Yehti's Palace Pals

Berger Picards
Deluxe Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
25 Locked Dogs
Collies and Sheebs
Premium Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
28 Locked Dogs
Kerrys, Labs, and Bichons
Premium Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
46 Locked Dogs
Flyball 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Large Critter Pasture
11 Critters
Tracking 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Dock Diving 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Frisbee 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Scent Hurdles 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
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Locked Dogs

LockedNFl NT 10HH ll GEEGBerger Picard121
LockedPnHu VKoA 10HH LL GEGEBerger Picard931
LockedJPnT 10HH Ll GGGGBerger Picard728
LockedAT KART 11HH ll EEEGBerger Picard2051
LockedIPnT 13HH Ll EEEEBerger Picard931
LockedJPnFr ~LLW~ 14HH lala EGEGBerger Picard123
LockedExP VSFD 14HH Lla EEEEBerger Picard3791
LockedAPnA 15HH lala EEEEBerger Picard1232
LockedIPnFl 15HH lala EEEEBerger Picard829
Locked16HH EEEEBerger Picard117
LockedIPnT VUXPK 17HH lala EEEEBerger Picard1135
LockedNA 18HH EEEEBerger Picard122
LockedNA 19HH EEEEBerger Picard122
LockedNA 19HH EEEGBerger Picard122
LockedChFl ExT IAPnT 2HH lala EGGGBerger Picard4399
LockedMA 2HH lla GGGGBerger Picard2966
LockedExFl 4HH lla GEEEBerger Picard3890
LockedIPnHu VKoA 4HH Lla GGGGBerger Picard831
LockedPnFl 5HH Ll GEEGBerger Picard1236
LockedIPnD VKoA 6HH LL GEGGBerger Picard831
LockedIPnFl 7HH Ll GGGGBerger Picard831
LockedIPnO 8HH Ll GGEEBerger Picard931
LockedIPnFl 9HH LL EGGGBerger Picard831
LockedMT 9HH ll GGGGBerger Picard3069
LockedPnA 9HH Lla EGEGBerger Picard931
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Locked Dogs

LockedIPnRO ShRc 11HH 3hhBrittany715
LockedCCHT USMC 14HH 0hhShiba Inu4892
LockedAll about that bassKerry Blue Terrier16
LockedMFr Battling hellShiba Inu2580
LockedExFT Yehti BeepersLabrador Retriever2982
LockedGCM HrtBr BNT Akane Iro no Tsuioku EEEE LLShiba Inu4284
LockedGCFr HrtBr BNT Hiiro no Kakera EEEE LLShiba Inu4283
LockedMFr HrtBr BNT Kilari EEEE LlaShiba Inu2650
LockedGCM Yehti Carefree TerrierKerry Blue Terrier4087
LockedChocolate WonderLabrador Retriever16
LockedMO Colors of the WindBichon Frise2582
LockedGCRO CSRK Dancing Rivers a plentyBichon Frise4085
LockedAFl TL DogAzawakh Hound2445
LockedGCRO Yehti Don't forget the pastKerry Blue Terrier4093
LockedGodiva ChocolateLabrador Retriever16
LockedAM Hell holeShiba Inu2172
LockedASh Imported PuppyShiba Inu2143
LockedInside the looking glassLabrador Retriever16
LockedMFT Yehti JeepLabrador Retriever2982
LockedMM Just around the cornerShiba Inu2643
LockedAA Yehti Just around the River BendBichon Frise2682
LockedAT Launch of the secret weaponKerry Blue Terrier2439
LockedAH Look on the bright sideBorder Collie2443
LockedMonster in hidingLabrador Retriever16
LockedMonster MashLabrador Retriever16
LockedOutside the looking glassLabrador Retriever16
LockedMRO USMC Puppy 2Shiba Inu3059
LockedPuppy 2Bichon Frise16
LockedPuppy 3Bichon Frise16
LockedPuppy 5Bichon Frise16
LockedPuppy 6Kerry Blue Terrier16
LockedPuppy 7Bichon Frise16
LockedPuppy 8Kerry Blue Terrier16
LockedExFT Yehti River BankLabrador Retriever3288
LockedJAFr RofS SALE RED [EEEE 24/0 4AGI Lla]Azawakh Hound1521
LockedGCRO .W|L. See The Sky FallBichon Frise4292
LockedAT NCHs* Shooting thru the sky like a CometBorder Collie2338
LockedASh SnailAmerican Bully2141
LockedAFr SpifShiba Inu2552
LockedAHT Spiffing up HellShiba Inu2172
LockedASh SupernaturalShiba Inu2480
LockedGCSh AGRC The Kerry bluesKerry Blue Terrier4391
LockedMHT TobehShiba Inu2552
LockedAHu TurboAmerican Bully2141
LockedChM HrtBr WH Suguru EEEE LlaShiba Inu3980
LockedExRO Yehti Winner takes allBichon Frise3368


  • Arctic Fox Arctic Fox
  • Spyro the Blue Baby Dragon Spyro the Blue Baby Dragon
  • Mal the Purple Baby Dragon Mal the Purple Baby Dragon
    feed Complete
  • Bunnicula the Wolpertinger Bunnicula the Wolpertinger
  • Smaug the Red Baby Dragon Smaug the Red Baby Dragon
  • Chibi the Mean Brown Tabby Cat Chibi the Mean Brown Tabby Cat
  • Gingy the Gingerbread Man Gingy the Gingerbread Man
  • Hamtaro the Golden Hamster Hamtaro the Golden Hamster
  • Anukshuk the Polar Bear Anukshuk the Polar Bear
  • Frosty the Snowman Frosty the Snowman
  • Aflac the Yellow Fluffy Duckling Aflac the Yellow Fluffy Duckling


Locked18HH EEEE x 18HH EEEE
(Berger Picard)
Locked18HH EEEE x 19HH EEEE
(Berger Picard)
Locked18HH EEEE x 19HH EEEG
(Berger Picard)
Locked18HH EEEE x IPnT VUXPK 17HH lala EEEE
(Berger Picard)

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07:26am on May 28

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