Ghost Valley

Alaskan Malamutes
Premium Kennel
26 Dogs
0 Pups
1 Locked Dog
Greenlands & WSL
Premium Kennel
36 Dogs
0 Pups
0 Locked Dogs
Phoenix Blessings
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17 Dogs
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Sledding 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Strength
Splashes of color parade along the path of this small, but cheerful garden.
Dock Diving 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Strength
Large Critter Pasture
10 Critters
Pulling 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Strength
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ChS AshAlaskan Malamute3671
AS BansheeAlaskan Malamute1940
ChS BirchAlaskan Malamute3670
ExS CapAlaskan Malamute3571
ExS CherryAlaskan Malamute3671
AD CocoAlaskan Malamute1940
AP DakotaAlaskan Malamute1940
AP GingerAlaskan Malamute2040
AS HoneyAlaskan Malamute1940
ExS LillithAlaskan Malamute3571
MS LoreAlaskan Malamute2856
ExS LuciferAlaskan Malamute3571
MD MortyAlaskan Malamute2756
ExS OakAlaskan Malamute3670
AS PepperAlaskan Malamute2040
ExS PineAlaskan Malamute3571
ExD PupAlaskan Malamute3467
GCS RayAlaskan Malamute4287
AS RomeoAlaskan Malamute2040
AP RubyAlaskan Malamute1940
MS SandyAlaskan Malamute2856
AP SkyeAlaskan Malamute2040
ExS TeakAlaskan Malamute3671
ExS WalnutAlaskan Malamute3471
AS WispAlaskan Malamute1840
GCS ZuriAlaskan Malamute4080
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor StudCCS NSKs AnnaAlaskan Malamute47106
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MRO ~FPP~ AmaiaGreenland Dog2970
AD BonsaiWest Siberian Laika1840
GCS BuddyGreenland Dog4080
AP CaramelGreenland Dog1940
MS CocoWest Siberian Laika2770
MFl ~FPP~ CreamGreenland Dog3171
AD DodgerGreenland Dog1940
MD DukeWest Siberian Laika2870
AS ErnestWest Siberian Laika1940
AP FlipWest Siberian Laika1840
MS FlyWest Siberian Laika2970
MFr ~FPP~ FrostGreenland Dog2871
MS FrostGreenland Dog2756
MD GingerWest Siberian Laika2970
MD HeidiWest Siberian Laika2870
ExS HemlockGreenland Dog3471
MD LilyWest Siberian Laika2870
MA Link's TalayehWest Siberian Laika2970
MS ~FPP~ LolaGreenland Dog2971
ExD LolaGreenland Dog3368
MD LukeWest Siberian Laika2870
MS MadisonWest Siberian Laika2870
ExS MarcusGreenland Dog3471
MD MarvGreenland Dog2656
MS MistGreenland Dog2756
AS MorganGreenland Dog1940
MD MoxieWest Siberian Laika2970
AP OatmealGreenland Dog1940
AP SabbathGreenland Dog1940
AP SaltWest Siberian Laika1940
MS ~FPP~ SandyGreenland Dog3071
MS SmokeGreenland Dog2756
MD SophieWest Siberian Laika2870
AP TarzanGreenland Dog1940
AD ZeldaWest Siberian Laika1940
MD ZoeWest Siberian Laika2870
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MS AngelAlaskan Malamute3268
MP BaxterAlaskan Malamute3368
MS BlinkWest Siberian Laika3268
MP CaeserWest Siberian Laika3268
MS DexterGreenland Dog3156
MS FurbyWest Siberian Laika3168
MP GosheGreenland Dog3368
MS KodaGreenland Dog3056
MP MagnusWest Siberian Laika3168
MS NachoGreenland Dog3268
ExD RainGreenland Dog3268
ExD RockyAlaskan Malamute3268
ExS SandyAlaskan Malamute3356
MP SimbaAlaskan Malamute3356
ExD SwiftGreenland Dog3368
ExS XanaduAlaskan Malamute3456
ExS ZanzAlaskan Malamute3456


  • Iridescent Dragon Iridescent Dragon
  • Icy Phoenix Chick Icy Phoenix Chick
  • Phoenix Chick Phoenix Chick
  • Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen
  • Timid Fawn Timid Fawn
  • French Lop Bunny French Lop Bunny
  • A Wittle Cream Pied Bunny A Wittle Cream Pied Bunny
  • Patchy Fluffy Duckling Patchy Fluffy Duckling
  • Blackbird Blackbird
  • Sparrow Sparrow

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09:52pm on Nov 26

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