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Elite Kennel
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80 Locked Dogs
Elite Kennel
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29 Locked Dogs
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39 Locked Dogs
Free Space
Elite Kennel
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44 Locked Dogs
Cambrian Explosion
Large Critter Pasture
3 Critters
Frisbee 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Flyball 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
K-T Boundary
Large Critter Pasture
8 Critters
Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
Rally-O 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
Tracking 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Pulling 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Stamina
Scent Hurdles 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
Racing 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
Herding 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
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Locked Dogs

LockedGCT ChSc pCamb 13/0 lala intagi stragiGerman Shepherd Dog5268
LockedGCT ExSc pCamb 13/0 Lla intagi stragiGerman Shepherd Dog5068
LockedASc AP pCamb 14/0 lla agiagi spdagiGerman Shepherd Dog2130
LockedWCSc MP AntlerGerman Shepherd Dog75102
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Baykonurian GlaciationGerman Shepherd Dog56110
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Bergslagen MicrocontinentGerman Shepherd Dog54103
LockedWCT WCSc pCamb Big DaddyGerman Shepherd Dog76101
LockedCCT WCSc pCamb Black Thor DepositGerman Shepherd Dog71102
LockedWCSc GCT pCamb Blackbird ChromititeGerman Shepherd Dog7598
LockedExSc NCT pCamb Boring BillionGerman Shepherd Dog54106
LockedNCSc ChT pCamb CalymmianGerman Shepherd Dog57110
LockedIPnR Catch Me OutsideItalian Greyhound1017
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Drew von KünstlernameGerman Shepherd Dog53110
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb EctasianGerman Shepherd Dog54102
LockedGCSc ChT pCamb EdiacaranGerman Shepherd Dog52102
LockedASc JPnT pCamb EEEE 14/0 Ll spdagi chaagiGerman Shepherd Dog2130
LockedAT PnSc pCamb EEGE 11/2 Ll spdspd spdstrGerman Shepherd Dog2030
LockedASc IPnT pCamb EEGG 4/2 lalaGerman Shepherd Dog2030
LockedChSc ChO pCamb EGEE 5/1 Ll EmEGerman Shepherd Dog4868
LockedChP ChSc pCamb EGEF 8/5 lala intint intagiGerman Shepherd Dog4768
LockedNCT GCSc pCamb EGEG atasa 6/3 LLGerman Shepherd Dog5878
LockedJAT ASc pCamb EGGG 4/3 lla atasaGerman Shepherd Dog2030
LockedGCT ExSc pCamb EGGG 4/4 lalaGerman Shepherd Dog4968
LockedGCT ASc pCamb EGGG 4/5 lala asaaGerman Shepherd Dog5068
LockedGCSc GCT pCamb EGGG 7/3 ll intint intagiGerman Shepherd Dog5368
LockedGCSc ExT pCamb EGGG 8/4 Lla strstr spdspdGerman Shepherd Dog4968
LockedExSc NCT pCamb Fennoscandian CratonGerman Shepherd Dog55101
LockedCCT NCSc pCamb GEEE atasa 9/1 LLGerman Shepherd Dog6178
LockedNS GEFFChinook18
LockedAT APnSc pCamb GEGE 6/3 lalaGerman Shepherd Dog2030
LockedASc PnT pCamb GEGE 9/2 lla strspd spdstrGerman Shepherd Dog2130
LockedAT APnSc pCamb GEGG 13/4 LlGerman Shepherd Dog2130
LockedAT JASc pCamb GEGG 4/4 LlGerman Shepherd Dog2030
LockedAT PnSc pCamb GGEE 8/2 LLGerman Shepherd Dog2130
LockedGCSc MT pCamb GGEE 8/3 LL strstr spdspdGerman Shepherd Dog4968
LockedChT MA pCamb GGEF 7/5 Lla EmEGerman Shepherd Dog4868
LockedPnT ASc pCamb GGGE 5/4 LlGerman Shepherd Dog2030
LockedAT APnSc pCamb GGGE 7/5 LlaGerman Shepherd Dog1830
LockedPnT ASc pCamb GGGG 7/4 LlaGerman Shepherd Dog1930
LockedAT IPnSc pCamb GGGG 9/4 LlaGerman Shepherd Dog1930
LockedCCSc ExT pCamb HadeanGerman Shepherd Dog56101
LockedWCT NCSc IntermontaneGerman Shepherd Dog6798
LockedCCT WCFl pCamb Iron-Nickel AlloyGerman Shepherd Dog6798
LockedNCSc WCH J. Tuzo WilsonGerman Shepherd Dog73101
LockedNCSc MT pCamb Jorma von KünstlernameGerman Shepherd Dog52106
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Kaigas Glaciation (recessive black)German Shepherd Dog55101
LockedNCSc MT pCamb Knaften ArcGerman Shepherd Dog5498
LockedWCSc pCamb MajixGerman Shepherd Dog67102
LockedWCA NCT pCamb Mantle Transition ZoneGerman Shepherd Dog7198
LockedNCSc GCT pCamb Marinoan GlaciationGerman Shepherd Dog55102
LockedCCT ChSc pCamb MesoarcheanGerman Shepherd Dog56103
LockedCCSc ChT pCamb NamacalathusGerman Shepherd Dog56102
LockedGCSc GCT pCamb Nantuo GlaciationGerman Shepherd Dog54110
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb NeoarcheanGerman Shepherd Dog5498
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Nuvvuagittuq BeltGerman Shepherd Dog54101
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb OrosirianGerman Shepherd Dog53102
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Outokumpo OphioliteGerman Shepherd Dog55110
LockedWCSc WCO pCamb PaleomagnetismGerman Shepherd Dog7398
LockedWCT GCFl pCamb Partial MeltingGerman Shepherd Dog7298
LockedGWGS Puppy 1Akita Inu16
LockedPuppy 3Shih Tzu16
LockedNCT ChSc pCamb RhyacianGerman Shepherd Dog55110
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Saamian Orogeny (recessive black)German Shepherd Dog56103
LockedCCSc WCT pCamb SagductionGerman Shepherd Dog7698
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb SiderianGerman Shepherd Dog54102
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Snowball EarthGerman Shepherd Dog52103
LockedNCSc ChT pCamb StenianGerman Shepherd Dog55110
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Stratherian (recessive black)German Shepherd Dog55104
LockedCCSc ChT pCamb Sturtian GlaciationGerman Shepherd Dog56103
LockedWCT WCSc pCamb Sudbury BasinGerman Shepherd Dog7598
LockedGCSc ExT pCamb Supercontinent RodiniaGerman Shepherd Dog53101
LockedWCSc CCT Superior ProvinceGerman Shepherd Dog73102
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Tonian (recessive black)German Shepherd Dog54103
LockedNCSc ExT pCamb Treptichnus pedumGerman Shepherd Dog54102
LockedWCSc WCT pCamb UG2German Shepherd Dog7698
LockedWCSc WCO UrGerman Shepherd Dog72101
LockedWCSc WCT pCamb Vegas Sapphire GSDGerman Shepherd Dog6998
LockedNCT ChSc pCamb Wanda von Künstlername (maskless)German Shepherd Dog53110
LockedNCSc MT pCamb ZeldaGerman Shepherd Dog5498
LockedWCT WCSc pCamb Zoey IIGerman Shepherd Dog7498
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Locked Dogs

