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Deluxe Kennel
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21 Locked Dogs
Racing 2 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
Irish Wolfhound
Deluxe Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
23 Locked Dogs
Frisbee 2 Star Training Area
Bias: None
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Locked Dogs

LockedJAFl Ahava Aura [EEEE 15/0 3xSTM-STR lala]Borzoi1674
LockedAPnSh ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Beau and Arrow [GGGE 2/2 CHA-AGI LL]Saarloos Wolfdog1435
LockedJPnRO ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Black NightEurasier615
LockedIPnHu IPnRO ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Call Me Alek [GGGE 8/5 STR-INT LL]Saarloos Wolfdog1022
LockedNH Candy Floss's Fawning Over You [GGEG 10/6 SPD-INT LL]Saarloos Wolfdog110
LockedPnFr JPnHu ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Hear Me Echo [GEEE 9/1 INT-AGI Lla]Saarloos Wolfdog1022
LockedNA Candy Floss's Keep It Real [GGEE 11/3 INT-CHA lala]Saarloos Wolfdog110
LockedIPnM ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Keys To My HeartBorzoi918
LockedAPnFr APnD ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Leader of the Woods [EGEE 3/1 INT-AGI Ll]Siberian Husky1232
LockedJPnS ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Leaf of Life [GEGG 5/4 STR-SPD Lla]Siberian Husky313
LockedJAFr ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Lies About Lyka [GGGG 5/4 SPD-CHA LL]Saarloos Wolfdog1334
LockedIPnA ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Little Lulu [GEGE 7/3 AGI-CHA Ll]Saarloos Wolfdog822
LockedAPnFl LKFP Candy Floss's Made of Iron [EGEG 3/3 CHA-AGI LL]Siberian Husky1440
LockedPnFr APnH ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Middle of Nowhere [EEEE 8/0 INT-CHA Lla]Saarloos Wolfdog1434
LockedIPnFl ~CFC~ Candy Floss's One Rocky Ride [GFGE 5/6 INT-AGI lla]Saarloos Wolfdog922
LockedAFl SPK! Candy Floss's Riots and Rias [GGEG 7/5 INT-STR Lla]Saarloos Wolfdog2045
LockedNH ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Speckled Egg [FEEG 11/3 INTx3 lala]Saarloos Wolfdog111
LockedPnFr ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Summer Legacy [EGGE 4/2 INT-AGI Lla]Siberian Husky926
LockedANP ~CFC~ Candy Floss's Sunrise To Sunset [GGGG 7/6 INT-SPD lla]Siberian Husky313
LockedNT Candy Floss's Sweet Tooth [EGEG 9/2 STR-AGI lala]Saarloos Wolfdog110
LockedPuppy 5Border Collie19

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10:23am on Sep 21

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