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26 Locked Dogs
Herding 1 Star Training Area
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9 Locked Dogs
Smelling of new grass and spring, a warm breeze dances along this rolling stretch of meadow.
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Locked Dogs

LockedNHT Autumn's ChocoblokLabrador Retriever110
LockedIPnT BaileyBorder Collie1024
LockedJPnH CailaBorder Collie513
LockedIPnT CharlieShetland Sheepdog1023
LockedNSh CocaColaLabrador Retriever111
LockedJPnO DaisyBorder Collie922
LockedNR DakotaGreyhound415
LockedNR GizmoGreyhound315
LockedIPnA HarleyAustralian Koolie1023
LockedIPnH HeidiShetland Sheepdog1127
LockedJPnFl JasmineBorder Collie922
LockedNFT LisaLabrador Retriever111
LockedNH *PPW* LuckBorder Collie16
LockedNH MaxyBorder Collie111
LockedNP MelodyMaremma Sheepdog111
LockedNFl MiaBorder Collie110
LockedJPnFr MiloBorder Collie922
LockedJPnFl MimiMiniature Australian Shepherd717
LockedNT OddballMaremma Sheepdog111
LockedNFl PoofballStandard Poodle19
LockedNW RoseGerman Shepherd Dog16
LockedFor StudExO ~KH~ See MeAustralian Koolie3491
LockedJPnA SkyeBorder Collie922
LockedIPnA TwilightAustralian Koolie1024
LockedIPnH WillowBorder Collie1024
LockedNO ZeusMiniature Australian Shepherd516
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Locked Dogs

LockedPnW ACW AshleyGerman Shepherd Dog819
LockedNSc DianaGerman Shepherd Dog110
LockedJASc SYRES HeroGerman Shepherd Dog1732
LockedJPnP LukeMaremma Sheepdog820
LockedJPnFT OliverGerman Wirehaired Pointer720
LockedIPnH SadieGerman Shepherd Dog1022
LockedNRO *PPW* SocratesGerman Wirehaired Pointer111
LockedJPnP SophieMaremma Sheepdog820
LockedJPnHT WispGerman Wirehaired Pointer720


LockedJPnT Charlie x JPnH Heidi
(Shetland Sheepdog)
LockedNR Gizmo x NR Dakota
LockedZeus x NFl Mimi
(Miniature Australian Shepherd)

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08:19am on Jan 18

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