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NA RSFS CrashBorder Collie388
NT DIAHK DieselBorder Collie483
ChFl BRUIN DreamBorder Collie3787
NH Allie FoxyBorder Collie276
NT FriendBorder Collie149
APnH uuK GeorgeBorder Collie1370
NH Rrr S GingerBorder Collie395
ND Glacier IceBorder Collie359
JPnFl JPnH S.W.F Lemon TeaBorder Collie659
NFl Allie LiamBorder Collie378
NHu MuffinBorder Collie149
JPnH GG K Nova (17HH 1.047)Border Collie962
NM BCBCS Potter (18HH, 0.992)Border Collie354
PumpkinBorder Collie180
BK´s Puppy 12Border Collie146
Puppy 4 4E LlaGerman Shorthaired Pointer150
NFl RavenBorder Collie149
NFr RedBorder Collie284
NA RedBorder Collie149
NA Allie Rocky RoadBorder Collie388
NH SyrupBorder Collie180
NA TigerBorder Collie392
APnFl EPPKR WillowBorder Collie1598
AH ZebraBorder Collie2071
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor StudNA CKRGW BanditDoberman Pinscher185
LockedIPnO PnFl JSPK JavaDoberman Pinscher1120
LockedPnO NFl JSPK JessieDoberman Pinscher1120
LockedFor Private SaleNSc ThunderGerman Shepherd Dog113


  • Cleo the Calico Persian Cleo the Calico Persian
  • Maisie the Phoenix Chick Maisie the Phoenix Chick
  • Cookie the Chocolate Hamster Cookie the Chocolate Hamster
  • Galaxy the Iridescent Dragon Galaxy the Iridescent Dragon
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor Public SaleNHT BillCane Corso113
LockedFor Public SaleNHT BilletCane Corso114
LockedFor Public SaleAHT EPPKR BillyCane Corso1942
LockedFor Private SalePnHT ZEZ ChicaDogo Argentino515
LockedFor Private SalePnFr ChicoDogo Argentino1019

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10:18pm on Oct 22

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