Pandemonium Kennels

Main PropertyExxxtra
German Shepherds
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
82 Locked Dogs
Caucasian Ovcharkas
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
84 Locked Dogs
Clumber Spaniels
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
69 Locked Dogs
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
91 Locked Dogs
Field Trials 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
Pulling 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Strength
Pulling 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Strength
Field Trials 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Show 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Charisma
Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Large Critter Pasture
7 Critters
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
These rolling hills are littered with fluffy wuffy bunny warrens! Hopefully their population won't get too much more out of control.
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Locked Dogs

LockedCCSc SPIKE A Favor House AtlanticGerman Shepherd Dog6268
LockedWCSc SPIKE All ApologiesGerman Shepherd Dog7886
LockedWCW SPIKE Amuse-BoucheGerman Shepherd Dog5364
LockedCCSc SPIKE ApéritifGerman Shepherd Dog5964
LockedUCSc SPIKE Big City DreamsGerman Shepherd Dog9492
LockedWCSc SPIKE Black Hole SunGerman Shepherd Dog8588
LockedCCSc SPIKE Blood Red SummerGerman Shepherd Dog6668
LockedUCSc SPIKE Breathe No MoreGerman Shepherd Dog101101
LockedCCSc SPIKE Buffet FroidGerman Shepherd Dog6164
LockedUCSc SPIKE Call Me When You're SoberGerman Shepherd Dog99101
LockedWCSc SPIKE Can't Stand ItGerman Shepherd Dog8192
LockedUCA SPIKE ChemicalsGerman Shepherd Dog90102
LockedWCSc SPIKE Coffee And CigarettesGerman Shepherd Dog8392
LockedNCSc SPIKE CoquillesGerman Shepherd Dog5864
LockedWCSc SPIKE Dare 4 DistanceGerman Shepherd Dog8592
LockedWCSc SPIKE Delirium TriggerGerman Shepherd Dog6768
LockedWCW SPIKE Devil In Jersey CityGerman Shepherd Dog5268
LockedUCA SPIKE Diggin' HolesGerman Shepherd Dog93102
LockedWCSc SPIKE Don't Start A BandGerman Shepherd Dog7377
LockedNCSc SPIKE EntréeGerman Shepherd Dog5764
LockedWCSc SPIKE Even FlowGerman Shepherd Dog7886
LockedWCSc SPIKE Fell On Black DaysGerman Shepherd Dog8286
LockedNCSc SPIKE FromageGerman Shepherd Dog6064
LockedUCSc SPIKE GasolinaGerman Shepherd Dog94101
LockedWCA SPIKE Get Over ItGerman Shepherd Dog86101
LockedICSh SPIKE God Bless The U.S.A. (BOB)Pekingese94100
LockedWCSc SPIKE HanutedGerman Shepherd Dog87101
LockedCCSc SPIKE HassunGerman Shepherd Dog6164
LockedUCSc SPIKE Heart Shaped BoxGerman Shepherd Dog98103
LockedCCSc SPIKE Here We Are JuggernautGerman Shepherd Dog6568
LockedUCSc SPIKE I Come AliveGerman Shepherd Dog95101
LockedWCSc SPIKE I Dare You To Break My HeartGerman Shepherd Dog7077
LockedWCSc SPIKE I Love You 5German Shepherd Dog8892
LockedICW SPIKE I Saw A TigerGerman Shepherd Dog88101
LockedWCSc SPIKE I Stay AwayGerman Shepherd Dog7987
LockedUCSc SPIKE I've Caught FireGerman Shepherd Dog93104
LockedWCSc SPIKE Interstate Love SongGerman Shepherd Dog8488
LockedNCSc SPIKE KaisekiGerman Shepherd Dog5864
LockedCCSc SPIKE Kiss Me DeadlyGerman Shepherd Dog6777
LockedICW SPIKE Lousy TruthGerman Shepherd Dog7492
