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Border Collie Girls
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50 Locked Dogs
Smelling of new grass and spring, a warm breeze dances along this rolling stretch of meadow.
Border Collie Boys
Premium Kennel
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49 Locked Dogs
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
Splashes of color parade along the path of this small, but cheerful garden.
Tree Grove
A cacophany of sound fills this stand of trees as squirrels and other small things play in the branches above.
Critter Pasture
Medium Critter Pasture
10 Critters
Small Critter Pasture
5 Critters
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Locked Dogs

LockedMA Aa AbbeyBorder Collie2353
LockedAH Aa Abbey Jr.Border Collie1637
LockedJAA Aa AlexiaBorder Collie1229
LockedAFl Aa AnnBorder Collie1842
LockedJPnT Aa AnneBorder Collie412
LockedExFr Zoi BeautyBorder Collie2976
LockedAPnA Aa BerkleyBorder Collie1025
LockedNA Aa BlueDaggerBorder Collie16
LockedIPnH Aa BrownieBorder Collie615
LockedIPnFl Aa CarmenBorder Collie615
LockedJAFl Aa CassandraBorder Collie1025
LockedAA RTiDE ChocolateBorder Collie1947
LockedMA Aa CreamBorder Collie1943
LockedAO Aa CupcakeBorder Collie1433
LockedAPnT Aa DanzerBorder Collie1024
LockedANA Aa DoplegangerBorder Collie411
LockedJPnT Aa FannyBorder Collie412
LockedMH Aa HaileyBorder Collie2556
LockedJPnH Aa IcecookieBorder Collie512
LockedJAA Aa IcecreamBorder Collie1331
LockedAT Aa JanBorder Collie1433
LockedAH Aa KarenBorder Collie1535
LockedANA Aa KatherinBorder Collie411
LockedAT Aa KatieBorder Collie1333
LockedAT SHor KimberlyBorder Collie1948
LockedJAA Aa LaceyBorder Collie1025
LockedMH Aa LilyBorder Collie2452
LockedMO JPnH WPEAK MaggieBorder Collie2474
LockedJPnH Aa MajorBorder Collie411
LockedMH Aa MandyBorder Collie2761
LockedIPnFr Aa MandyBorder Collie514
LockedIPnT Aa MarryBorder Collie615
LockedIPnT Aa MarryBorder Collie615
LockedMT Aa MeganBorder Collie2556
LockedJPnH Aa MoonShineBorder Collie512
LockedAPnA Aa MoonyBorder Collie1023
LockedAH Aa PollyBorder Collie2049
LockedIPnA PowderedLilacPuli720
LockedExT Kay-J PrincessBorder Collie3079
LockedAFl Aa RavenBorder Collie1437
LockedAPnFl Aa RebeccaBorder Collie924
LockedMFl Aa RedBorder Collie2356
LockedMH Aa RoseBorder Collie2250
LockedAA RustyBorder Collie1544
LockedExFl Aa SarahBorder Collie2864
LockedAFr Aa SmoreBorder Collie1638
LockedJASh Aa SnuffyPuli1233
LockedAT ~WDK~ SprinklesBorder Collie1845
LockedAFr TBRBC ThArrowBorder Collie1539
LockedMA Aa TigerBorder Collie2665
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Locked Dogs

LockedNT Aa AshBorder Collie16
LockedExT Zoi BeastBorder Collie3076
LockedMT Zoi BerryBorder Collie2564
LockedANH Aa CambellaBorder Collie412
LockedMA WPEAK CasparBorder Collie2772
LockedJPnA Aa ChadeBorder Collie412
LockedMFl Pop' CreamBorder Collie2769
LockedAPnH Aa DamionBorder Collie1023
LockedMFl Aa DanBorder Collie2356
LockedChRO ABIO FawnBorder Collie3079
LockedPnH Aa FawnBorder Collie922
LockedAT Aa GeorgeBorder Collie1537
LockedJPnT Aa GroverBorder Collie412
LockedAA Aa HarisonBorder Collie1433
LockedAT Aa JasonBorder Collie1537
LockedJPnFl Aa JingersnapeBorder Collie412
LockedAFl Aa JohnBorder Collie1537
LockedJPnT Aa KirklandBorder Collie515
LockedJPnA Aa KirklandBorder Collie412
LockedAH Aa LuckyBorder Collie1740
LockedAa MandyBorder Collie16
LockedJPnT Aa Melt-O-MaltBorder Collie413
LockedJPnH Aa MonsterBorder Collie412
LockedNA Aa NedBorder Collie16
LockedMO Falco PandoraBorder Collie2566
LockedMFl Aa PantherBorder Collie2353
LockedMT RO~BC PrinceBorder Collie2460
LockedNT Aa QuickSilverBorder Collie16
LockedJASh Aa RangerPuli1233
LockedNT Aa RedRoverBorder Collie16
LockedAA Aa RomerBorder Collie1543
LockedIPnT Aa RomerBorder Collie615
LockedJAT Aa RonBorder Collie1127
LockedAH Aa RoverBorder Collie1753
LockedAa SaleBorder Collie16
LockedJAT Aa SargentBorder Collie1025
LockedJAH Aa SilverBorder Collie1231
LockedIPnH Aa SilverBorder Collie615
LockedJPnA Aa SilverBorder Collie412
LockedJAT Aa StanleyBorder Collie1127
LockedAa StarBurstBorder Collie16
LockedJPnH Aa SunnyBorder Collie412
LockedAH Aa TigerBorder Collie2047
LockedJAH Aa TiggerBorder Collie1026
LockedAA Aa TimBorder Collie1740
LockedPnH Aa TreehuggerBorder Collie921
LockedNFl Aa TruffleBorder Collie17
LockedAFr Aa WillowBorder Collie1740
LockedAa ZebraBorder Collie16


  • Bug of DOOM <font color=green>Bug of DOOM</font>
  • Blue Baby Dragon Blue Baby Dragon
  • Grey Bunny Grey Bunny
  • Lazy Red Pony Lazy Red Pony
  • Little Lamb Little Lamb
  • Mean Orange Tabby Cat Mean Orange Tabby Cat
  • Patchy Fluffy Duckling Patchy Fluffy Duckling
  • Proud Pony Proud Pony
  • Snowman Snowman
  • Yellow Fluffy Duckling Yellow Fluffy Duckling


  • Evil Rooster <font color=red>Evil Rooster</font>
  • Black Baby Dragon Black Baby Dragon
  • Brown Bunny Brown Bunny
  • Brown Snake Brown Snake
  • Canary Canary
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Locked Dogs

LockedFor Public SaleAa BerkleyBorder Collie16
LockedFor Public SaleAa BobbyBorder Collie16
LockedFor Public SaleASh Aa CreamDalmatian1330
LockedFor Public SaleAa FawnBorder Collie16


LockedANT Aa Kirkland x NFr Aa Mandy
(Border Collie)
LockedAPnT Aa Sargent x APnA Aa Berkley
(Border Collie)
LockedNFl Aa Jingersnape x NT Aa Anne
(Border Collie)
LockedNH Aa Cambella x NH Aa Icecookie
(Border Collie)
LockedNH Aa Monster x NT Aa Fanny
(Border Collie)
LockedNT Aa Grover x NH Aa MoonShine
(Border Collie)

Game Time

11:49pm on Dec 8

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