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11 Locked Dogs
Sweeds & Icelandics
Premium Kennel
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39 Locked Dogs
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Tracking 3 Star Training Area
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BR 1
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Pulling 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
Just some dudes???
Medium Critter Pasture
6 Critters
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Locked Dogs

LockedIPnP BartholomewSwedish Vallhund823
LockedIPnS DimeAlaskan Husky722
LockedJPnFr DorothyIcelandic Sheepdog519
LockedNM Ahbs Jazz HandsThai Ridgeback Dog331
LockedIPnA KaliningradSwedish Vallhund824
LockedJPnFr KyloIcelandic Sheepdog519
LockedJPnFl NellieIcelandic Sheepdog519
LockedPuppy 1Swedish Vallhund16
LockedPuppy 5Swedish Vallhund16
LockedIPnA SoudaSwedish Vallhund823
LockedJPnT ValentineSwedish Vallhund519
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Locked Dogs

LockedIPnT ArchibaldSwedish Vallhund928
LockedAPnT SPDC BuchananIcelandic Sheepdog1335
LockedJAFl SPDC Butter Butt *k-bpSwedish Vallhund1536
LockedAPnH ^0^ Castletown *k-bpIcelandic Sheepdog1332
LockedJPnM Dana InternationalSwedish Vallhund619
LockedJAP SPDC Dark WildSwedish Vallhund1537
LockedPnP SPDC DubstepSwedish Vallhund1024
LockedIPnP EdgarSwedish Vallhund928
LockedJPnH ElizaSwedish Vallhund621
LockedIPnFr TTMK EphraimIcelandic Sheepdog921
LockedJPnFl SPDC EudoraSwedish Vallhund720
LockedIPnT ExileSwedish Vallhund928
LockedIPnH SPDC Flax *k-bpSwedish Vallhund924
LockedPnM ODIN GeminiSwedish Vallhund1229
LockedJAA GraphiteSwedish Vallhund1536
LockedIPnA HarrietSwedish Vallhund928
LockedJAP *ASTR Horror Show *s-15Swedish Vallhund1434
LockedAHu KvVal HouseIcelandic Sheepdog1849
LockedAPnA IggySwedish Vallhund1436
LockedIPnFl IgnatiusSwedish Vallhund928
LockedJAA |NlK| InksplashIcelandic Sheepdog1537
LockedAPnA *ASTR JesterSwedish Vallhund1434
LockedMO LadybugSwedish Vallhund3370
LockedJAP LostSwedish Vallhund1636
LockedPnA LucastaSwedish Vallhund1027
LockedChH MarchSwedish Vallhund4196
LockedJPnH MariiaSwedish Vallhund828
LockedIPnT PabloIcelandic Sheepdog719
LockedPnA SPDC PaprikaSwedish Vallhund1024
LockedPnP PlumporangeIcelandic Sheepdog1021
LockedAA SPDC PoptartSwedish Vallhund1736
LockedAA S D H Rose BushSwedish Vallhund2148
LockedAPnT SPDC Ryker *k-bpIcelandic Sheepdog1436
LockedJPnT Small DawnSwedish Vallhund619
LockedPnHu Star Sailor *k-bpSwedish Vallhund1228
LockedAPnH ^0^ Survivalist *k-bpIcelandic Sheepdog1332
LockedJAFl SPDC Tea Biscuits *k-bpIcelandic Sheepdog1640
LockedAPnH ^0^ Thirty Seconds *k-bpIcelandic Sheepdog1332
LockedIPnP TiramisuIcelandic Sheepdog819
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Locked Dogs

LockedARO SPDC Chase *s-15Ibizan Hound1539
LockedJPnR SPDC Euro *k-bpIbizan Hound723
LockedJAFr SPDC Eve *s-15Ibizan Hound1539
LockedAPnFl SPDC Foxy *s-10Ibizan Hound1436
LockedPnR SgL~ Knife *k-bpIbizan Hound1226
LockedARO SPDC Love Spell -PM-Ibizan Hound2464
LockedAPnFl SPDC Mars Bar *k-bpIbizan Hound1332
LockedJARO SPDC Rotten *s-15Ibizan Hound1436
LockedIPnFr SPDC Saffron *k-bpIbizan Hound721
LockedAR WBs Sugar CookieIbizan Hound2147
LockedAPnHu SPDC Summer Fruit *s-15Ibizan Hound1436
LockedJAFr SPDC TabithaIbizan Hound1539
LockedIPnFr SPDC TannahIbizan Hound925
LockedPnM SPDC Teacup *k-bpIbizan Hound1230
LockedJAFr SPDC TycoonIbizan Hound1639
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For StudAA JWK! BangusChihuahua2363
For StudAM SPDC BowKai Ken2684
For StudARO BuntingChihuahua2374
For StudMFl ClementineBasenji2784
For StudMT DandayPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen2780
For StudAP FloydPharaoh Hound2478
For StudPnM LassieAustralian Koolie1248
For StudJAP MichealCzechoslovakian Wolfdog1747
For StudMR 666__ MirrorSaluki3067
For StudJAA SPDC MouseyFinnish Lapphund1538
For StudASh PowblockChihuahua2682
For StudAFr RRK » RenegadeWest Siberian Laika2674
For StudIPnA Retro RadioSchipperke923
For StudJAHu PANTA RocketPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen1552
For StudAT SalsaGreek Harehound2578
For StudAFl GfcL* ScoutRussell Terrier2160
For StudAA SPK! SpudsonFinnish Lapphund2052
For StudPnM TaffyPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen1244
For StudAA SPK! TidyFinnish Lapphund2053
For StudMT TsunamiBasenji2884
For StudAH Ro-Z TupperwareBorder Collie2052
For StudMFr WDLK VelvetSloughi2872
For StudMSh VictoriaBull Terrier2780
For StudASh AldrA VintagePapillon2264
For StudJAA SPDC Wee BaileyFinnish Lapphund1538
JAA SPDC Wicked WaysSchipperke1438
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For StudExT % Blair - GEEGWest Highland White Terrier3995
For StudJAA Doogle - EGGE, 7HH, 2hhWest Highland White Terrier1436
For StudAA *MR* Doug - GGGEWest Highland White Terrier2474
For StudAPnA Falkirk - GGGGWest Highland White Terrier1443
For StudAE Lora - GGEGWest Highland White Terrier1647
For StudJAO Neep - GEGGWest Highland White Terrier1751
For StudAA Patter GEGGWest Highland White Terrier2051
For StudAPnA Pyrrhic - GGEGWest Highland White Terrier1440
PnRO Loli SnowyWest Highland White Terrier1227
For StudAE Thunderstorms - EFGEWest Highland White Terrier1545
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Locked Dogs

LockedNA SPDC SquintyWest Highland White Terrier16
LockedNE BK´s WestinWest Highland White Terrier17


  • Mable the Phoenix Chick Mable the Phoenix Chick
    pet Complete
  • Handsome the Sparrow Handsome the Sparrow
  • Joey the Mean Black and White Cat Joey the Mean Black and White Cat
  • Pie the Blackbird Pie the Blackbird
  • Mean Tortoiseshell Cat Mean Tortoiseshell Cat
  • Black Banded Hamster Black Banded Hamster

Game Time

10:09pm on Jan 26

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