LockedWCSc SPIKE Man In The BoxGerman Shepherd Dog7986
LockedCCSc SPIKE Muk?zukeGerman Shepherd Dog6264
LockedCCSc SPIKE My Own Worst EnemyGerman Shepherd Dog6472
LockedWCSc SPIKE Nearly Lost YouGerman Shepherd Dog8186
LockedNCSc SPIKE OeufGerman Shepherd Dog6064
LockedWCSc SPIKE On The BrightsideGerman Shepherd Dog8592
LockedUCSh SPIKE Party in the U.S.A.Pekingese90100
LockedICSc SPIKE Pocket Full Of Sunshine (BOB)German Shepherd Dog103104
LockedNCSc SPIKE PotageGerman Shepherd Dog5864
LockedCCSc SPIKE RelevésGerman Shepherd Dog6164
LockedWCA SPIKE RetaliateGerman Shepherd Dog88101
LockedWCSc SPIKE River Of DeciptGerman Shepherd Dog7286
LockedCCSc SPIKE RôtiGerman Shepherd Dog6164
LockedWCSc SPIKE Rusty CageGerman Shepherd Dog8287
LockedNCSc SPIKE SavoureuxGerman Shepherd Dog5964
LockedWCSc SPIKE Sell OutGerman Shepherd Dog6877
LockedWCSc SPIKE She Has A Girlfriend NowGerman Shepherd Dog6877
LockedWCSc SPIKE She's Famous NowGerman Shepherd Dog7377
LockedWCSc SPIKE ShesGotStyleGerman Shepherd Dog8492
LockedUCSc SPIKE Smells Like Teen SpiritGerman Shepherd Dog94104
LockedUCSc SPIKE Snow White QueenGerman Shepherd Dog94101
LockedWCSc SPIKE Somebody Hates MeGerman Shepherd Dog6777
LockedCCSc SPIKE SorbetGerman Shepherd Dog6164
LockedUCSc SPIKE State Of Love And TrustGerman Shepherd Dog91101
LockedUCA SPIKE Take On MeGerman Shepherd Dog94102
LockedWCSc SPIKE Take On MeGerman Shepherd Dog7177
LockedNCSc SPIKE TakiawaseGerman Shepherd Dog5864
LockedUCSc SPIKE Taking Over MeGerman Shepherd Dog97101
LockedICSc SPIKE The Bird And The Worm (BOB)German Shepherd Dog98102
LockedNCSc SPIKE The BrokenGerman Shepherd Dog6168
LockedCCSc SPIKE The Color Before The SunGerman Shepherd Dog6168
LockedCCSc SPIKE The SufferingGerman Shepherd Dog6268
LockedWCSc SPIKE Them BonesGerman Shepherd Dog8087
LockedICSc SPIKE TourniquetGerman Shepherd Dog107103
LockedCCSc SPIKE Trou NormandGerman Shepherd Dog6364
LockedWCSc CTL True ExplorerGerman Shepherd Dog85110
LockedWCSc SPIKE VaselineGerman Shepherd Dog7887
LockedWCSc SPIKE Welcome HomeGerman Shepherd Dog6668
LockedUCA SPIKE When I'm GoneGerman Shepherd Dog94101
LockedNCSc SPIKE Year Of The Black RainbowGerman Shepherd Dog5968
LockedWCSc SPIKE Your Biggest FanGerman Shepherd Dog8292
LockedUCA SPIKE Your Love Is A LieGerman Shepherd Dog95101
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Locked Dogs

LockedJPnP SPIKE 297Caucasian Ovtcharka814
LockedJPnP SPIKE 299 pCaucasian Ovtcharka714
LockedJPnP SPIKE 307Caucasian Ovtcharka814
LockedIPnP SPIKE 309Caucasian Ovtcharka814
LockedJPnP SPIKE 310Caucasian Ovtcharka814
LockedJPnP SPIKE 314Caucasian Ovtcharka814
LockedUCP SPIKE A Little Past Little RockCaucasian Ovtcharka8992
LockedUCP SPIKE A Man's Home Is His CastleCaucasian Ovtcharka97102
LockedAP SPIKE All Jacked UpCaucasian Ovtcharka1822
LockedUCP SPIKE American HoneyCaucasian Ovtcharka8589
LockedNCP SPIKE Ashes By NowCaucasian Ovtcharka5564
LockedWCP SPIKE Before He CheatsCaucasian Ovtcharka6975
LockedICP SPIKE Better Call SaulCaucasian Ovtcharka102101
LockedWCP SPIKE Born To FlyCaucasian Ovtcharka6070
LockedUCP SPIKE Boulder To Birmingham (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka95102
LockedUCP SPIKE Boys Will Be Bugs (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka97101
