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Locked Dogs

LockedNO 4E 21HH Brindle Cream with Chocolate Saddle and Mask AGL55 INT45Border Collie16
LockedNFl NT 4E 23HH Cream SPD48 STM39Border Collie16
LockedExH SaCo A Shot In The Dark (19HH)Border Collie2854
LockedJAT JAA ARII Amadeus (21HH)Border Collie1632
LockedNH NFl Arthur Pendragon (24HH)Border Collie111
LockedAP HOABC Ashes (22HH)Border Collie2143
LockedIPnH JPnFl RGfD Birch (20HH)Border Collie717
LockedExO ExSh ~MMK~ Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (24HH)Border Collie3190
LockedAH Zoi Blue Raven (19HH)Border Collie2259
LockedJAH APnFl ~MMK~ Bring On the Sunshine (21HH)Border Collie1531
LockedExA K.Y Cain (24HH)Border Collie2859
LockedJAA ~MMK~ Calling All Heroes (24HH)Border Collie1323
LockedJAH AA Minna Calm Before the Storm (24HH)Border Collie2234
LockedND NFl Champion In The Making (21HH)Border Collie111
LockedPnFl ~MMK~ Custom Made (20HH)Border Collie1018
LockedAPnH JAT SaCo Edge of Illusion (24HH)Border Collie1630
LockedNFl ~TDK~ Edward Teach "Blackbeard" (24HH)Border Collie110
LockedJAH APnT :D:p Eyes of the Wolf (18HH)Border Collie1526
LockedChT ~MMK~ Fire on the Mountain (20HH)Border Collie3558
LockedAP ~MMK~ Fire Within (24HH)Border Collie1731
LockedPnSc PnT BUCK* Friday's Child (17HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1121
LockedJAA AO D!shP Gamble of Life (24HH)Border Collie1739
LockedASc LiwK Garisa (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2033
LockedFor StudNCFl ¤REVI Gem of the Brennan (24HH)Border Collie4797
LockedAPnT PrPu Ghost in the Machine (14HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1423
LockedGCSc NCP LiwK GhostChild (10HH)Neapolitan Mastiff4783
LockedChH COTF Golden Memories (22HH)Border Collie3559
LockedPnFl ~*S*~ Halestorm (23HH)Border Collie1223
LockedAT ~MMK~ Hawk (24HH)Border Collie2539
LockedJAA JAH TBDK Jax (19HH)Border Collie1837
LockedJAFl •• Kickin' It (23HH)Border Collie1527
LockedExT ~MMK~ Kismet (17HH)Border Collie3266
LockedAT BRSK La Pomme (17HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2440
LockedJAH AA *Joy* Laughter of the Gods (24HH)Border Collie1834
LockedAFl AM TBDK Little Rocker (21HH)Border Collie1936
LockedAP HOABC Lucky Charm (23HH)Border Collie1942
LockedAT ~MMK~ Lunatic Fringe (23HH)Border Collie2033
LockedAPnH SSK™ Magick (22HH)Border Collie1228
LockedAH *Joy* Magick After Midnight (24HH)Border Collie2036
LockedJAFl PnH ~MMK~ March Winds (20HH)Border Collie1529
LockedAT ~*S*~ Memories of the Knight (23HH)Border Collie2245
LockedNP NFl MLDK Merlin Ambrosius (24HH)Border Collie19
LockedAFl 14 kt Mocha Latte (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2433
LockedMSh 14 kt Moon Dancer (23HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2437
LockedAFl 14 kt Moon Mage (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1424
LockedPnSc APnT 14 kt Morning Angel (13HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1423
LockedAP 14 kt Morning Dew (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1926
LockedMP ~MMK~ Neptune's Pride (24HH)Border Collie2639
LockedAA HOABC No Fear (23HH)Border Collie1836
LockedAFl ~MMK~ Once Bit, Twice Shy (23HH)Border Collie1627
