collie1219
MFl Puppy 3Border Collie3339
MFl Puppy 3Border Collie3138
MA Puppy 3Border Collie2936
MH Puppy 5Border Collie3339
MH Puppy 5Border Collie3138
PnT Puppy 6Border Collie1219
JAH AvlK Puppy 6 High Bid 1mBorder Collie1824
APnFl Puppy 7Border Collie1319
ChH xo <3 Pure Heart 1.585xBorder Collie4553
ExFl xo <3 Queens Royalty 1.583xBorder Collie4150
ChH xo <3 Red Country Road 1.557xBorder Collie4755
ExFl xo <3 Self Shining 1.560xBorder Collie4249
ExT xo <3 Sky Changes Colour 1.575xBorder Collie4150
NCFl Minna Sweet Lollipop 1.627x try this oneBorder Collie5671
WCH xo <3 Symbol Of Peace 1.400xBorder Collie7899
WCH xo <3 Unconquerable 1.545xBorder Collie8399
ChT xo <3 Yellow Stone 1.593xBorder Collie4453
ChH xo <3 Young Lady 1.590xBorder Collie4352
ExFl xo <3 Youthful Miss 1.585xBorder Collie4453
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Young Dogs

NH AvlK Puppy 4Border Collie19
NH AvlK Puppy 5Border Collie19
NH AvlK Puppy 7Border Collie19
NH AvlK Puppy 7 Highest Bid 650kBorder Collie19
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MH Minna 287 HBorder Collie2935
ExT MLDK Bow And Arrow 1.603xBorder Collie4255
ChT xo <3 Brave And Noble 1.560xBorder Collie4454
GCH Bryer Bringer Of Light 1.557xBorder Collie5268
ChT xo <3 Devoted 1.583xBorder Collie4249
GCT Minna Free Man 1.638xBorder Collie5670
ChFl xo <3 Highest Point 1.553xBorder Collie4455
ChT xo <3 In Charge 1.567xBorder Collie4151
GCT xo <3 Kings Meadow 1.442xBorder Collie5468
WCFl xo <3 Latin Leader 1.485xBorder Collie6784
ChT xo <3 Leave Fast 1.590xBorder Collie4251
CCH xo <3 Little Irish Battler 1.555xBorder Collie5768
GCH xo <3 My Light, My Flame 1.472xBorder Collie5066
WCT xo <3 Mythical Creature 1.400xBorder Collie7598
MH Paper Money 1.560xBorder Collie3542
NCT xo <3 Power Of The Wolf 1.442xBorder Collie5468
MT Puppy 1Border Collie2935
MT Puppy 2Border Collie2835
MFl Puppy 3Border Collie2935
MT Puppy 4Border Collie3138
MFl Puppy 4Border Collie2835
APnH Puppy 5Border Collie1319
MH Puppy 8Border Collie3338
APnT Puppy 9Border Collie1219
ExT Risky Business 1.513xBorder Collie3846
ExH xo <3 Scrap And Fight 1.548xBorder Collie3949
MT Short Knife 1.542xBorder Collie3442
WCH xo <3 Small Indentations 1.470xBorder Collie80101
ChH xo <3 Strength Of Bear 1.573xBorder Collie4452
MFl Swamp Loving Creature 1.560xBorder Collie3342
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Locked Dogs

LockedUCH Bellamy 1.635Border Collie90109
LockedUCFl xo <3 Destroyer 3.133xBorder Collie90104
LockedFor StudUCH xo <3 Gwern 24HH 1.615xBorder Collie94108
LockedWCH Kip's I Wasn't Ready [2xStm - 1.608] 1.0 585Border Collie80103
LockedWCT WsbD JorisBorder Collie89102
LockedWCFl AvlK Orange Tiger 3.277xBorder Collie83102
LockedFor StudWCFl AvlK Puppy 6 High Bid 500kBorder Collie78102
LockedFor StudUCA AvlK Puppy 7Border Collie81108
LockedUCH MiMi Shaun EEEE Lla 24HH 1.538Border Collie86106
LockedWCFl AvlK Speakled Dots 1.630 *****Border Collie78102
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Locked Dogs

LockedExT JPnH Pop' 24HH EEEE lalaEnglish Shepherd3455
LockedMFl WBBT Crashing Waves 1.470xCatahoula Leopard Dog3348
LockedJAFl TAE’s Dandelion Grass 1.318xCatahoula Leopard Dog1727
LockedAH JPnT Pop' ES 22HH EEEE lalaEnglish Shepherd1425
LockedExFl PnA Pop' ES#1 23HH EEEE lalaEnglish Shepherd3956
LockedJPnFl ExA Pop' ES#2 21HH EEEEEnglish Shepherd3654
LockedExFl WBBT Eye Of The Storm 1.475xCatahoula Leopard Dog3752
LockedMFr DWH Frosting Ontop 21HH 1.295Catahoula Leopard Dog2538
LockedJAFl TAE’s Frosty Mornings 1.302xCatahoula Leopard Dog1727
LockedGCH *MGs* Hedi (EEEE 20/4/0)Catahoula Leopard Dog4492
LockedNH FallK Puppy 1Catahoula Leopard Dog111
LockedMA BtG Puppy 10Catahoula Leopard Dog2642
LockedJPnP AOC Puppy 2Carpathian Shepherd114
LockedMA ALX Southern Girl 1.135xCatahoula Leopard Dog2337
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor Public SaleWCFl xo <3 Bringer Of Treasure 1.420xBorder Collie79106
LockedFor Public SaleWCFl xo <3 Brown Spice 1.180xBorder Collie69102
LockedFor Public SaleWCH xo <3 Wealthy Love 1.338xBorder Collie70102

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