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2 Dogs
5 Pups
25 Locked Dogs
Deluxe Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
18 Locked Dogs
Obedience 2 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Deluxe Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
18 Locked Dogs
Bolt Farm
Medium Critter Pasture
7 Critters
Schutzhund 2 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Deluxe Kennel
17 Dogs
0 Pups
0 Locked Dogs
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NH 2SBC amazonBorder Collie112
NS SRRnl bunkerSiberian Husky112
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Young Dogs

NH DyDz dizzyBorder Collie18
NSc PhantomGerman Shepherd Dog19
¤W¤ Puppy 2Border Collie16
Puppy 3German Shepherd Dog16
NT rubyLabrador Retriever110
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Locked Dogs

LockedIPnRO ASpinone Italiano1033
LockedPnFT ASpinone Italiano1033
LockedANO autumnGerman Shepherd Dog213
LockedASc black pantherGerman Shepherd Dog2182
LockedANSc blazeGerman Shepherd Dog516
LockedAFT BäckerinGerman Shorthaired Pointer1649
LockedAPnSc cacaGerman Shepherd Dog1758
LockedANFl caillouAlaskan Husky820
LockedPnSc ChocolateGerman Shepherd Dog1437
LockedAPnSc cinderellaGerman Shepherd Dog1652
LockedJPnSc TGSBR daggerGerman Shepherd Dog716
LockedNH fangBorder Collie112
LockedAHu lightGerman Shepherd Dog1976
LockedMH Machu Pichu Kk Eme Bb DD Ayat spsp 1HhBorder Collie3394
LockedAPnSc Naku MetalGerman Shepherd Dog1454
LockedAPnA PwS MysticBorder Collie1539
LockedJPnHT owlGreat Dane530
LockedFor StudPnFr pogoBorder Collie1234
LockedWCE Puppy 4Norwich Terrier3052
LockedIPnSc KDec quartzGerman Shepherd Dog1134
LockedNT rebelGerman Shepherd Dog315
LockedChFr GERO3 soggy canGreat Dane4188
LockedFor StudAPnA SqueakyGerman Shepherd Dog1369
LockedFor StudIPnA tigerBorder Collie1134
LockedNFT ZuriGolden Retriever112
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Locked Dogs

LockedJPnS auroraAlaskan Malamute519
LockedJPnSc cometeGerman Shepherd Dog418
LockedANSh cowGreat Dane423
LockedANR DILF daddy long legsAfghan Hound618
LockedJPnD SKY~ dustGolden Retriever316
LockedANHu DILF fireDalmatian616
LockedNT KAPD forestSaarloos Wolfdog518
LockedANSh TRDP queenAmerican Pit Bull Terrier517
LockedIPnE NoDa riverIrish Terrier622
LockedNSc silver starGerman Shepherd Dog516
LockedANR skinny dippingSaluki616
LockedJPnRO skullGerman Shepherd Dog320
LockedJPnA smoresDutch Smoushond516
LockedANSc soulGerman Shepherd Dog416
LockedPnHu #TRRB stripperDutch Shepherd832
LockedANSh templeEnglish Cocker Spaniel216
LockedNSc traumaGerman Shepherd Dog616
LockedJPnSc BPWD wolfGerman Shepherd Dog618
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Locked Dogs

LockedJPnD LAY amberGolden Retriever424
LockedIPnSc BPKM ashesGerman Shepherd Dog1044
LockedPnSc circleGerman Shepherd Dog1044
LockedANSc CLWD CristiGerman Shepherd Dog832
LockedANSc deckerGerman Shepherd Dog620
LockedIPnSc galaxyGerman Shepherd Dog1136
LockedIPnSc #TRRB heavenGerman Shepherd Dog1144
LockedIPnSc #TRRB maleficentGerman Shepherd Dog1144
LockedASc moonGerman Shepherd Dog2076
LockedJPnSc peachGerman Shepherd Dog944
LockedPnSc PebbleGerman Shepherd Dog1246
LockedANSc ravenGerman Shepherd Dog729
LockedPnD E-CK sahara desertGerman Shepherd Dog1237
LockedAPnSc BPKM sandyGerman Shepherd Dog1144
LockedAPnW JAW sharkGerman Shepherd Dog626
LockedIPnSc BPWD starGerman Shepherd Dog1132
LockedJPnSc VtSK swordGerman Shepherd Dog933
LockedANHT NGG venusGreat Dane524


  • raven the Blue Baby Dragon raven the Blue Baby Dragon
  • Chocolate Hamster Chocolate Hamster
  • Green Baby Dragon Green Baby Dragon
  • Devil the Phoenix Chick Devil the Phoenix Chick
    pet Complete
  • Purple Baby Dragon Purple Baby Dragon
  • Red Baby Dragon Red Baby Dragon
  • venom the Ruby Hippogriff venom the Ruby Hippogriff
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For StudExSh DTTK AzC 8HH 1.030Azores Cattle Dog3576
For StudAPnFr CharlieGreat Dane1445
For StudJAO darklingGerman Shepherd Dog1344
For StudIPnSc E-WK diamondGerman Shepherd Dog1241
For StudJPnA StSks dirtbikeBorder Collie1240
For StudIPnSc fudgeGerman Shepherd Dog1237
For StudJPnSc golemGerman Shepherd Dog728
For StudJPnSc linkGerman Shepherd Dog827
For StudANSc luciferGerman Shepherd Dog925
For StudWCFr Voxel Max Power 1.110x 3:4Border Collie66106
For StudANA MiloBorder Collie1035
For StudJPnSc mythGerman Shepherd Dog527
For StudJPnD ralphLagotto Romagnolo532
For StudANSc reaperGerman Shepherd Dog723
For StudIPnO rufusGerman Shepherd Dog723
For StudJPnD runawayStandard Poodle523
For StudANSc titanGerman Shepherd Dog819

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