LockedMP Oreo Madness (18HH)Border Collie2758
LockedASc MP 14 kt Paws Of Perfection (23HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2641
LockedJASc BRSK Pinot Noir (13HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1323
LockedJASh PnHu ~MMK~ Putting on the Ritz (18HH)Border Collie1527
LockedPnT JAH ~MMK~ Quantum Realm (22HH)Border Collie1829
LockedAO LiwK Quiet Moments (16HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1628
LockedPnSc JAO 14 kt Rainy (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1322
LockedWCP 14 kt Red River (18HH)Neapolitan Mastiff5681
LockedAPnSc 14 kt Red Sunset (19HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1239
LockedJASc BaltS Red Sunset (24HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1626
LockedExP 14 kt Reeses (18HH)Neapolitan Mastiff3453
LockedAH COTF Remembering You (18HH)Border Collie1729
LockedNHu NR WDLPK Rhythm of November (18HH)Saluki110
LockedPnP PnO 14 kt Riverstone (18HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1019
LockedChFl 14 kt Rocky Road (22HH)Border Collie3775
LockedPnT PnFl PPPP Rome has Fallen (19HH)Border Collie1327
LockedMO ~MMK~ Romeo Montecchi (22HH)Border Collie2031
LockedASc LiwK Roxanne (14HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1524
LockedPnH APnA ~MMK~ Rumpelstiltskin (24HH)Border Collie1221
LockedPnT 14 kt Runestone (14HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1119
LockedPnA JAH ~MMK~ Sandstorm Madness (19HH)Border Collie1427
LockedExSc LiwK Sapphire Dreams (18HH)Neapolitan Mastiff3559
LockedAH ~MMK~ Setting Fire to the Rain (24HH)Border Collie1526
LockedAFl D!shP Seven Come Eleven (23HH)Border Collie1733
LockedPnH IPnP ~MMK~ Shadow Puppet (23HH)Border Collie1219
LockedPnA IPnFl ~MMK~ Shadowfax (23HH)Border Collie1225
LockedAA YP's Silver Laughter (23HH)Border Collie2235
LockedJPnO PnP LiwK Silver Magick (13HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1019
LockedJAT *DE* Silver Rogue (16HH)Border Collie1638
LockedAH Kips Silver Thunder (24HH)Border Collie1731
LockedIPnT PnFl ¤REVI Sliver of Silver (24HH)Border Collie1323
LockedJAH ~MMK~ Snowy (24HH)Border Collie1448
LockedJAO JAA ~MMK~ Son of Gandalf (18HH)Border Collie1527
LockedJPnH JPnFl D!shP Spirit of the Wind (19HH)Border Collie714
LockedChP .TNC. Star Beat (8HH)Border Collie3480
LockedMA SK6 Stars Unnumbered (19HH)Border Collie2738
LockedNHu NRO Starshine (15HH)French Bulldog18
LockedNT JPnH Rcw Sunday Morning Blues (21HH)Border Collie112
LockedIPnSc PnM 14 kt Sunny Daze (24HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1118
LockedAPnT PnA LiwK Sunset Memories (24HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1324
LockedPnFl 14 kt Sunsets Remembered (14HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1118
LockedMT ASABC Super Galaxy (17HH)Border Collie2743
LockedAFl WoBe The Luxury Of Kings (24HH)Border Collie2542
LockedJPnFl JPnH *SD* Thunder Heart (24HH)Border Collie715
LockedJAT ¤REVI Touched by the Wind (24HH)Border Collie1525
LockedAFl 14 kt Valentino (19HH)Border Collie1825
LockedPnH ~MMK~ Vengence (24HH)Border Collie916
LockedJAA KaHob Vex (19HH)Border Collie1223
