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Deluxe Kennel
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Proud's Pretty Critters
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Locked Dogs

LockedASh PPrK Bella (P)English Springer Spaniel2466
LockedNSh Bullet Quick (F3)English Springer Spaniel16
LockedAHT PPrK Caecilia (P)English Springer Spaniel2368
LockedCuster's Last Stand (F3)English Springer Spaniel16
LockedASh PPrK Diana's Fable (F1)English Springer Spaniel2257
LockedASh PPrK Diantha (P)English Springer Spaniel2369
LockedAHT PPrK Die Trying (F1)English Springer Spaniel1745
LockedIPnHT PPrK Dizzy Tizzy (F2)English Springer Spaniel927
LockedASh PPrK Fabian (P)English Springer Spaniel2269
LockedAFT Fabled Queen (F2)English Springer Spaniel1545
LockedAFT PPrK Fabulous K (F1)English Springer Spaniel2145
LockedFor StudAPnFT Fine Dining (F1)English Springer Spaniel1233
LockedJAFT Finny Fabella (F1)English Springer Spaniel1438
LockedJPnSh General Jackson (P)English Springer Spaniel729
LockedAHT Heaven's King (F1)English Springer Spaniel2058
LockedNSh PPrK Sammy Jammy (P)English Springer Spaniel420
LockedFor Public SaleNHT Simply So (F2)English Springer Spaniel113
LockedNFT PPrK Spiffy Boy (P)English Springer Spaniel523
LockedIPnHT PPrK Tell Annie (F2)English Springer Spaniel824
LockedAFT Tragic Beauty (F1)English Springer Spaniel1854
LockedAFT PPrK Trajan (P)English Springer Spaniel2170
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Locked Dogs

LockedPnFr Get Home (F1)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever1036
LockedNSh DRB Otto-maticDalmatian520
LockedPnD Send Them Off (F1)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever1038
LockedNA PPrK TootsieDalmatian421
LockedNFT PPrK Tumbling Down (F2)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever122
LockedFor Public SaleAPnP PPrK Weight of Living (P)Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever1339


  • Mitchell the Blackbird Mitchell the Blackbird
  • Cynthia the Calico Persian Cynthia the Calico Persian
    love Complete
  • Fluffykins the Champagne Hamster Fluffykins the Champagne Hamster
  • French Lop Bunny French Lop Bunny

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07:47am on Jul 25

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