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Herding 3 Star Training Area
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Schutzhund 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Intelligence
Dutchies | Belgians | GSDs
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Cockers | Collies | Curlies
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Bias: Charisma
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Locked Dogs

LockedAT QRF Brunxia von Dera Te | GGGG 2HH LLGerman Shepherd Dog2259
LockedIPnSc QRF Dark And Twisted | EEEG 14HH lalaDutch Shepherd620
LockedMSc QRF Dark Melodies | EGEE 14HH LlaDutch Shepherd2864
LockedIPnSc QRF Dema Küste Triple The Light | GGEG 19HH lalaDutch Shepherd720
LockedPnT QRF Dominion von On The Rise | EFGF 7HH LlaGerman Shepherd Dog1229
LockedASc QRF Dominion von Worthwhile | EEGG 4HH LlGerman Shepherd Dog2365
LockedASc QRF Dreamin On Another Star | EGEG 18HH LlaDutch Shepherd1639
LockedASc EGsk Drunken Lady | EEEE 18HH llaGerman Shepherd Dog2250
LockedAPnT QRF Drunken To The Max | EEGE 14HH lalaGerman Shepherd Dog1229
LockedASc ~*N*~ Dying To Meet You | EGGG 6HH llaBelgian Malinois2254
LockedFor StudAT QRF Frencio von Maximus | GEEE 6HH llaGerman Shepherd Dog2458
LockedJAHu lmgk Glickman Belles von Louise | EEEE 23HH lalaGerman Shepherd Dog1230
LockedAPnT QRF He's Mister Loverboy von Dera Te | GGGG 8HH LlaGerman Shepherd Dog1229
LockedChP CK® He's On The Rise | EGEG 3HH lalaGerman Shepherd Dog3781
LockedASc ~*N*~ Her Heart Is Soaring | EEGG 6HH llaBelgian Malinois2454
LockedPnT QRF Her Luck Has Tripled | EGEE 14HH lalaDutch Shepherd1025
LockedFor StudASc QRF In His Darkest Moment | EGEG 12HH llaDutch Shepherd2251
LockedFor StudASc QRF Ishino Kodak von Mellow D | EFEE 11HH llaDutch Shepherd2251
LockedNSc QRF Love At First Meeting | EEGG 8HH llaBelgian Malinois110
LockedFor StudASc QRF Lover's Best Tool | GEGE 4HH LlaGerman Shepherd Dog2352
LockedFor StudMSc QRF Not Another Sappy Poem | EEEE 15HH llaDutch Shepherd2554
LockedFor StudAT ~*N*~ Peppered Love Story | EGGG 6HH llaBelgian Malinois2354
LockedNSc QRF Peppered With Love | GEGG 5HH lalaBelgian Malinois110
LockedMSc QRF Star To Light The Darkness | EEEG 18HH LlaDutch Shepherd2966
LockedFor StudASc QRF Stubborn Love | GGGE 3HH LlaGerman Shepherd Dog2362
LockedFor StudExSc QRF Triple Dipple Funny Moment | EEEE 12HH llaDutch Shepherd3376
LockedFor StudASc QRF Triple The Darkness | EEEE 15HH llaDutch Shepherd2554
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Locked Dogs

LockedNFT 912Curly Coated Retriever113
LockedNP 912Curly Coated Retriever113
LockedAH CEKK After Party Karoke | EEEE 23HH LlaBorder Collie2453
LockedExFT QRF Akinyi | GGGE 5HH llaCurly Coated Retriever3387
LockedJPnHT Asteroids der ton Shooting Stars | EEEE 16HH llaEnglish Cocker Spaniel419
LockedFor StudMD FPBB Best Kept Secrets | GGFE 3HH llaCurly Coated Retriever2256
LockedMFT QRF Caught At Midnight | EEGG 8HH LLEnglish Cocker Spaniel2662
LockedAFT QRF Cyan der ton France | EGFG 0HH LlEnglish Cocker Spaniel2462
LockedMD FPBB Down With The Tyranny | FGGG 3HH llaCurly Coated Retriever2256
LockedMHT QRF Hidden Talents | EGGE 8HH LlaAmerican Cocker Spaniel2457
LockedMHT QRF Let's Play Hide N Seek | GEGG 2HH llaAmerican Cocker Spaniel2772
LockedANM FPBB MaddoxBorder Collie113
LockedMHT QRF Mamma Mia Has It All | GGGF 1HH LlAmerican Cocker Spaniel2672
LockedANA FPBB MarbleBorder Collie113
LockedAFT QRF Maroon der ton Mongolia | GGGG 4HH llEnglish Cocker Spaniel2462
LockedJPnHT QRF Onyx der ton Soot Sprite | EEGE 13HH lalaEnglish Cocker Spaniel419
LockedMFT QRF Periwinkle der ton Spain | EGGG 4HH lalaEnglish Cocker Spaniel2462
LockedJPnFT QRF Peter's Treasures & Riches | EEEE 18HH lalaAmerican Cocker Spaniel318
LockedMHT QRF Princess Mia Of Wealth And Royalty | EEEG 10HH LlaAmerican Cocker Spaniel2558
LockedNFT QRF Regal & Talented | EEEE 14HH lalaAmerican Cocker Spaniel115
LockedJAFl ALN Ricochet Dreamer | EEEE 22HH lalaBorder Collie1331
LockedNM FPBB SallyBorder Collie113
LockedMD FPBB Trinkets Gone Far | GGGF 3HH llCurly Coated Retriever2356
LockedJPnH QRF Wild Knight Partying | EEEE 24HH lalaBorder Collie418
LockedMFT QRF Written In The Stars | GGGG 9HH llaEnglish Cocker Spaniel2456
LockedANA FPBB ZiaBorder Collie113


  • Onyx the Black Snake Onyx the Black Snake
  • Daffodil the Brown Snake Daffodil the Brown Snake
  • Tez the Eastern Kingsnake Tez the Eastern Kingsnake
    charm Complete
  • Felix the Scary Black Cat Felix the Scary Black Cat
  • White Reindeer White Reindeer

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01:31pm on Jul 13

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