LockedAH ~MMK~ When the Wolves Cry (24HH)Border Collie1627
LockedAT SaCo Wild Child (22HH)Border Collie2044
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Locked Dogs

LockedJAFl ABIO A Rose by Any Other Name (23HH)Border Collie1324
LockedGCH ~MMK~ Autumn Breeze (23HH)Border Collie3990
LockedAT WCKC Baby Jinx (17HH)Border Collie1834
LockedAH ExSh ~MMK~ Ballerina Beautiful (16HH)Border Collie3165
LockedAPnT JAH ~MMK~ Beautiful Dancer (20HH)Border Collie1527
LockedMM MO 14 kt Beauty Arises (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff3558
LockedPnH ~MMK~ Beyond the Thunder (20HH)Border Collie1243
LockedJAH PnT ~MMK~ Black Old Sun (21HH)Border Collie1324
LockedGCH ¤REVI Blair 24HHBorder Collie4191
LockedAH ShAP Blazing Justice (23HH)Border Collie1728
LockedJAM ~MMK~ Blue Jean Baby (24HH)Border Collie1324
LockedIPnT PnFl ~MMK~ Blue Orchid (24HH)Border Collie1121
LockedExSc 14 kt Blue River Lady (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff3851
LockedAFl ¤REVI Caramella (24HH)Border Collie1833
LockedExP 14 kt Chocolate Chip Dreams (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff3348
LockedIExM MO 14 kt Clifford The Big Red Dog (19HH)Neapolitan Mastiff3759
LockedJAT ASc BaltS Clouds in My Coffee (24HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1831
LockedChH ~MMK~ Crystal (22HH)Border Collie3466
LockedPnFl JPnT ~MMK~ Crystal Perfection (24HH)Border Collie1221
LockedPnT ~MMK~ Daddys Fame (17HH)Border Collie1118
LockedJAFl ¤REVI Dancing in the Rain (24HH)Border Collie1526
LockedMM AFr 14 kt Darkside's Comin' Down, Nothing Is Real (23HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2747
LockedExH TWood Daydream Believer (24HH)Border Collie3364
LockedAT ASc 14 kt Diamond In The Sand (15HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2239
LockedMFr MSc 14 kt Duma Key (16HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2744
LockedPnSc LiwK Every Breath You Take (18HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1324
LockedJPnFl PnH ~gsk~ French Vanilla Morning (24HH)Border Collie1020
LockedPnT N1216 Haste to the Wedding (24HH)Border Collie1120
LockedMH MA ~MMK~ Here Comes The Sun (18HH)Border Collie3057
LockedNH ~MMK~ Hidden Royalty (23HH)Border Collie111
LockedJAT ~MMK~ It's All About Her (24HH)Border Collie1323
LockedJASh 14 kt It's All About Me (20HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1220
LockedAPnP 14 kt It's All About Me (24HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1220
LockedJPnP IPnO ~MMK~ Ivory Madness (20HH)Border Collie819
LockedJPnT ~MMK~ Jezebel (22HH)Border Collie733
LockedAPnP PnSc 14 kt Lady Luck (24HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1523
LockedNFl K*F Lady Luck (24HH)Border Collie111
LockedAPnH JPnFl D!shP Lady Vengence (24HH)Border Collie1222
LockedJAH ~MMK~ Laylah Lilac (23HH)Border Collie1345
LockedPnHu 14 kt Legend in the Making (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff816
LockedNHu NRO 14 kt Legend of the River (23HH)Neapolitan Mastiff18
LockedJPnH ~MMK~ Lightning Crashes (18HH)Border Collie730
LockedAH ¤REVI Luciifer's Chorale (24HH)Border Collie2340
LockedJAP 14 kt Magick of Love (24HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1421