LockedICP SPIKE Breaking Bad (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka102101
LockedUCP SPIKE Carrying Your Love With MeCaucasian Ovtcharka95101
LockedUCP SPIKE Champagne HeartCaucasian Ovtcharka8589
LockedUCP SPIKE Chattahoochee (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka96101
LockedWCP SPIKE Cowboy CasanovaCaucasian Ovtcharka6975
LockedWCP SPIKE Cross My HeartCaucasian Ovtcharka8597
LockedUCP SPIKE DipstickCaucasian Ovtcharka97101
LockedNCP SPIKE Does Your Ring Burn Your FingerCaucasian Ovtcharka5464
LockedUCP SPIKE FireCaucasian Ovtcharka94102
LockedUCP SPIKE Girls Lie TooCaucasian Ovtcharka94101
LockedMP SPIKE Girls, Girls, GirlsCaucasian Ovtcharka3035
LockedUCP SPIKE Good To YouCaucasian Ovtcharka8797
LockedICP SPIKE Goodnite, Dr. Death (Bob)Caucasian Ovtcharka93103
LockedUCP SPIKE Guys Do It All The TimeCaucasian Ovtcharka93101
LockedICP SPIKE Hang 'Em High (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka102102
LockedJAFl SPIKE Here For The PartyCaucasian Ovtcharka1622
LockedUCP SPIKE I Can Still Make CheyenneCaucasian Ovtcharka94101
LockedWCP SPIKE I Hope You DanceCaucasian Ovtcharka8392
LockedWCP SPIKE I Keep LookingCaucasian Ovtcharka6170
LockedNCP SPIKE I May Help Myself In The MorningCaucasian Ovtcharka5464
LockedWCP SPIKE I Run To YouCaucasian Ovtcharka8389
LockedUCP SPIKE I Saw The LightCaucasian Ovtcharka93101
LockedCCP SPIKE I Saw The LightCaucasian Ovtcharka6170
LockedNCP SPIKE I'll Think Of A Reason LaterCaucasian Ovtcharka5364
LockedUCP SPIKE Independence DayCaucasian Ovtcharka94101
LockedUCP SPIKE It Matters To MeCaucasian Ovtcharka98103
LockedWCP SPIKE Jesus And A JukeboxCaucasian Ovtcharka6270
LockedWCP SPIKE Just A KissCaucasian Ovtcharka8089
LockedUCP SPIKE Like We Never Loved At All (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka99101
LockedWCP SPIKE Little Red WagonCaucasian Ovtcharka6772
LockedWCP SPIKE Mama's Broken HeartCaucasian Ovtcharka6672
LockedUCP SPIKE Mendocino County LineCaucasian Ovtcharka95102
LockedWCP SPIKE Need You NowCaucasian Ovtcharka8293
LockedUCP SPIKE No One Else On EarthCaucasian Ovtcharka92101
LockedWCP SPIKE No One Else On EarthCaucasian Ovtcharka6470
LockedWCP SPIKE No Place That FarCaucasian Ovtcharka6170
LockedAP SPIKE One Bud WiserCaucasian Ovtcharka1822
LockedUCP SPIKE One Way TicketCaucasian Ovtcharka93101
LockedUCP SPIKE Only The Lonely Survive (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka9197
LockedJAP SPIKE Pocahontas ProudCaucasian Ovtcharka1722
LockedICP SPIKE Puppy 9 - fire (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka99102
LockedAP SPIKE Rebel ChildCaucasian Ovtcharka1822
LockedAP SPIKE Redneck WomanCaucasian Ovtcharka1822
LockedWCP SPIKE She Is His Only NeedCaucasian Ovtcharka6270
LockedWCP SPIKE Some Things Never ChangeCaucasian Ovtcharka6570
LockedNCP SPIKE Something Worth Leaving BehindCaucasian Ovtcharka5664
LockedWCP SPIKE StrongerCaucasian Ovtcharka91101
LockedWCP SPIKE Suds In The BucketCaucasian Ovtcharka6370
LockedUCP SPIKE Take Me As I AmCaucasian Ovtcharka95101
LockedWCP SPIKE Temporary HomeCaucasian Ovtcharka7180
LockedAP SPIKE The Girl I AmCaucasian Ovtcharka1722
LockedWCP SPIKE The House That Built MeCaucasian Ovtcharka6572
