Bloom's Kennel

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17 Locked Dogs
Awesome Aussies
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42 Locked Dogs
Beautiful Borders
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51 Locked Dogs
Splendid Shelties
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Agility 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Flyball 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
Water Work 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Smelling of new grass and spring, a warm breeze dances along this rolling stretch of meadow.
Critter Town
30 Critters
Small Pond
The surface of this pond reflects the grandeur of the lofty sky, though beneath the illusion of stillness teams an underwater world.
Smelling of new grass and spring, a warm breeze dances along this rolling stretch of meadow.
Splashes of color parade along the path of this small, but cheerful garden.
Frisbee 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Herding 3 Star Training Area
Bias: None
Splashes of color parade along the path of this small, but cheerful garden.
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Locked Dogs

LockedAPnH **Juni 24HH EEEE lalaShetland Sheepdog1553
LockedAPnFl Minna 9HH 2hh LlaMiniature Australian Shepherd1438
LockedIPnFl K-9's agiagi agiagiShetland Sheepdog832
LockedJAO ChocolateMiniature Australian Shepherd1446
LockedIPnFl *PKK* MazikeenShetland Sheepdog834
LockedPnHu *PKK* MichaelaGerman Shepherd Dog834
LockedPitch Black HorrorBelgian Sheepdog114
LockedIPnD Puppy 2Shetland Sheepdog833
LockedPnW Puppy 3German Shepherd Dog732
LockedAPnW UNDR Puppy 4 (EEEE)German Shepherd Dog934
LockedIPnFr Puppy 5German Shepherd Dog833
LockedIPnHu Puppy 5German Shepherd Dog933
LockedIPnT KW* Puppy 7Shetland Sheepdog1033
LockedIPnD *PKK* Puppy 9Shetland Sheepdog834
LockedJPnSc Puppy 9German Shepherd Dog933
LockedAPnM Tiku TikalShetland Sheepdog1336
LockedPnH Multi Trix Or TreatMiniature Australian Shepherd1456
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Locked Dogs

LockedNA BER.K **MercuryAustralian Shepherd412
LockedNT BER.K **MerlinAustralian Shepherd412
LockedNO BER.K **OsirisAustralian Shepherd412
LockedNA BER.K **PenelopeAustralian Shepherd412
LockedPnA 11HH 1hh LlaMiniature Australian Shepherd1334
LockedAPnSh 7HH 1hh lalaMiniature Australian Shepherd1334
LockedNFr K-9's agiagi agiagiAustralian Shepherd412
LockedMT Ambient MusicAustralian Shepherd35100
LockedJAA FPDRC BirdAustralian Shepherd1645
LockedMM Charcoal SketchAustralian Shepherd34102
LockedNP CJS Puppy 3 23HHAustralian Shepherd412
LockedMM Complete BlueAustralian Shepherd34102
LockedExH Cool Fire Hot IceAustralian Shepherd36102
LockedMD Early Monday MorningsAustralian Shepherd33102
LockedExRO Emotionally FadedAustralian Shepherd34102
LockedMHu Fishing Sweet StarsAustralian Shepherd3196
LockedNH TwiK for sale(22HH)(KK)(Ee)(bb Dd)(Ccch)(lala)(Solid Choc.)chastm spdintAustralian Shepherd512
LockedNFl |ARK| for sale(22HH}(Kbrk)(ee)(bb Dd)(cchcch)(Lla)(Fwn/Whte(Ex.Pie)/Tic)strstr strstmAustralian Shepherd412
LockedMFr Instant KarmaAustralian Shepherd34100
LockedJAFl IsabellaAustralian Shepherd1845
LockedMFl Jubilant DayAustralian Shepherd33102
LockedAFl JBG Little AstronautAustralian Shepherd2161
LockedJAFl Akc. Little BluMiniature Australian Shepherd1855
LockedMP Luv u in my DaydreamsAustralian Shepherd34102
LockedMA Mellow VibeAustralian Shepherd34102
LockedPnT NopeAustralian Shepherd1448
LockedMHu BER.K Oathbreaker KratosAustralian Shepherd3292
LockedExRO Party BonfireAustralian Shepherd33100
LockedNA ZPK Puppy 1Australian Shepherd412
LockedNH ZPK Puppy 11Australian Shepherd412
LockedNSh Lio Puppy 3Australian Shepherd412
LockedMA Rainbow RoadAustralian Shepherd3396
LockedChM RamMiniature Australian Shepherd3678
LockedMRO Red Skies in the MorningAustralian Shepherd34102
LockedExFr Roaned Reed WhistleAustralian Shepherd35102
LockedJAFl SSF's SellMiniature Australian Shepherd1542
LockedAPnSh Shiny Like the Crab From MoanaAustralian Shepherd1549
LockedExO Solace in QuietAustralian Shepherd33100
LockedMH Solid Black CoalAustralian Shepherd36102
LockedMFr Space WalksAustralian Shepherd34102
LockedMSh Strike an AttitudeAustralian Shepherd34100
LockedAPnA ~°~For Sale~°~Miniature Australian Shepherd1443
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Locked Dogs