LockedExT LHRC Morning Dew (18HH)Border Collie3259
LockedJAA ~MMK~ Mysteries In The Night (24HH)Border Collie1321
LockedPnSc 14 kt November Madness (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff817
LockedAPnHu ~MMK~ Out of the Darkness (23HH)Border Collie1243
LockedMFr ~MMK~ Paws of Perfection (18HH)Border Collie2453
LockedGCH Skogs Peak (21HH)Border Collie4598
LockedNH Queen Guinevere (24HH)Border Collie18
LockedAPnA ~MMK~ Rainy Daze (24HH)Border Collie1222
LockedAFr JAH ~MMK~ Rainy Mountain Morning (24HH)Border Collie1841
LockedJPnA JPnFl 14 kt Red Lace (17HH)Neapolitan Mastiff817
LockedPnSc 14 kt Red Sunset (12HH)Neapolitan Mastiff816
LockedNSh NRO 14 kt River Lives On (19HH)Neapolitan Mastiff16
LockedNSc NO 14 kt River of Forgiveness (19HH)Neapolitan Mastiff16
LockedNP NO 14 kt River Queen (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff16
LockedJPnSc JPnRO 14 kt River Rushes On (18HH)Neapolitan Mastiff715
LockedAPnP 14 kt Sabrina Sensational (23HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1018
LockedJASc 14 kt Samson Sensational (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1322
LockedJPnP 14 kt Samson Sensational (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff714
LockedAA ~MMK~ Shadow Dancer (24HH)Border Collie1768
LockedJAT TBDK Shadow Dreamer (20HH)Border Collie1526
LockedIPnH ~MMK~ Shadow of War (16HH)Border Collie620
LockedJPnM ANFr ~MMK~ Shandra Sensational (24HH)Border Collie514
LockedNFl ~MMK~ Shareena (24HH)Border Collie111
LockedIPnH ~MMK~ Shaye (20HH)Border Collie937
LockedAPnO ~MMK~ She Talks to Angels (24HH)Border Collie1021
LockedANSh JPnRO 14 kt Sheeba (17HH)Neapolitan Mastiff514
LockedIPnSc 14 kt Shine On Sunshine (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff715
LockedANSh JPnSc 14 kt Shuri (19HH)Neapolitan Mastiff514
LockedAFl ~MMK~ Silver Belle (22HH)Border Collie1729
LockedMFl 14 kt Silver Breeze (19HH)Border Collie2781
LockedAT IBLM Silver Moon of Perfection (24HH)Border Collie1627
LockedJPnA ANFl ~MMK~ Silver Passion Perfection (23HH)Border Collie718
LockedAH sKoh Singing The Blues (15HH)Border Collie1946
LockedExH HLVR Snowbound (23HH)Border Collie32100
LockedNA NFl 14 kt Song of the River (20HH)Neapolitan Mastiff16
LockedJAH ~MMK~ Star Light, Star Bright (17HH)Border Collie1321
LockedNA FiArK Stardust Dancer (24HH)Border Collie112
LockedExH 14 kt Stars and Stripes (17HH)Border Collie3058
LockedAO AWW Stormy Weather (15HH)Border Collie1628
LockedNSc NSh 14 kt Straight Jack (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff16
LockedGCFl 14 kt Stripes Of Passion (20HH)Border Collie4081
LockedIPnH JPnFl ~MMK~ Sunny Carolina Morning (20HH)Border Collie717
LockedAPnFl ¤REVI Tear of a Shadow (24HH)Border Collie1324
LockedAPnFl AA Galx Tears of Guinivere (22HH)Border Collie1631
LockedND NT ~MMK~ Tears of Joy (21HH)Border Collie110
LockedIPnSc IPnO 14 kt The River Flows On (18HH)Neapolitan Mastiff917
LockedJAH APnFl HLW Twilight Dancer (22HH)Border Collie1530
LockedJPnFl NSc 14 kt Twilight Supreme (17HH)Neapolitan Mastiff715
LockedJPnM 14 kt Ultimate Confusion (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff714
LockedAT OutK Venus (24HH)Border Collie1653
