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Locked Dogs

LockedPnFl 29 SettembreBorder Collie922
LockedPnT 7000 CaffèBorder Collie1122
LockedAPnFl Ballo BalloBorder Collie1222
LockedBeggin'Border Collie16
LockedBoulevard Of Broken DreamsBorder Collie16
LockedFor StudExH Call Me The BreezeBorder Collie3484
LockedChiquititaBorder Collie16
LockedFor StudExFr Dancing In The DarkBorder Collie3687
LockedFor StudMH Don't Be CruelBorder Collie3174
LockedIPnT Drivers LicenseBorder Collie922
LockedExpectationsBorder Collie16
LockedPnT FiestaBorder Collie1222
LockedAPnFl Frankly, Mr. ShanklyBorder Collie1222
LockedExFl HolidayBorder Collie3583
LockedFor StudExSh Just A GigoloBorder Collie3584
LockedLove TonightBorder Collie16
LockedMakumbaBorder Collie16
LockedAPnFl MeravigliosoBorder Collie1222
LockedPnH My PrerogativeBorder Collie1022
LockedIPnH N.I.B.Border Collie922
LockedNever Going HomeBorder Collie16
LockedExH Other PeopleBorder Collie3587
LockedFor StudMT PestoBorder Collie2968
LockedAPnFl Phonky TownBorder Collie1222
LockedIPnA Planet CaravanBorder Collie922
LockedIPnFr SerotoninBorder Collie922
LockedSeven Nation ArmyBorder Collie16
LockedExSh She WolfBorder Collie3483
LockedStrongerBorder Collie16
LockedChO Summer WineBorder Collie3793
LockedAPnFl Super TrouperBorder Collie1222
LockedPnFr The JourneyerBorder Collie1022
LockedPnT Tuca TucaBorder Collie1222
LockedAPnT Upside DownBorder Collie1222
LockedAPnO Wishing WellBorder Collie822
LockedJAA YayoBorder Collie1222

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09:20pm on Oct 21

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