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Great Danes
Deluxe Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
16 Locked Dogs
Dobermans +
Premium Kennel
1 Dog
0 Pups
19 Locked Dogs
Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Small Critter Pasture
4 Critters
Deluxe Kennel
1 Dog
0 Pups
11 Locked Dogs
Hunting Trials 2 Star Training Area
Bias: None
German shepherd
Deluxe Kennel
2 Dogs
0 Pups
8 Locked Dogs
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
Show 2 Star Training Area
Bias: None
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Locked Dogs

LockedNFl LPK's She's on fireGerman Shepherd Dog528
LockedAHT Dynda thicker than waterGreat Dane23102
LockedJPnFl APnA Von wolfs AnastasiaGreat Dane1552
LockedJAHT Von wolfs bountyGreat Dane1454
LockedPnHT Von wolfs ChanelGreat Dane1148
LockedIPnHT Von wolfs cryptoGreat Dane934
LockedJAHT Von wolfs CyrusGreat Dane1360
LockedJAHT Von wolfs grayseGreat Dane1467
LockedJAHT Von wolfs hasaniGreat Dane1659
LockedJAHT Von wolfs LuciusGreat Dane1352
LockedIPnM Von wolfs merchantGreat Dane1074
LockedAPnHT Von wolfs myorkaGreat Dane1247
LockedJPnHT Von wolfs nefeliGreat Dane727
LockedPnHT Von wolfs Russia borderGreat Dane1045
LockedIPnSh Von wolfs ValeroGreat Dane827
LockedJAHT Von woods adshireGreat Dane1556
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NRO 22HH, 0hh, Lla, 4xstrDoberman Pinscher182
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Locked Dogs

LockedPnSc Austria loves meDoberman Pinscher1243
LockedFor Public SaleJASc RXZ Billionaire brat boyDoberman Pinscher1548
LockedAPnSc Capital cityDoberman Pinscher1343
LockedJASc RXZ Czech has my heartDoberman Pinscher1550
LockedPnSc Famous continentDoberman Pinscher1243
LockedAT RXZ Good girl liesDoberman Pinscher2257
LockedAPnSc Gorgeous snow landDoberman Pinscher1349
LockedIPnSc How Spanish say SpainDoberman Pinscher935
LockedFor Public SaleJASc RXZ Luxury green plantDoberman Pinscher1551
LockedAPnSh Nicest curryDoberman Pinscher1345
LockedFor Public SaleJASc Prettiest flower madeDoberman Pinscher1556
LockedAPnSc Pretty hot out hereDoberman Pinscher1249
LockedNSc Puppy 2Doberman Pinscher519
LockedANSc Puppy 2Doberman Pinscher417
LockedJPnSc Mr.F Rich get richerDoberman Pinscher622
LockedFor Public SaleJASc RXZ Royalty and importanceDoberman Pinscher1651
LockedJASc OTK´s Snows home landDoberman Pinscher1546
LockedAPnSc RXZ Visit me at lastDoberman Pinscher1437
LockedNFl Von wolfs LalaDoberman Pinscher520


  • Black Hamster Black Hamster
  • Mooney the Brown Snake Mooney the Brown Snake
    charm Complete
  • Champagne Hamster Champagne Hamster
  • Chocolate Hamster Chocolate Hamster
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NSc Puppy 1Azores Cattle Dog182
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Locked Dogs

LockedNR AchieveSloughi620
LockedNR AchieveSloughi620
LockedNR AchieveSloughi520
LockedANFT AchievementsGerman Shorthaired Pointer720
LockedNR BentleyWhippet623
LockedNHu JapanJapanese Spitz320
LockedJPnR MH&P Puppy 1 24HHIbizan Hound846
LockedIPnR MH&P Puppy 4 24HHIbizan Hound946
LockedANSh RustyChihuahua623
LockedJPnR SamanthaBasenji823
LockedJPnFT SkyeFlat Coated Retriever825
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NSc EGS Von wolfs hachachiGerman Shepherd Dog182
NSc T0xic Von wolfs tetraGerman Shepherd Dog181
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Locked Dogs

LockedAPnW pixl Von wolfs arrowGerman Shepherd Dog1025
LockedJPnW MIDS Von wolfs CaliforniaGerman Shepherd Dog519
LockedIPnSc WOLF| Von wolfs lilacGerman Shepherd Dog822
LockedPnO ANH SEKAI Von wolfs mazeGerman Shepherd Dog1226
LockedPnW K9s s Von wolfs mulosGerman Shepherd Dog925
LockedPnT pixl Von wolfs SilversteinGerman Shepherd Dog1125
LockedNHu NSc SSB Von wolfs torusGerman Shepherd Dog518
LockedANSc Aki;] Von wolfs versiaGerman Shepherd Dog619


LockedAPnHT The spell of jervis x APnHT Austria loves me
(Great Dane)
LockedJAHT Assassin for penguin x IPnHT Pretty dolly dress
(Great Dane)
(Doberman Pinscher)

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12:47am on Aug 10

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