LockedJASc 14 kt Victor Victorous (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1120
LockedJPnFl ~MMK~ Walkin With Angels (21HH)Border Collie514
LockedPnP ~MMK~ Walking In The Shadow (23HH)Border Collie918
LockedNSh NRO 14 kt Watching the River Run (23HH)Neapolitan Mastiff18
LockedASc LiwK Whispers on the Wind (12HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2338
LockedAM 14 kt Zany Zelda (21HH)Border Collie2552


  • Little Bear the Polar Bear Little Bear the Polar Bear
  • Little Wing the Sparrow Little Wing the Sparrow
  • Golden Girl the Canary Golden Girl the Canary
  • Poe's Raven the Blackbird Poe's Raven the Blackbird
  • French Lop Bunny French Lop Bunny
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Locked Dogs

LockedND NM 14 kt A Cut Above...Revisited (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff110
LockedPnHu APnM A Drop of Golden Sun (15HH)Havanese1429
LockedFor Private SalePnSh ~MMK~ All In (15HH)Chihuahua1052
LockedAPnFl Angus Kinnard (8HH)Scottish Terrier1422
LockedAFl ~MMK~ Aspen (23HH)Afghan Hound1882
LockedAPnO Grim Autumn Angel (9HH)Pug1018
LockedNSc NO 14 kt Beams Pride (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff111
LockedPnP ~MMK~ Beautiful Bianca (20HH)Jamthund1044
LockedMSc 14 kt Blue Morning (24HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2634
LockedNHu NSh 14 kt Breanna Beautiful (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff17
LockedAPnRO AFT » Brimstone (21HH)Gordon Setter1124
LockedNA NFl 14 kt Bringing Home the Rage (20HH)Neapolitan Mastiff17
LockedPnT ~MMK~ Caramel Brownie (15HH)Basset Hound1222
LockedMSc 14 kt Chardonnay (24HH)Neapolitan Mastiff2842
LockedAPnP Chasing Your Dream (9HH)Alaskan Malamute1123
LockedAE ~MMK~ Cleopatra (8HH)Silky Terrier1224
LockedAH [Kay] Cloud Walker (23HH)English Shepherd1534
LockedNM NSh Cosmic Traveller (11HH)Miniature Bull Terrier111
LockedIPnRO PnSh 4HIM Courage (17HH)Havanese1023
LockedPnT ~MMK~ Crystal Moon (14HH)Basset Hound1019
LockedAPnSh ~HBK~ Curious Chloe (21HH)Chihuahua1064
LockedMHu CCdF Darian (18HH)Bulldog2673
LockedPnHu ~MMK~ Diesel Maximus (19HH)French Bulldog1023
LockedChO ^M^ Dreamin' in Jade (3HH)French Bulldog3367
LockedARO HHRK Ducky (16HH)American Bully1759
LockedExT Egypt (14HH)Afghan Hound3753
LockedJAO ~MMK~ Elspeth Bourland (6HH)Scottish Terrier1222
LockedChT LDV's Emma Everlasting (20HH)Old English Sheepdog3867
LockedPnFl 14 kt Fairy Tail Dreams (9HH)Rough Collie1016
LockedFor Private SaleAS DEVIL Fighting Temptation (18HH)Alaskan Husky1361
LockedAPnRO Follow Your Dreams (8HH)Alaskan Malamute1023
LockedNSh NSc 14 kt Gandalf (23HH)Neapolitan Mastiff110
LockedAD MABK Heart of The Rogue (10HH)American Pit Bull Terrier1741
LockedAPnSc Hilda (10HH)Hovawart1255
LockedAPnT WCKC Hillsong (17HH)Australian Koolie1227
LockedExRO RofS I Believe in Yesterday (23HH)Chihuahua2748
LockedNCFT Ivan (15HH)West Siberian Laika4276
LockedAFr RofS Jack Frost (24HH)Ibizan Hound2134
LockedIPnFl IPnH ~MMK~ Jasper (8HH)Smooth Collie1123
LockedAFl ~MMK~ Jemma (7HH)Borzoi2354
LockedPnFr JAA 14 kt Jumping Jack Flash (14HH)Basset Hound1526
LockedFor Private SaleAS ~MMK~ Kaleidoscope Eyes (14HH)Alaskan Husky1463
