Alexandria's Kennel 2908

Premium Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
50 Locked Dogs
Large Critter Pasture
15 Critters
Obedience 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Agility
Earthdog Trials 3 Star Training Area
Bias: Speed
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Locked Dogs

LockedNH m.a.k AlexIcelandic Sheepdog18
LockedNT Minna AlexaIcelandic Sheepdog18
LockedFor StudASh m.a.k BaileyToy Poodle2153
LockedASh m.a.k BrookToy Poodle2253
LockedFor StudJAT m.a.k CalebToy Poodle1641
LockedARO m.a.k CarlottaToy Poodle1741
LockedH.HRC Chanel 11HH [lala] {Isabella}+{Classic}+{Brindle}Border Collie17
LockedAH EM DaisyBorder Collie2042
LockedFor StudAA H4LRC DukeBorder Collie1742
LockedJASh m.a.k EllaPapillon1432
LockedFor StudPnSh m.a.k ElliotPapillon1232
LockedAPnSh m.a.k FionaToy Poodle1229
LockedFor StudAPnSh m.a.k FredToy Poodle1229
LockedJPnHu m.a.k GlendaDalmatian730
LockedFor StudAPnM BOK GregDalmatian1230
LockedFor StudPnSh Minna HanselPapillon1122
LockedPnSh SEIKA HarrietPapillon1122
LockedFor StudJPnH m.a.k IsaacBorder Collie818
LockedIPnHu H4LRC IzzyBorder Collie818
LockedFor StudMT m.a.k JamesToy Poodle2665
LockedASh m.a.k JennaToy Poodle2265
LockedFor StudJPnRO m.a.k KieranToy Poodle717
LockedJPnSh m.a.k KylieToy Poodle617
LockedASh m.a.k LizziePapillon2357
LockedFor StudAHu m.a.k LuckyPapillon2157
LockedNH LunaFinnish Lapphund522
LockedMH m.a.k MacySwedish Vallhund28100
LockedND m.a.k MaggieBernese Mountain Dog16
LockedFor StudGCH BSAK MaxSwedish Vallhund4687
LockedNSh NatashaPapillon16
LockedIPnE *K.A* OliviaDandie Dinmont Terrier618
LockedFor StudJPnE m.a.k OscarDandie Dinmont Terrier518
LockedFor StudJPnW m.a.k PatrickPortuguese Water Dog518
LockedANW m.a.k PollyPortuguese Water Dog518
LockedNH m.a.k Puppy 1Border Collie111
LockedPuppy 1Toy Poodle16
LockedPuppy 2Toy Poodle16
LockedPuppy 2Papillon16
LockedPuppy 3Portuguese Water Dog16
LockedPuppy 3American Pit Bull Terrier111
LockedPuppy 4Icelandic Sheepdog16
LockedNE QuentinDandie Dinmont Terrier16
LockedFor StudAPnSh m.a.k RobinPapillon1332
LockedAPnSh m.a.k RubyPapillon1332
LockedNP SamGreenland Dog213
LockedNS SamanthaGreenland Dog115
LockedJAO m.a.k ValentineAmerican Pit Bull Terrier1750
LockedFor StudMP CotA ValentinoAmerican Pit Bull Terrier2450
LockedNA H4LRC ZackDalmatian111
LockedNHu m.a.k ZoeDalmatian111


  • Blue Baby Dragon Blue Baby Dragon
  • Coco the Chocolate Hamster Coco the Chocolate Hamster
    ball Complete
  • French Lop Bunny French Lop Bunny
  • Golden Hamster Golden Hamster
  • Polar Bear Polar Bear
  • Silver Hamster Silver Hamster
  • Buttercream the Champagne Hamster Buttercream the Champagne Hamster
  • Velvet the Black Hamster Velvet the Black Hamster
  • Cinnamon the Cinnamon Hamster Cinnamon the Cinnamon Hamster
  • Buttercup the Canary Buttercup the Canary
  • Ginger the Orange Persian Ginger the Orange Persian
  • Beauty the Black Snake Beauty the Black Snake
  • Emerald the Green Baby Dragon Emerald the Green Baby Dragon
  • Violet the Purple Baby Dragon Violet the Purple Baby Dragon
  • Ruby the Red Baby Dragon Ruby the Red Baby Dragon

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11:39pm on Mar 4

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