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Border Collies
Premium Kennel
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50 Locked Dogs
Border Collies
Premium Kennel
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31 Locked Dogs
Carpathian Shepherds/Other
Basic Kennel
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12 Locked Dogs
Silken Windhounds/Other
Basic Kennel
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12 Locked Dogs
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Locked Dogs

LockedPnFl Bailey (16 HH)Border Collie1339
LockedANH Bella (14 HH)Border Collie723
LockedPnH Black Snowflake (13 HH)Border Collie1336
LockedBlake (18 HH)Border Collie16
LockedPnH PnT Chicka (12 HH)Border Collie1243
LockedPnH JAFl Chloe (2 HH)Border Collie1354
LockedCinnamonBorder Collie16
LockedFor StudJPnT Claude (16 HH)Border Collie834
LockedJPnFl Cocoa (18 HH)Border Collie827
LockedAPnH Crystal (18 HH)Border Collie1337
LockedDaisyBorder Collie16
LockedAPnA JPnFl Darling Blue (11 HH)Border Collie1449
LockedFor StudJPnT Dexter (20 HH)Border Collie829
LockedDolphinaBorder Collie16
LockedFor StudNT Donald (18 HH)Border Collie119
LockedJAH TWP Edme (22 HH)Border Collie1633
LockedEveBorder Collie16
LockedFor StudNT Flash at Dawn (8 HH)Border Collie119
LockedFloraBorder Collie16
LockedFor StudJAA Forest (12 HH)Border Collie1442
LockedJPnH Frosty (22 HH)Border Collie818
LockedHailstormBorder Collie16
LockedNA Holly (22 HH)Border Collie119
LockedHoneyBorder Collie16
LockedIPnT In The Shadows (12 HH)Border Collie1029
LockedJamesBorder Collie16
LockedPnT APnFl Jasmine (2 HH)Border Collie1454
LockedFor StudANH Jax (9 HH)Border Collie725
LockedIPnFl Jax's Girl (19 HH)Border Collie825
LockedPnT Jessie (23 HH)Border Collie1196
LockedJustin (13 HH)Border Collie16
LockedKevinBorder Collie16
LockedLight and Dark (21 HH)Border Collie165
LockedAPnA Luck of the Irish (18 HH)Border Collie1225
LockedLylaBorder Collie16
LockedMaximus (13 HH)Border Collie16
LockedMaya (12 HH)Border Collie16
LockedNatasha (21 HH)Border Collie111
LockedIPnFl APnH Nightshade (12 HH)Border Collie1349
LockedFor StudIPnH Ocean Waves (18 HH)Border Collie1129
LockedFor StudNA Ralph (15 HH)Border Collie116
LockedJPnA JAFl Red (11 HH)Border Collie1351
LockedANFl Rexina (12 HH)Border Collie623
LockedRudy (15 HH)Border Collie125
LockedFor StudJPnT Sonoran Desert (17 HH)Border Collie726
LockedJPnT Stella (16 HH)Border Collie723
LockedJAA Sunset Tiger (9 HH)Border Collie1351
LockedThomas (13 HH)Border Collie16
LockedPnH Xavier (15 HH)Border Collie1227
LockedAA JPnRO Zara (17 HH)Border Collie1556
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Locked Dogs

LockedPnH Alexia (20 HH)Border Collie1125
LockedAliceBorder Collie16
LockedJPnA AliciaRough Collie741
LockedAngelaBorder Collie16
LockedAngelica (19 HH)Border Collie16
LockedAtlas (18 HH)Border Collie16
LockedBumblebee (22 HH)Border Collie16
LockedCopper Rose (19 HH)Border Collie16
LockedAPnA ~SSC~ CreamBorder Collie1225
LockedCream SwirlLapponian Herder111
LockedANT ~SSC~ DollyBorder Collie514
LockedNA ElsaBorder Collie116
LockedGolden KingLapponian Herder111
LockedHelaBorder Collie111
LockedKlondike (17 HH)Border Collie16
LockedJPnA LaceyBorder Collie726
LockedLatte (23 HH)Border Collie16
LockedMarble (15 HH)Border Collie16
LockedMFBC (Color)Border Collie1108
LockedMharieBorder Collie16
LockedPeril (20 HH)Border Collie16
LockedPrinceBorder Collie18
LockedRangerBorder Collie16
LockedSabrina (22 HH)Border Collie16
LockedNA SadieBorder Collie114
LockedSFBC (Color)Border Collie1108
LockedAPnA Shrike (17 HH)Border Collie1227
LockedSienna (16 HH)Border Collie16
LockedSilverstreak (18)Border Collie16
LockedSummer NightsBorder Collie16
LockedVectorBorder Collie129
Order By:

Locked Dogs

LockedJPnO Angel (5 HH)Carpathian Shepherd721
LockedNP Desari (8 HH)Carpathian Shepherd19
LockedEllieAustralian Shepherd114
LockedGGGG 24 20 29 21 (1361698)Belgian Malinois16
LockedNP Hope (5 HH)Carpathian Shepherd517
LockedIPnH Lobelia (6 HH)Carpathian Shepherd1027
LockedIPnH Principto (2 HH)Carpathian Shepherd1027
LockedPuppy 6 (5 HH) (8)Carpathian Shepherd16
LockedRavineIcelandic Sheepdog16
LockedSandstormIcelandic Sheepdog16
LockedSkyeAlaskan Klee Kai113
LockedANO Zana (10 HH)Carpathian Shepherd615
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Locked Dogs

LockedIPnFr Ashla (4 HH)Silken Windhound1027
LockedNFl Aurèle (7 HH)Silken Windhound19
LockedFrostAlaskan Malamute114
LockedJPnR Ivy (6 HH)Silken Windhound417
LockedJack SparrowIcelandic Sheepdog112
LockedPuppy 2 (12 HH) (8)Silken Windhound16
LockedJPnR Silver Dawn (3 HH)Silken Windhound721
LockedPnR Spencer (4 HH)Silken Windhound1027
LockedSplashAlaskan Klee Kai113
LockedSwiftAlaskan Malamute114
LockedTaraCzechoslovakian Wolfdog16
LockedTrickwizzIcelandic Sheepdog112


LockedAO sass Atlas Air {8HH 0hh} x NO Zana (10 HH)
(Carpathian Shepherd)
LockedGolden King x Cream Swirl
(Lapponian Herder)
LockedIPnH Xavier (15 HH) x PnA Shrike (17 HH)
(Border Collie)
LockedJack Sparrow x Trickwizz
(Icelandic Sheepdog)
LockedJPnH Principto (2 HH) x JPnH Lobelia (6 HH)
(Carpathian Shepherd)
LockedJPnR Spencer (4 HH) x JPnFr Ashla (4 HH)
(Silken Windhound)
LockedNA Luck of the Irish (18 HH) x NH Alexia (20 HH)
(Border Collie)
LockedPnH Xavier (15 HH) x IPnH Alexia (20 HH)
(Border Collie)
LockedSplash x Skye
(Alaskan Klee Kai)
LockedSwift x Frost
(Alaskan Malamute)

Game Time

06:49pm on May 17

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