LockedAPnSc PnO ~MMK~ Lady Guinivere (20HH)American White Shepherd1224
LockedPnP Life Can Only Get Better (15HH)Chesapeake Bay Retriever1062
LockedJAO HaaKe Little Bit at a Time (23HH)Chihuahua1322
LockedAPnH KNP's Little Laylah (20HH)Miniature Australian Shepherd1019
LockedIPnHu PnM S8K Little Miss Bella (12HH)Havanese1121
LockedARO CSI Litttle Max (18HH)Pomeranian1464
LockedAPnSh ~MMK~ Living The Dream (5HH)Chinese Crested1326
LockedJAFT RADD Meddling Medusa (18HH)Borzoi1023
LockedPnT ~MMK~ Memphis Morning (23HH)Old English Sheepdog1119
LockedJAFr CWAY Minx (2HH)Karelian Bear Dog1662
LockedPnH 14 kt Mirror Image (10HH)Rough Collie1016
LockedAT 14 kt Miss Behaving (24HH)Dachshund1626
LockedAA AllSt Moon Shade (16HH)Miniature Pinscher2044
LockedARO ItD Moonlight Perfection (24HH)Bichon Frise1229
LockedARO LOTL Morning Light (21HH)Basset Hound1526
LockedARO RofS Mouse (17HH)Chihuahua1633
LockedAPnM .SGK. My Little Jinx (12HH)Scottish Terrier1221
LockedChA LOTL Never My Love (19HH)Rat Terrier3863
LockedAH sass New Beginnings (11HH)Carpathian Shepherd1651
LockedJAP November Breeze (11HH)Tibetan Mastiff1327
LockedPnT RADD Oddly Oedipus (20HH)Borzoi1123
LockedMSc «gw» Once Upon A Time (15HH)Giant Schnauzer2646
LockedIPnH IPnFr Aora Once Upon A Time (23HH)Shetland Sheepdog1118
LockedAM CWAY One More Time (10HH)Karelian Bear Dog1466
LockedJAH WCKC Oreo Dreamz (20HH)Australian Koolie1328
LockedMT NT AP 14 kt Pie In The Sky (14HH)Saint Bernard3564
LockedAP HOABC Popcorn (16HH)Croatian Sheepdog1731
LockedJASc Popcorn (16HH)Hovawart1356
LockedMA 14 kt Prince Charming (17HH)Basset Hound2743
LockedIPnFr Princess (4HH)Standard Poodle1026
LockedJPnSc Quantico Girl (6HH)Dutch Shepherd614
LockedMRO Remington Steele (11HH)Havanese2344
LockedARO ~DA~ Revenge of Love (19HH)Pomeranian1223
LockedAPnSh JAA ~MMK~ Riot (10HH)Australian Shepherd1532
LockedAPnHT APnHu HaaKe Running Down the Dream (19HH)Black Mouth Cur1424
LockedAPnSh ¤REVI Says Simple Simon to the Pie Man...Old English Sheepdog1224
LockedPnSh ~HBK~ Shadow of Yesterday (22HH)Chihuahua1165
LockedAFl ~MMK~ Sheik Aardwolf (17HH)Afghan Hound1737
LockedAFr GHK9s Shortcake [21HH]Basset Hound2242
LockedAE C-Rex Silver Linings (24HH)Dandie Dinmont Terrier1121
LockedAPnA ~MMK~ Silver Sebastian (21HH)Pomeranian1322
LockedPnT Sir Barkley (11HH)Spinone Italiano1020
LockedChA HHRK Sir Lancelot du Lac (17HH)American Pit Bull Terrier3359
LockedAT PnP *DE* Skisma (24HH)Chow-chow2045
LockedARO 14 kt Skydancer (16HH) (xtreme piebald)Havanese1527
LockedNT Fozzy Snow Dancer (17HH)Australian Koolie17
LockedJAH 14 kt Snowy Mornings (13HH)Rough Collie1321
LockedPnH ~MMK~ Stargazer (12HH)Cardigan Welsh Corgi1222
LockedAPnA RofS Storm Child (19HH)Yorkshire Terrier1221
LockedJAP ~MMK~ Sweet NothingsAzores Cattle Dog1429
LockedAFr 14 kt Tank (22HH)Basset Hound1830
LockedAHu Taste of Honey (6HH)Plott1738
LockedIPnT PnSc reign Total Obession (24HH)Belgian Tervuren1019
LockedAFl *OaK* Tuxedo (18HH)Cardigan Welsh Corgi2245
LockedAR ~MMK~ Twisted Fate (23HH)Silken Windhound1643
LockedPnHT ZoD Valentine Dreamer (24HH)Great Dane1138
LockedJASh ~HBK~ Watch Me Now (22HH)Chihuahua1470
LockedAO 14 kt White Chocolate Revisited (12HH)Rough Collie1624