LockedUCP SPIKE The Rest Of Our Life (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka99101
LockedUCP SPIKE The Way You Love Me (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka97101
LockedNCP SPIKE The Wrong GirlCaucasian Ovtcharka5564
LockedUCP SPIKE This Is Me You're Talking ToCaucasian Ovtcharka91101
LockedUCP SPIKE This Is Not A Fashion Statement, It's A DeathwishCaucasian Ovtcharka92101
LockedUCP SPIKE Traveling SoliderCaucasian Ovtcharka96102
LockedUCP SPIKE Walkaway Joe (BOB)Caucasian Ovtcharka99101
LockedUCP SPIKE We Own The NightCaucasian Ovtcharka8689
LockedWCP SPIKE What If I Never Get Over You?Caucasian Ovtcharka8489
LockedJAP SPIKE When I Think About Cheatin'Caucasian Ovtcharka1722
LockedWCP SPIKE White LiarCaucasian Ovtcharka6872
LockedFor StudUCP SPIKE Why Not Me?Caucasian Ovtcharka93102
LockedICP SPIKE You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In PrisonCaucasian Ovtcharka101102
LockedWCP SPIKE You Look GoodCaucasian Ovtcharka8189
LockedUCP SPIKE You Spin Me RoundCaucasian Ovtcharka93104
LockedUCP SPIKE You Will Be MineCaucasian Ovtcharka97101
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Locked Dogs

LockedWCFT SPIKE A Very Nice PrinceClumber Spaniel7687
LockedWCFT SPIKE AgonyClumber Spaniel8187
LockedUCFT SPIKE Angel In The MorningClumber Spaniel91102
LockedWCFT SPIKE Any MomentClumber Spaniel7887
LockedJPnP SPIKE Balenciaga DreamsGreat Pyrenees814
LockedUCFT SPIKE Bette Davis EyesClumber Spaniel91101
LockedWCFT SPIKE Careful My ToeClumber Spaniel8087
LockedWCFT SPIKE Children Will ListenClumber Spaniel7587
LockedWCFT SPIKE Cinderella At The GraveClumber Spaniel8188
LockedWCFT SPIKE Cleaning Out My ClosetClumber Spaniel6776
LockedIPnP SPIKE Como Lo Hago YoGreat Pyrenees814
LockedWCFT SPIKE Doggy Dogg WorldClumber Spaniel5867
LockedWCW SPIKE Drop It Like It's HotClumber Spaniel5167
LockedWCFT SPIKE Ever AfterClumber Spaniel7787
LockedWCFT SPIKE Fight MusicClumber Spaniel6878
LockedWCFT SPIKE Forgot About DreClumber Spaniel6980
LockedUCFT SPIKE Giants In The Sky (BOB)Clumber Spaniel8388
LockedWCD SPIKE Gin And JuiceClumber Spaniel6171
LockedWCFT SPIKE Git UpClumber Spaniel7278
LockedJPnP SPIKE Gucci VisionGreat Pyrenees814
LockedWCFT SPIKE Hello, Little GirlClumber Spaniel7788
LockedWCFT SPIKE I Guess This Is GoodbyeClumber Spaniel8087
LockedWCFT SPIKE I Know Things NowClumber Spaniel8188
LockedICHT SPIKE I Think We're Alone Now (BOB)Clumber Spaniel97102
LockedUCFT SPIKE Into The GrooveClumber Spaniel90101
LockedWCFT SPIKE It Takes TwoClumber Spaniel7787
LockedJPnP SPIKE Kill My HeartGreat Pyrenees814
LockedWCFT SPIKE KillshotClumber Spaniel7178
LockedWCFT SPIKE Last MidnightClumber Spaniel7688
LockedWCFT SPIKE Late MidnightClumber Spaniel7586
LockedUCFT SPIKE Like A VirginClumber Spaniel91101
LockedWCFT SPIKE Lose YourselfClumber Spaniel7078
LockedWCFT SPIKE Love The Way You LieClumber Spaniel7581
LockedWCFT SPIKE Magic BeansClumber Spaniel7886
LockedWCFT SPIKE Maybe They're MagicClumber Spaniel7586
LockedWCFT SPIKE MockingbirdClumber Spaniel6676
LockedWCHT SPIKE Moments In The WoodsClumber Spaniel7689
LockedJPnP SPIKE Mother TeresaGreat Pyrenees714
LockedWCFT SPIKE My BandClumber Spaniel6978
LockedWCFT SPIKE My Name IsClumber Spaniel7081