LockedJAA *M* 23HH Isabella SaddleBorder Collie2084
LockedExH IBLM Acacia ThornBorder Collie3896
LockedMH F&A Adverse ReactionBorder Collie3070
LockedExH NCHs* Apathy EnderBorder Collie4088
LockedAFr Behind Blue EyesBorder Collie2655
LockedAT Beneath the ThicketBorder Collie2355
LockedChH MsA Between the LinesBorder Collie4780
LockedMFr Black PepperBorder Collie33100
LockedExH Buster SwordBorder Collie3995
LockedChH J!NX Carrion RenewalBorder Collie4694
LockedMH Cinder PathBorder Collie3369
LockedExO Acorn CollectorBorder Collie38102
LockedJPnT Confidence FoundBorder Collie817
LockedAO Cozy TonesBorder Collie2455
LockedExM Cream BeachBorder Collie3780
LockedMFr Dappled LightBorder Collie3270
LockedAH Dark PassionBorder Collie2455
LockedAFr Dense FogBorder Collie2655
LockedChO NO APnH Is It FawnBorder Collie4684
LockedExFl *LCK* FionBorder Collie3988
LockedIPnD Full of WonderBorder Collie717
LockedChH sKoh Great TigerBorder Collie44101
LockedExFr Heart LocketBorder Collie3782
LockedAH High FlyerBorder Collie2860
LockedExA Highwire CoffeeBorder Collie3982
LockedMFl Hockey PuckBorder Collie3678
LockedExH HotshotBorder Collie3982
LockedJPnFr Interstellar HoundBorder Collie717
LockedExH IBLM Irish Cream MudslideBorder Collie38103
LockedIPnM Isabelle is a BellBorder Collie1027
LockedExM PnH Jammin JamieBorder Collie4385
LockedAFl Lulu LullabyBorder Collie2873
LockedAFl SaCo Magic of LightBorder Collie2557
LockedExH Marbled CoatBorder Collie3780
LockedExH Morning MistBorder Collie3982
LockedExFl News HeadlinesBorder Collie3882
LockedGCFr ABIO Nomadic TravelerBorder Collie46102
LockedMT IBLM Plum BlossomBorder Collie3896
LockedChT JAH Is It SeekerBorder Collie4888
LockedExP SirensBorder Collie3885
LockedASh Smoke SignalsBorder Collie2555
LockedMFr SmokyBorder Collie3169
LockedAP Summer DealBorder Collie2455
LockedAFl Sun RaysBorder Collie2455
LockedExFl IBLM Sweet BegoniaBorder Collie3896
LockedJPnH Sweet LadBorder Collie817
LockedMFl Teddy BearBorder Collie3176
LockedExM Very SpeckledBorder Collie3682
LockedExFr J!NX WarpathBorder Collie3787
LockedExFl F&A White DayBorder Collie3894
LockedMH BEER Year after YearBorder Collie3377


  • Arctic Fox Arctic Fox
  • Cross Fox Cross Fox
  • Domestic Fox Domestic Fox
  • Red Fox Red Fox
  • Silver Fox Silver Fox
  • A Fluffy Wuffy Bunny A Fluffy Wuffy Bunny
  • A Fluffy Wuffy Agouti Bunny A Fluffy Wuffy Agouti Bunny
  • A Fluffy Wuffy Grey Bunny A Fluffy Wuffy Grey Bunny
  • A Fluffy Wuffy White Bunny A Fluffy Wuffy White Bunny
  • A Wittle Cream Pied Bunny A Wittle Cream Pied Bunny
  • A Wittle Grey Pied Bunny A Wittle Grey Pied Bunny
  • French Lop Bunny French Lop Bunny
  • Little Lamb Little Lamb
  • Little Black Lamb Little Black Lamb
  • Timid Fawn Timid Fawn
  • Canary Canary
  • Patchy Fluffy Duckling Patchy Fluffy Duckling
  • Clever Red Wolf Clever Red Wolf
  • Confident Black Wolf Confident Black Wolf
  • Gentle White Wolf Gentle White Wolf
    admire Complete
  • Timid Gray Wolf Timid Gray Wolf
  • Polar Bear Polar Bear
  • Iridescent Dragon Iridescent Dragon
  • Molten Chinese Dragon Molten Chinese Dragon
  • Variegated Sea Dragon Variegated Sea Dragon
  • Phoenix Chick Phoenix Chick
  • Ruby Hippogriff Ruby Hippogriff
  • Silver Pegasus Silver Pegasus
  • Wolpertinger Wolpertinger
  • Zebra Unicorn Zebra Unicorn

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11:14pm on Oct 26

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