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Locked Dogs

Locked14 kt 4E 14HH Fawn and White (Irish) with Black Saddle and Mask AGL51 STR68German Shepherd Dog16
Locked14 kt 4E 19HH Fawn and White (Piebald) with Ticking CHR109American Bully16
LockedNO 14 kt Angel of Dimensions... FOR SALE (24HH)German Shepherd Dog19
LockedNH NP 14 kt Angel of the Future... FOR SALE (24HH)German Shepherd Dog19
LockedNT NSc 14 kt Beyond the Madness...FOR SALE (23HH)German Shepherd Dog19
LockedWCSc 14 kt Black River (20HH)Neapolitan Mastiff5980
LockedChRO 14 kt Black Satin (19HH)Neapolitan Mastiff3749
LockedNCSh GCSc 14 kt Blue Flamez (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff5584
LockedGCW 14 kt Blue Phoenix (24HH)German Shepherd Dog2336
LockedAFl AW 14 kt Chaotic King (20HH)Newfoundland1729
LockedNCSc NCSh 14 kt Chocolate Perfection (23HH)Neapolitan Mastiff5585
LockedMA 14 kt Cinnamon Sugar (22HH)Neapolitan Mastiff3042
LockedAH 14 kt Fallen Angel (23HH)German Shepherd Dog2329
LockedWCO LiwK Ghost Eternal (14HH)Neapolitan Mastiff5789
LockedIPnH FKE Heart of Class (22HH)Rough Collie722
LockedNA NO 14 kt Imaginary Diamonds...FOR SALE (24HH)German Shepherd Dog19
LockedCCSc NCP 14 kt Independent Dreams (23HH)Neapolitan Mastiff5785
LockedGCO 14 kt Lacy Dreams (24HH)German Shepherd Dog3766
LockedAH 14 kt Lavender Lace (17HH)Shetland Sheepdog2338
LockedARO BKARC Marie Laveau (24HH)Rough Collie1731
LockedAPnH 14 kt Midnight Zodiac (23HH)German Shepherd Dog1218
LockedAPnFr IPnP 14 kt Morning Kiss (20HH)Neapolitan Mastiff1223
LockedCCSc LiwK Mystique (19HH)Neapolitan Mastiff5289
LockedMA AFl Cat's Precious Paws (21HH)Shetland Sheepdog2751
LockedJPnH Grim Shadow (19HH)Rough Collie113
LockedAPnSc Pop' Silver Jade (24HH)German Shepherd Dog1263
LockedNA 14 kt Stormy Midnight... For Sale (24HH)German Shepherd Dog19
LockedPnA Sunny Daze (10HH)Neapolitan Mastiff917
LockedExH BKARC Valentina (23HH)Rough Collie3355
LockedCCSc WMNKs You Remind Me Of The Babe (21HH)Neapolitan Mastiff5587
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Locked Dogs

LockedNFr Blue Velvet Dreamz (16HH)Scottish Deerhound110
LockedNSh Continued Riot (19HH)American Bully112
LockedNT ~MMK~ Diamond Mandala (16HH)Miniature Australian Shepherd112
LockedANHu Edge of Nowhere (8HH)Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier113
LockedNO Fallen Angel (6HH)Chinese Crested111
LockedNSc Ghost Pepper (8HH)Briard112
LockedNO NSh Kiko Klassic (19HH)American Pit Bull Terrier110
LockedNRO Little Loki (15HH)American Pit Bull Terrier110
LockedJPnHu Little Madeline Maggie (9HH)Havanese635
LockedPnFr HNGR Mills' Kazakh SteppelandGolden Retriever1035
LockedANHu Miss Blueberry (6HH)American Bulldog414
LockedNFl NT November Rain (15HH)Caucasian Ovtcharka111
LockedJPnSh NSc Once Bit, Twice Shy (7HH)Akita414
LockedGCO FANTA Princess Penelope (9HH)English Toy Spaniel4372
LockedNH RGfD Quazar Renegade (10HH)Kelpie112
LockedNO NA Wf's Rock n Roll Lullaby (20HH)Finnish Lapphund111
LockedJPnSh Dark' Shiva (10HH)Beauceron514
LockedNA BeMoK Storms of the Heart (11HH)Bearded Collie112

Game Time

08:30pm on Feb 17

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