Cool Breeze Kennel

Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
56 Locked Dogs
Elite Kennel
0 Dogs
0 Pups
51 Locked Dogs
Small Critter Pasture
5 Critters
Flyball 2 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Herding 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Splashes of color parade along the path of this small, but cheerful garden.
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Locked Dogs

LockedAH AphroditeBorder Collie2347
LockedChH BanditaBorder Collie4085
LockedAT BellaBorder Collie1957
LockedIPnM BellePomeranian1027
LockedNFl BrownieBorder Collie111
LockedExFl CharlotteBorder Collie3782
LockedANFl CoyoteBorder Collie515
LockedPnRO DakotaTibetan Spaniel1129
LockedJAH DaniBorder Collie1630
LockedJAFl DemeterBorder Collie1529
LockedJAFl GinnyBorder Collie1630
LockedMFl GracieBorder Collie3270
LockedAFl HannahBorder Collie1836
LockedAA HeraBorder Collie1836
LockedExH HermioneBorder Collie3783
LockedJAD HestiaBorder Collie1530
LockedExFl HopeBorder Collie3682
LockedMFl JackieBorder Collie2654
LockedJARO JasmineBichon Frise1439
LockedChFl MJPK JavaBorder Collie42111
LockedMFl JessBorder Collie2653
LockedChM KitBorder Collie4097
LockedChH LillieBorder Collie41107
LockedExA LisaBorder Collie3581
LockedPnH LunaBorder Collie1122
LockedMA CWD MaggieBorder Collie3172
LockedPnSh MiaHavanese1229
LockedJPnT MilkshakeBorder Collie820
LockedPnFl MochaBorder Collie1122
LockedPnFl MoonbeamBorder Collie1022
LockedPnH OreoBorder Collie1122
LockedAM PersephoneBorder Collie1942
LockedMFl PoppyBorder Collie2756
LockedPuppy 1Pomeranian16
LockedPnP RachelBorder Collie921
LockedNFl ReynaBorder Collie111
LockedIPnH |\/|G RiverBorder Collie920
LockedChA RoseBorder Collie41107
LockedANFl RoxanneBorder Collie415
LockedChA KrBC SammyBorder Collie3780
LockedNFl SarahBorder Collie111
LockedGCP ScoutBorder Collie4294
LockedNFl Silver bellBorder Collie110
LockedNFl SnowflakeBorder Collie111
LockedPnH SoldierBorder Collie1122
LockedMH SophiaBorder Collie3166
LockedExH SophieBorder Collie35104
LockedExFl SpeedyBorder Collie3372
LockedGCFl SplashBorder Collie4194
LockedJPnA ASh TennyBorder Collie2554
LockedMT TigressBorder Collie2658
LockedNH Toasted MarshmallowBorder Collie111
LockedIPnFl ToffeeBorder Collie920
LockedJAT TrackerBorder Collie1530
LockedJAT PULSE ZayleeBorder Collie1633
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Locked Dogs

LockedJPnFl AndrewBorder Collie515
LockedANT ApolloBorder Collie513
LockedNFl AstroBorder Collie19
LockedNH AuramBorder Collie17
LockedPnA BanditBorder Collie1122
LockedJPnA BanditoBorder Collie515
LockedIPnSh BuddyTibetan Spaniel1026
LockedNT ButterscotchBorder Collie19
LockedIPnM CaptianBorder Collie1039
LockedJPnFl CatchBorder Collie716
LockedIPnH ChadBorder Collie1235
LockedJPnFl Chad Jr.Border Collie617
LockedIPnT CharlieBichon Frise1026
LockedJPnM ChocolateBorder Collie617
LockedANT DionysusBorder Collie630
LockedJPnT CotA DurbyBorder Collie617
LockedAPnA FlashBorder Collie1427
LockedANT FordBorder Collie615
LockedANA FredBorder Collie615
LockedJPnT Fred FlinstoneBorder Collie616
LockedNA GroverBorder Collie19
LockedANH HadesBorder Collie629
LockedJPnM HephaestusBorder Collie615
LockedJPnT HermesBorder Collie615
LockedJPnA HersheyBorder Collie616
LockedPnA JackBorder Collie1232
LockedJPnT KrBC JacksonBorder Collie722
LockedJPnFl JakeBorder Collie718
LockedJPnA Kit KatBorder Collie615
LockedANH KurtBorder Collie513
LockedANFl LeoBorder Collie615
LockedJPnT LiamBorder Collie717
LockedJPnSh LouieHavanese822
LockedJPnH AR2 LuckyBorder Collie925
LockedJAA LukeBorder Collie1733
LockedNFl MahoganyBorder Collie19
LockedNH MartyBorder Collie19
LockedJPnFl MaxBorder Collie616
LockedANT Milky WayBorder Collie616
LockedUCM QABK MiloAmerican Pit Bull Terrier85119
LockedJPnA NoahBorder Collie615
LockedJPnH OscarBorder Collie715
LockedIPnRO PepperPomeranian822
LockedJPnP PoseidonBorder Collie615
LockedPuppy 2Border Collie16
LockedPuppy 2Border Collie16
LockedJPnT RockyBorder Collie617
LockedJPnT RonBorder Collie515
LockedJPnA SnickersBorder Collie617
LockedJPnFl SpeckBorder Collie514
LockedJPnFl TwixBorder Collie617


  • Evie the Blue Baby Dragon Evie the Blue Baby Dragon
  • Medusa the Green Baby Dragon Medusa the Green Baby Dragon
  • Ottis the Orange Persian Ottis the Orange Persian
  • Mal the Purple Baby Dragon Mal the Purple Baby Dragon
    fly Complete
  • Red Baby Dragon Red Baby Dragon

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09:23pm on Feb 19

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