LockedWCFT SPIKE No One Is AloneClumber Spaniel8189
LockedWCFT SPIKE Not AfraidClumber Spaniel7078
LockedWCFT SPIKE On The Steps Of The PalaceClumber Spaniel7789
LockedNP SPIKE Puppy 1Great Pyrenees110
LockedNP SPIKE Puppy 1Great Pyrenees110
LockedWCFT SPIKE Purple PillsClumber Spaniel7178
LockedWCFT SPIKE Rap GodClumber Spaniel7081
LockedWCFT SPIKE Rapunzel's SongClumber Spaniel7687
LockedWCFT SPIKE Real Slim ShadyClumber Spaniel6676
LockedUCFT SPIKE RoyaltyClumber Spaniel90105
LockedWCFT SPIKE Same Song & DanceClumber Spaniel6978
LockedWCFT SPIKE Sing For The MomentClumber Spaniel7480
LockedFor StudUCFT Sleeping Single In A Double BedClumber Spaniel85104
LockedUCFT SPIKE Smooth OperatorClumber Spaniel91101
LockedWCFT SPIKE Space BoundClumber Spaniel7180
LockedWCFT SPIKE StanClumber Spaniel7281
LockedWCFT SPIKE Stay With MeClumber Spaniel7687
LockedCCFT SPIKE Still A G ThangClumber Spaniel5767
LockedFor StudUCFT SPIKE Sweet DreamsClumber Spaniel95102
LockedWCHT SPIKE The Cape As Red As BloodClumber Spaniel7787
LockedWCFT SPIKE The Cow As White As MilkClumber Spaniel7788
LockedWCFT SPIKE Tone DeafClumber Spaniel6276
LockedWCFT SPIKE Usual SuspectsClumber Spaniel6067
LockedWCFT SPIKE When I'm GoneClumber Spaniel6676
LockedWCFT SPIKE Witches LamentClumber Spaniel8188
LockedWCFT SPIKE Without MeClumber Spaniel6980
LockedWCFT SPIKE Words Are WeaponsClumber Spaniel7080
LockedCCFT SPIKE Young, Wild, & FreeClumber Spaniel5767
LockedWCFT SPIKE Your FaultClumber Spaniel8088
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Locked Dogs

LockedNCSh QUEST 24Akita5490
LockedJPnD SPIKE 288Shiba Inu814
LockedJPnSh SPIKE 288Shiba Inu814
LockedUCA SPIKE 324Chihuahua92102
LockedJASc SPIKE Age Age AgainGreat Dane1621
LockedWCSc SPIKE Angel In The NightAmerican White Shepherd91101
LockedUCSc SPIKE Angels Ain't ListeningAmerican White Shepherd92101
LockedJASc SPIKE Bad End NightGreat Dane1621
LockedWCA SPIKE BadfishDalmatian7077
LockedWCSc SPIKE Bass CreatorAmerican White Shepherd87101
LockedFor StudUCSh SPIKE Black Widow (BOB)Chinese Crested89108
LockedUCSc SPIKE Bodak Yellow (BOB)Belgian Tervuren9195
LockedFor StudUCSh SPIKE Born In The U.S.A (BOB)Pekingese91102
LockedWCSc SPIKE Boten AnnaAmerican White Shepherd89101
LockedWCA SPIKE Bottoms UpChihuahua7183
LockedWCSc SPIKE Bronx SeasonBelgian Tervuren8695
LockedUCSc SPIKE Can't Get You Out Of My HeadBelgian Malinois89102
LockedUCSh SPIKE Change Your Life (BOB)Chinese Crested93102
LockedWCSc SPIKE DotAAmerican White Shepherd89101
LockedWCA SPIKE Dr JonesBorder Collie89102
LockedFor StudWCA SS›K Drop Pop CandyShetland Sheepdog83110
LockedWCA SPIKE DubaiChihuahua7080
LockedUCP SPIKE Dump TruckGreat Pyrenees90101
LockedUCSc SPIKE Every Thought a Thought of You (BOB)Dogo Argentino9198
LockedWCSc SPIKE Fox's Dream Of Log FumeDogo Argentino8498
LockedAA SPIKE Goodnight SaigonShetland Sheepdog1722
LockedWCSc SPIKE Hey JulieTaiwan Dog8195
LockedJAP SPIKE HH :15 Hh :7 hh :2Maremma Sheepdog1521
LockedJAP SPIKE HH :17 Hh :4 hh :3Maremma Sheepdog1421
LockedJAP SPIKE HH :17 Hh :5 hh :2Maremma Sheepdog1521
LockedJAP SPIKE HH :18 Hh :3 hh :3Maremma Sheepdog1521
LockedWCA SPIKE House Of WaxChihuahua7083
LockedWCA SPIKE I Get That A LotChihuahua6980
LockedUCSc SPIKE I Like ItBelgian Tervuren9095