LockedAPnSc IPnT F1Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnT PnSc F10Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnFl PnT F11Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnA IPnFl F12Bullmastiff1429
LockedAPnSc IPnT F13Bullmastiff1429
LockedAPnA JPnT F14Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnSc PnT F15Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnT APnSc F2Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnO APnA F3Bullmastiff1429
LockedAPnHu PnRO F4Bullmastiff1429
LockedAPnSh PnHu F5Bullmastiff1529
LockedAPnT IPnSc F6Bullmastiff1429
LockedAPnSc IPnP F7Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnSc PnT F8Bullmastiff1429
LockedAPnSc IPnT F9Bullmastiff1429
LockedIPnO ANSc Guardians Breed BoostMastiff1021
LockedPnO ANSc Guardians Breed Boost F1Mastiff1021
LockedIPnHu JPnT Guardians Breed Boost F2Mastiff1021
LockedANHu IPnT Guardians Breed Boost F3Mastiff1021
LockedIPnP IPnSc Guardians Breed Boost F4Mastiff1021
LockedJPnHu IPnT Guardians Breed Boost F5Mastiff1021
LockedJPnA IPnT Guardians Breed Boost M2Mastiff1021
LockedPnSc JPnT Guardians Breed Boost M3Mastiff1021
LockedIPnA IPnT Guardians Breed Boost M4Mastiff1021
LockedIPnFl ANT Guardians Breed Boost M5Mastiff1021
LockedPnFl PnP M1Bullmastiff1429
LockedAPnSc IPnT M10Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnT PnA M2Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnT APnSc M3Bullmastiff1429
LockedAPnT JPnSc M4Bullmastiff1429
LockedAPnT IPnSc M5Bullmastiff1529
LockedPnT PnSc M6Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnSc PnT M7Bullmastiff1429
LockedPnHu PnSh M8Bullmastiff1429
LockedJAP APnO May BB F1Bullmastiff1631
LockedJAT PnSc May BB F2Bullmastiff1731
LockedJASc PnT May BB F3Bullmastiff1631
LockedJAT PnSc May BB F4Bullmastiff1631
LockedJASc PnT May BB F5Bullmastiff1731
LockedJAA APnP May BB M1Bullmastiff1631
LockedJAT PnSc May BB M2Bullmastiff1731
LockedJAT APnSc May BB M3Bullmastiff1631
LockedAPnA JAFl May BB M4Bullmastiff1731
LockedJAT PnSc May BB M5Bullmastiff1631


  • Biotite the Bold Spotted Pony Biotite the Bold Spotted Pony
    pet Complete
  • Wakabayashilite the Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen Wakabayashilite the Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen
  • Wüstite the Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen Wüstite the Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen


  • Blue Baby Dragon Blue Baby Dragon
  • Canary Canary
  • Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man
  • Green Baby Dragon Green Baby Dragon
  • Purple Baby Dragon Purple Baby Dragon
  • Red Baby Dragon Red Baby Dragon
  • Snowman Snowman
  • Sparrow Sparrow

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