LockedWCSc SPIKE I Promised MyselfAmerican White Shepherd90101
LockedUCP SPIKE I Swear This Time I Mean It (BOB)Kuvasz89102
LockedASc SPIKE If U Think About MeDoberman Pinscher2126
LockedFor StudUCSc SPIKE King Beetle On A Coconut EstateDogo Argentino87103
LockedWCSc SPIKE Leave The BikerTaiwan Dog8195
LockedUCSc SPIKE Make That CakeBelgian Tervuren95102
LockedUCA SPIKE Me At The Zoo (BOB)Chihuahua93102
LockedWCSc SPIKE Mexican WineTaiwan Dog7795
LockedWCSc SPIKE Money BagBelgian Tervuren8495
LockedAPnA SPIKE Money In The GraveWhippet1318
LockedUCSc SPIKE Mr. Saxobeat (BOB)American White Shepherd95101
LockedWCA SPIKE My New BFFChihuahua6980
LockedUCA SPIKE Napoleon (BOB)Chihuahua90102
LockedWCSc SPIKE Nice And BlueDogo Argentino8598
LockedWCA SPIKE Nine LivesChihuahua7183
LockedWCSc SPIKE Now You're GoneAmerican White Shepherd88101
LockedWCSc SPIKE O, PorcupineDogo Argentino8498
LockedUCSc SPIKE Ocean Eyes (BOB x6)Belgian Tervuren92107
LockedUCA SPIKE Only The Good Die YoungShetland Sheepdog95101
LockedARO SPIKE Party Til I DieDoberman Pinscher2126
LockedUCA SPIKE Pawn Shop (BOB)Dalmatian91102
LockedWCA SPIKE Pledge ThisChihuahua6983
LockedJASc SPIKE Po Pi PoGreat Dane1621
LockedUCA SPIKE Pump Up The JamBorder Collie93101
LockedWCHT MCs Puppy 4Akita86102
LockedUCM SPIKE Radiation Vibe (BOB)Taiwan Dog8695
LockedWCSc SPIKE Red Cow & DorothyDogo Argentino8498
LockedUCSc SPIKE Red Dragon Tattoo (BOB)Taiwan Dog86102
LockedWCA SPIKE Rhythm Of The NightBorder Collie89101
LockedCCSc SPIKE Rolling GirlGreat Dane6271
LockedJASc SPIKE Romeo And CinderellaGreat Dane1621
LockedUCA SPIKE Run AwayBorder Collie90101
LockedFor StudWCSh SPIKE Run To The HillsShiba Inu84105
LockedWCSc SPIKE Russia PrivjetAmerican White Shepherd91101
LockedWCA SPIKE SanteriaDalmatian6777
LockedJAA SPIKE Say Goodbye To HollywoodShetland Sheepdog1822
LockedJASc SPIKE Secrets Of WysteriaGreat Dane1621
LockedAPnA SPIKE Seeing GreenWhippet1318
LockedWCSc SPIKE She BadBelgian Tervuren8395
LockedJAA SPIKE She's Always A WomanShetland Sheepdog1722
LockedWCSc SPIKE Someone's Gonna Break Your HeartTaiwan Dog8295
LockedUCP SPIKE Sugar Daddy (BOB)Great Pyrenees95102
LockedWCSc SPIKE TempoBelgian Tervuren8495
LockedAA SPIKE The Longest TimeShetland Sheepdog1822
LockedWCA SPIKE This Is ParisChihuahua6883
LockedWCSc SPIKE Torches TogetherDogo Argentino8498
LockedWCSc SPIKE Trance UpAmerican White Shepherd90101
LockedWCSc SPIKE Truth HurtsBelgian Tervuren8995
LockedUCSc SPIKE Two-Faced LoversGreat Dane89101
LockedJASc SPIKE Unhappy RefrainGreat Dane1621
LockedWCSc SPIKE Valley Winter SongTaiwan Dog7995
LockedWCA SPIKE Virtual InsanityBorder Collie87101
LockedFor StudUCSh SPIKE Wasted Years (BOB)Shiba Inu92103
LockedWCSc SPIKE Without Stars (BOB)American White Shepherd92101
LockedASc SPIKE Wrong TurnDoberman Pinscher2026
LockedUCSh SPIKE Wrong WayDalmatian88102
LockedAA SPIKE You May Be RightShetland Sheepdog1722


  • Moustached Persian Moustached Persian
    pet Complete
  • White Persian White Persian
  • Colorpoint Persian Colorpoint Persian
  • Calico Persian Calico Persian
  • Grey Persian Grey Persian
  • Orange Persian Orange Persian
  • Phoenix Chick Phoenix Chick

Game Time

10:56pm on Oct 16

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